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Stay Away from Fad Diets

Updated on October 22, 2012
photo credits to Kristal Maderazo Formanes Arce, photographer & visual artist
photo credits to Kristal Maderazo Formanes Arce, photographer & visual artist | Source

Why Fad Diets Won't Help You Lose Weight?

Fad diets do not solve the root of your weight problem.They provide so much hype that you can lose massive amount of weight easily and instantly. They might give you the results which you desired but they are not anchored for a long-term. Most of the time, the weight loss program is humanly possible for a few days. Afterwards, you’ll find yourself quitting their prescribed diet plan. Thus, it does not cater on correcting your eating habits by disciplining you to eat all types of food in regulated amounts at the right time.

Fad diets are beneficial for their companies, not for their consumers.Fad diets are normally marketing stunts of companies that started it all which brainwash you that their products will solve your weight loss problem.Companies from the weight loss industry, diet industry and even food industry are gaining so much profit because of their consumers’ naivety. You find your health struggling from the effects of their contradicting advises and wrong information. They condition you to be addicted to their products so you’ll buy for more while they are reaping so much profit. They prey on your insane desire to get yourself back in shape in an instant without you sweating much to achieve it. This is the primary reason why diet scams continuously proliferate in all countries all over the world. People seem to think that if they can cheat their health for the meantime just to get their dream bodies, they would risk it mindlessly.

Fad diets lead you to develop nutritional deficiencies. Instead of allowing you to eat a wide variety of food that can give you a healthy balanced diet, they instruct you to eat more of a certain type of food and deprive you of the rest. In effect, your body lacks other nutrients that would allow you to function well. They are so fixated with restricting your calorie intake and ignoring the fact that your body should be properly nourished with all needed nutrients.

Most fad diets are restrictive that it will tend to make you crave for food.

They place you on a rigid type of diet – that is, to concentrate on eating a particular food. You might be motivated to follow it for a few days but sooner or later you would feel awfully deprived to enjoy other foods. You would eventually cheat on their diet plan to be able to eat other foods that your body needs. The effect on you is not just making you crave for more food but it also makes you guilt-ridden because as soon as you fail to follow their diet plans, you would regard yourself as a failure because you cannot follow their restrictions. You magnify that you have sabotaged yourself because of your lack of discipline and willpower instead of coming into terms with yourself that you also need those food that the fad diet plan ban you of eating. It gets worse when the dieter is paralyzed to analyze the fundamental cause why he craves so much food. He doesn’t get out of the cycle of restricting himself for a few days and pigging out on so much food on the succeeding days.

Most fad diets cause you to enter the starvation mode and slows down your metabolism.

They try to go against the body’s normal functions than go with it. Fad diets infuse a wrong mentality to people that in order for them to lose weight, they should be able to discipline themselves by controlling their hunger by eating less or no food at all. As a result, your body’s capacity to burn fat slows down in as much as 40% whenever you abruptly reduce your calorie intake. As a defense mechanism, your body will just store your fat aside to compensate for the nourishment you lack as long as it can instead of burning it.

Most fad diets don’t promote healthy eating so after you lose the weight, there’s a higher percentage that you’ll gain it again.They provide an eating plan that though helps a dieter lose so much weight, it deteriorates his good health because these are easy and fast solutions to eliminating excess pounds in his body. Since it does not correct your poor eating habits and place so much emphasis on omitting other foods in your plan, you are setting yourself up to go on a yo-yo diet or binge eating as soon as you get tired following their diet procedures. The miniscule calories that you burned for a few days cannot be compensated with the huge amount of food you’ll be eating afterwards.

Suffice it to say, eating and getting slimmer might oddly compliment each other but it is a fact. One supports the other. Eat the right kinds of food in the right amount and at the right time. Do yourself a favor. Protect yourself from the fad diets. Aspire to be healthy not just to be thinner!


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    • AngelicaHementera profile image

      Angelica Ebarvia Hementera 5 years ago from Philippines

      I just saw this. I am sorry. I have been busy lately. Whirling through a pile of work that truly excites you makes you want to sleep for less than 4 hours. Thank you. It feels good to serve my purpose of nailing the message home. Aim to be healthy and please do take care of your body. Keep in touch. :)

    • profile image

      anorexic chic 5 years ago

      Yes, I agree to all the points you mentioned. I am aiming to be healthy than be thinner. I respect my body than be entrapped to undernourishment.