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The Perfect Healthier Vegan Hot Chocolate

Updated on March 21, 2016

This hot chocolate tastes the same as an unhealthy one, and it is sweet, and chocolatey. It is extremely simple and even better if you have some sort of blender. There are many different alternatives you can use to sweeten it, depending on the taste you prefer and what is easy to buy. It really is worth making this hot chocolate, especially to satisfy them after dinner sugar cravings you get if your anything like me!

Its Simple!

1. Almond milk is key to this recipe, pour in a mug and heat in the microwave or pour the amount into a pan and gently heat till hot enough to your liking. Almond milk is a great alternative to cows milk and i use the Alpro unsweetened version.

2. Cacao is a superfood, and how great to add it to your hot chocolate. It is the unrefined version of Cocoa, and to me tastes identical if not very similar, but it contains a lot of vitamins that give us a boost of nutrition. I use 1 table spoon per 1 mug of Almond Milk, but if you feel you need to add more or less depending on the taste, feel free to do so. You can purchase Cacao from your health food shop, it is usually about £8.00 so is more expensive than Cocoa, however it is worth it. I put a link to a video below which talks about Cacao and the health benefits if you are interested!

3. Natural sweeteners- I tend to vary what i use to sweeten my hot chocolate but my favourite by far is 2 dates, any type of date will do. I also love this one as i have to use my blender which makes the hot chocolate really froffy on the top! The dates almost change the texture of the hot chocolate to more creamier while making it very sweet. Another option i like it coconut sugar- this is the most easiest option and i tend to add 1-2 teaspoons in and maybe sprinkle a bit on top. Dates hold a number of nutrients like fibre and the coconut sugar also retains many vitamins from the coconut, while being lower GI than normal white sugar.

4- Add toppings to the hot chocolate to make it even nicer. I always like to sprinkle desiccated coconut onto the top of my drink. I also love to sprinkle some coconut sugar on the top. Another great option is to use coconut cream, although i haven't tried this yet but would love to!

Raw Cacao


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