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Healthy activities for healthy aging

Updated on May 20, 2016

A healthy life is essential for a healthy aging process. And maintaining a healthy life is difficult with a lower level of physical activity. You’ll become fatigued and suffer from sleep disorder if you don’t have a minimum amount of physical activity. As a consequence, after waking up in the morning, you’ll be sleepy. You won’t be able to concentrate on your task. So, physical activity is required for healthy life.

Again, our physical status changes with our growing age. We need to make the necessary modification in our regular physical activity to keep pace with the change for our growing age.

Along with physical activity, proper rest at night is also important. Good rest at night means a sound sleep at night. There are various bodies’ internal activities run during a night’s sleep. If sleep is proper, then the internal works run better and get complete properly.

Our immune system gets stronger if we can have the sleep at night well. In some research conclusions, it’s stated that less sleep causes less release of growth hormones in human. So, proper physical activity is needed for adequate growth or healthy aging.

One of the best physical activity and as well as the most popular physical activity is walking. It relieves us from stress and anxiety. It makes our muscles, our body loosen. By doing so, it ensures a sound sleep at night which will ultimately help us waking up early in the morning with lightened mood. It helps our spiritual health also.

As a critical care physician, I have to do some night duties in ICU. During these night duties, I can't sleep. When I return to my room in the following morning, I had to sleep the whole day to refresh my body. But this sleep can't restore me entirely. Because the rest was needed at night. That is, timely sleep is also essential.

Besides various types of physical activity for a healthy aging, there is something you should avoid from doing, restrict yourself from doing something in some manner. For example, intake of some harmful substances like nicotine, OTC drugs that affect your sleep, etc. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be avoided. If can’t be avoided then needed to be restricted both in amount and timing of intake. These should not be taken after 8.00 p.m. in the night. These measures will ensure a good night sleep for you.

The most comfortable and accepted form of physical activity is walking. It can be done with great ease. If you start walking every morning regularly, you’ll feel the difference very quickly. Start walking at your comfortable pace with tolerable duration first. Then slowly and gradually increase the both. Make sure that it brings sweat out, not the breath. Walking ensures burning of our unutilized calories so that they can’t be stored in our body in the form of fat. Walking before a meal makes us hungry and after a meal helps us burning fat. So, mild walking, before and after a meal, is helpful.

To make your walking activity a success, try to motivate someone else to go out with you. Your neighbor or a friend can be a good choice. If you can encourage your neighbor or friend to take a walk with you, you’ll have not only a companion but also someone to build a relationship. This will help your spiritual health becoming healthy.

Healthy eating is another crucial thing for healthy aging. Green vegetables, fruits, and a balanced diet are essential for good health. If you can take green vegetables, fruits regularly, you can have natural antioxidants automatically with your foods.

Healthy physical activities that ensure proper blood supply to all of your body organs along with a healthy diet will surely help you to have a sound and healthy aging.

What physical work do you perform to be healthy?

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To tell the truth, we don't think about healthy living until we become sick. When we get uncontrolled blood sugar of raised blood pressure, only then we search for healthy eating, healthy lifestyle. We hardly think about our aging process. But if we could think about healthy living from early in our life, we could keep away the diseases as well as we could delay our body's aging process.

A healthy lifestyle includes regular adequate physical activity, a balanced diet, adequate rest including timely & sound sleep and stresses free state. This is achievable. Yes, it might be a bit difficult in the beginning to follow a strict discipline without having a compelling reason, but it's doable.


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    • drsohel profile image

      drsohel 5 years ago from Dhaka, BD

      Thanks and I'm happy that you liked the idea. I've felt it with my life's experience.

    • Tonipet profile image

      Tonette Fornillos 6 years ago from The City of Generals

      Everything agreed! Healthy activities along with good food are what everyone needs for healthy aging. I like the idea of a good night's sleep. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.