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Healthy Walking with Earth Shoes

Updated on July 13, 2014
Original Kalso Earth Shoes, circa 1970. Photo from
Original Kalso Earth Shoes, circa 1970. Photo from

Earth Shoes have done more than just make waves in the fashion industry during the 1970s’, but the brand has also made its way into the present style scene, making one of the biggest shoe comebacks ever. These shoes possess the Kalso Negative Heel design, where the heels are positioned 3.7 degrees lower than the toes, creating a gait that is far different from normal walking.

What makes Earth Shoes great buys? Beyond the stylish selections and comfy choices, Earth Shoes offer great benefits for health. It has been observed that certain types of footwear can cause injuries to the legs and spine when they are worn regularly. In this regard, Earth Shoes actually work out special muscles in the legs, keeping you toned and helping you burn calories with every step you take.

There are a lot of Hollywood celebrities who are getting on the bandwagon and trying out Earth Shoes for themselves. Besides the versatility and the wide range of styles from the company, these nifty shoes are said to be comfortable and really great for fitness fanatics.

Reports actually make mention of Jessica Alba, who has been a fan of the many styles of Earth Shoes. As a matter of fact, the beautiful actress purchased special negative heel boots from Earth Shoes to help her stay fit and maintain her weight during her pregnancy. Other A-listers who like Earth Shoes are Al Pacino, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennie Garth, Alicia Silverstone, and Pierce Brosnan, to name a few.

According to a special report by Time Magazine online, even big fashion designers are raving about the brilliant and highly beneficial effects brought about by wearing Earth Shoes with negative heels. Famous shoe mogul Manolo Blahnik says that it is one of the very first shoes to ever make a fashion statement.

In the same Time report, fashion giant and shoe designer Kenneth Cole says that Earth Shoes are “a relaxed and comfortable alternative to other fashionable footwear.” This just comes to prove that these shoes that rocked the 70’s can still make a huge statement today.

So those are the celebrity and stylist takes on the Earth Shoes, but what do health authorities say about this 1970’s fashion phenomenon that is rapidly making a comeback? In 2007, the Journal of the American Podiatric Health Association published a study done in the University of Ottawa, Canada. In this report, several respondents were asked to walk in negative heeled shoes, and their muscular actions were recorded and analyzed via electromyography.

Compared to a normal gait, the negative heel gait is said to cause an increased exertion on the part of the gastrocnemius and biceps femoris muscles. This means that walking in negative heel shoes like Earth Shoes gives your calf and thigh muscles a good workout. Doing this for several minutes per day will greatly benefit you in the long run. The podiatric study even recommended negative heel shoes for rehabilitation of persons with leg injuries.


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