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Improve Your Health: Seven Steps To Living Healthily

Updated on September 29, 2012

Health versus Wealth in Modern Society.

Every day, we are surrounded with images of super-models, athletes and other figures in society, which have the "perfect body" or that "dream build" that we can only wish to acquire for ourselves... There are of course some of us who are so compelled to have the "athlete figure" that we will invest thousands of dollars into purchasing equipment, diet plans and seminars to find that you gain little to no success.

Here is the problem that we have in modern day society...

We as people have associated the act of spending money on actually achieving anything we want. So therefore, once someone purchases the gear and supplies that only 'professionals' use, they will often think that just because they made that investment that they'll get the body they desire. Unfortunately for them, this isn't true as a different person with no expensive equipment, but actually did the required exercise will reap all the benefits.

What most people need to realise about being in the best health state possible, is that they need to be willing to put in the exhausting time and effort that others went through, to get their desired health. You are kidding yourself, if you think that a top athlete got to his stage of fitness, from simply doing one thing... It takes several combined aspects of your living to be able to achieve your optimum health, and this article will present to you just what they are.

All credit for this image belongs to tiffanywashko via.
All credit for this image belongs to tiffanywashko via. | Source

What Can You Do To Improve Your Health Daily?

Whilst most people will now be asking what exactly they can change to achieve their desired body types, what they really should be asking is what they can change and integrate into their lifestyle to become healthy.

It is obvious that you can change to be just like one of the professional body builders that you see on T.V, but in truth that's not a healthy YOU that's a healthy THEM.

You need to get your head around the fact that everyone's bodies work differently, and whilst one person can eat 5 cheeseburgers a day and remain slim, you might not be able to consume one without feeling bloated.

This is usually due to the difference in metabolism levels, as that is one of the fastest and effective ways to lose weight, but in other cases it is simple due to the fact that someone else's body works differently in breaking down what they eat. Therefore, your aim shouldn't be to measure up to someone else's health levels, but rather measure up to your own 'desired' health levels.

That is why, it is essential that for anyone who wants to become healthier or successfully having great health, they need to understand what exactly they want their health to be like. There isn't going to be much success or positive difference in their lifestyle, if they don't know what exactly they are striving for.

All credit for this image belongs to Baskin 31 via.
All credit for this image belongs to Baskin 31 via. | Source

Seven Simple Steps To Improve Your Health!

Here are the fundamentals to improving your overall health to a degree which you will be pleased with. The most important factor to consider is that all desired changes; need to have adequate action to propel them from a thought into a reality.

I have some urgent news for you... The act of dreaming that you have amazing six-pack abs which girls drool over uncontrollably, will not make it into a reality. However, taking action every day towards developing and building those abdominal muscles eventually will!

Have a healthy, balanced diet.

This is an aspect of life we hear so often about, you'd think that by now we would be integrating it into our lives. However, the devil disguised as a McDonalds cheeseburger tempts us into submission, and you leave wondering what happened to your 'healthy diet promise' in the space of 10 minutes.

Now most people will immediately desire the luxurious taste of McDonalds as soon as they walk past, and for that reason, the most effective way to avoid eating fast food, is to find a healthy alternative.

Remember that whilst vegetables and the 'greens' are all great for maintaining the needed levels of vitamins and minerals, to get satisfy your needs for something sweet you need your fair share of fruits!

Take Action to Changing Your Body.

There is absolutely no benefit in saying that you are going to change your body fitness or physique, if you are not going to then take the necessary steps to making it a reality. Just like the six-pack abs example, you've got to begin building up your abdominal muscles to be able to then achieve your goal.

Never Confuse Health with Wealth.

Wealth doesn't always equal health, and if you believe that by buying some professional weight lifting set, that you are going to become a 'body builder' you need to open your eyes to reality... Whilst wealth can evidently be a major asset to the funding of improving your health, without actually TAKING ACTION you will not see any noticeable difference.

Keep The Momentum.

A lot of people will discover a new and amazing method of losing weight or improving overall fitness, but after 3-4 days their motivation is completely dried up. They then return to the fast food restaurant which they came from. Although, if you can keep maintaining the fire of your momentum, as well as at upon it daily, you will see immense results!

The problem that most people experience with any type of motivation is that it is short living, which is the reason why it needs to be renewed every single day.

Changing Your Mind-set.

If you have a mind-set which says to you that you aren't capable of changing your body to your own preference, you need to take into contemplation that this may be your greatest downfall! What happens to most people is that they try something out for a few days to see if they notice anything, and if they fail to see immense change within a very short period of time, they conclude that it simply isn't for them...

To achieve anything in life or in fitness, you've got to be willing to stick with things for a long period of time, before deciding that it doesn't work.

Maintain The Balance.

One of the worst things you can possibly do to your body at this point is to become someone who only focussed on becoming as healthy as possible. As the video below explains, doing this can and will eventually kill you physically or at least socially.

You can easily become too obsessed with the idea of pushing your body into the 'next level' of achievable health, and this will eventually become too overwhelming for any human being to handle.

Remember that we all have our limits and whilst some should be pursued to be broken, others are there to protect you and save you from considerable damage.

Check Out is an amazing health and fitness site, which will provide you with expert information and advice on improving your health and more importantly... your life!

I highly recommend that anyone who is not happy with their current body state, and who wants some great expert advice on changing to a healthy lifestyle they visit today!

A Very Interesting Video On Healthy Living!

Thanks to "TedTalksDirector"for this great video. All credit for this video belongs to them, but I hope that through hosting this video here, more people will learn the message of the video.


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