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Healthy Lifestyle Disease Prevention

Updated on June 8, 2016

Healthy lifestyle disease prevention


Now the formula of five of these eight numbers will bring luck to health if you do it gradually.

The 88888 campaign launched by Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai in early January last year. According to him, this formula is a lifestyle that can prevent non-communicable diseases.

It covers up to 80 percent eat full dinner before 8pm, drink eight glasses of water, getting enough sleep eight hours and walk 8,000 steps a day.

80 percent kenyangPengarah Medical Services Prince Court Medical Centre, Dr. Abu Hasan Samad told, people can change dietary habits and exercise through the formula of '88888'.

"If we look at the lifestyle of the past and present are very different. In the past, people did not eat fast food instead of eating vegetables grown.

On this day we celebrate the festive occasion with a lot of variety of food dishes. This caused us a lot of food but lack the physical to sweat. That is why, the ministry called on citizens to change their lifestyle through diet and exercise with the 88888, "he said.

He added that the recommendation to eat up to 80 percent full encouraged us to plan meals. So, we will eat what is necessary.

MalamSelain danger eat late, people are encouraged to eat before eight o'clock at night.

"As we know, there are a few people who eat six times a day, breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.

The practice of eating midnight is dangerous.

This is because the culture of eating late at night have become a common thing for those who hold the townspeople. Why? Because they love to visit the premises of restaurants or stores that are open 24 hours every day, "he said.

He added that many of them do not realize the long-term health risks that they may face as a result of the gradual nature of this culture.

If they do strenuous activities such as sports no harm in taking excess food in the evening.

However, it is becoming a major problem for individuals who do not perform any activity at night because it will be exposed to the problem of obesity.

"Protein and carbohydrates are the nutrients needed by the body, but if overdone it a source of cholesterol-related diseases.

Coupled with low metabolism rate of the body at night, the unused calories will turn into fat in the body, "he said.

If eating later than 8pm on, the chances of our body fails to burn calories from processed foods that digest.

This is due to the limited movement and activity night if sleep continues to worsen after a meal because fat is burned to form energy will accumulate in the body.

Dr. Abu explained, over time these activities will be belly fat problem before it turns into to obesity to more serious stages.

He advised that the best food intake is to eat before eight o'clock at night

Drinking enough water and sleep, the food, the water is also important for the body.

"We were advised to take the equivalent of eight glasses of two liters a day. If we do not drink enough water, the body will be dry. It also causes the urine to become concentrated and affects on the kidney or other diseases such as kidney stones," he said.

According to Dr. Abu, was also important because it is the best time of rest.

However, most of us on this day to sleep late, that is after 12 midnight.

As a result, we only slept four to five hours.

His advice, adults should sleep for seven to eight hours a day.

"That's why we are advised to eat early so we could sleep two hours after that. At 10 pm is the best time to sleep and we can wake up as early as six in the morning.

Wake up in the morning is good for the vitality and freshness of the body, "he said.

SenamanSelain sleep, we are also encouraged to exercise.

Dr. Abu does not deny most people today are difficult exercise such as jogging or to the gym.

So, by walking at least 8,000 steps a day, you can burn calories.

"The problem is, many people often buy ground when I walk into a place like hot and tired.

Not only that, the kids at home not doing a lot of physical movement as they focused on video games or gadgets. Without exercise, the body becomes lethargic and may promote obesity, "he said.

Thus, we are encouraged to walk up the stairs as we can do in the office and forget the elevator for a while.

In addition, Dr. Abu expect, people to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as stopping smoking.


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