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Healthy and Natural Cosmetic Making

Updated on November 27, 2011
First off, don't erase the entire face!
First off, don't erase the entire face!
Use products from the Sea!
Use products from the Sea!

Learning to Make My Own Products is Fun

My goodness. I will be 65 next month and I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see an old woman in there! So I decided to see if I could improve either my attitude or the skin on my face and neck, or as it turns out, both. I have learned a few tips I can pass on, but there's always much more to learn!

To fade scars: 1/2 cup honey in a blender w/one cucumber. Puree. This will tighten pores and fade scars. I have been using honey, an avocado and oatmeal as a mask and wondered at the soft texture of my facial skin from doing this once a day; I think it must be the honey that works the best. Although you might think it is sticky on the face, it really is not when you add the avocado and oatmeal. I've yet to try the cucumber and honey, I think I like this concoction better than the oatmeal and avocado.
Another mask to try:
Sesame oil or olive oil w/ turmeric. Let dry on face overnight, remove traces of turmeric with a good facial toner. The link below provides some very good information regarding the benefits of honey.

Honey Link:

1) clean skin
2) massage in the honey mixture
3) rub ice cube on areas where scars are for 5 to 10 minutes. the ice enhances the moisturizing effect of the honey while fading the scars.

Doing this once a day, in 2-3 months you will see fading of scars.

This is an all natural treatment and inexpensive for those who cannot afford trips to the doctor, such as laser therapy and this may be longer lasting and gives you a feeling of being in control of your own health and well being if you have the patience to implement the regimen.

Eight tbsp. turmeric powder w/5 tbsp. of sesame or olive oil; makes a paste. suggested use is to massage this into face for 10 minutes, then let dry overnight in bed. however, turmeric stains the pillow, I find, so using it during the day for about 6 hrs. should work (if you don’t have to go out!) or I suppose you could try to sleep on your back, face up, all night, I would find that impossible as I'm a side sleeper.
Results, it is said should be evident in 3-4 days after using it every day.
I have noted the benefit of turmeric products personally.

there is a facial moisturizer on the market that uses turmeric, with all the benefits explained and I used it and was very pleased with a smoother, brighter complexion after several weeks. However at $27 a pop, for a one month supply, I decided to make my own products utilizing this herb, as well as make my own capsules using the powder, which is inexpensive. Also of note, using honey has changed the feel and texture of my face and neck skin; it is very soft and hydrated! Now all I have to do is increase the elasticity and collagen levels to avoid further wrinkling at my age. I can do it! I like to try and do what the world says cannot be done. At least I can say I tried!
And the reason for this article is to help others to feel good about their selves as we grow older and not let the mirror frighten you! Ha! It did me!
And finally, the other reason I wrote this article is I have noticed some improvement in my skin by going the natural route, versus all the expensive products I cannot afford on the monthly basis that they want you to pay. I'm sure some of the products are well worth the price, if I had the money I would probably have many bottles of this and that. Some would probably not work that well. By making your own, out of food and herbs, you directly provide nourishment to the skin rather than by way of the blood stream. It is well known that the skin can receive certain nutrients directly through this topical means, otherwise we would not have such things as patches which supply nicotine or estrogen.

The final step after the turmeric mask is using your own facial toner to remove any yellow tinge that remains after the mask treatment. I didn't know about this and thought I must have a liver disease as my face was all yellow! Nope. It was the turmeric and it is removable from the face, but hard to get off the pillowcase! Note that the links I provide say acne in them. I don't have acne but I do have oil-clogged pores which cause blackheads. A good deal of exfoliation is necessary for me also which is another article! I figured anything good for acne, might also be good for my skin, as skin is skin and does need the proper nourishment to regenerate.
Finally we have this other bit of information for the use of aging skin problems:

This product line comes from:
Firming: tetra peptide complex: with Monks Pepper Berry also known as chasteberry or vitex.
Hyaluronic Acid: a substance that appears naturally in the deep levels of skin which helps hydration properties of water. IE: more water means less wrinkles.

I am researching the tetra peptide complex currently. I am assuming I will be able to buy tetra peptides, as well the Chasteberry or Monks Pepper Berry. Isn’t it funny, but the herb seems to have gathered many different names over time.
Hyaluronic Acid is available in cosmetics and in a health drink I utilize. I am researching if I can get it in a pill form or liquid by itself, and also what foods generate this, as it is said to aide elasticity and collagen production for skin.

My new store bought product is called Seven Algae and is the mask I am wearing in the picture, it's so dark green it's almost black. I am testing it by using it every day. So far I think I noticed an improvement after only 2 days, but that can't be possible can it? Seawood has all kinds of minerals and Asian people have good skin by eating the seaweed. I have never seen a wrinkled Asian person..I wonder if it's true? As it turns out the Seven Algae is quite affordable at around $27 and you get a large jar. I got it from Amazon, but here's the website to visit

Also I do like betonite clay for a number of personal uses and there is even an edible red clay in pill form. Some of us would do simply anything to regenerate ourselves, even eating clay. If I do grow younger looking, HubPages will be informed duly!


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