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Healthy diet- lose weight

Updated on July 31, 2013

From breakfast to Dinner ! Cheap way

This is my personal diet.I do this every day and I can tell you that is cheap and good for your body.

First, you have to have a juice maker, I personally use an automatic one, but a manual one is also good.Also you must have every morning fresh fruits like oranges,grapefruit and even lemons.To keep them fresh a long time you can store them in the refrigerator.

Besides the fruits, you have to buy cereals, but make sure that they are not with a lot of sugar.You can choose different types with chocolate, fruits, honey, etc., because this way you will not get bored of eating cereals every morning.

The last things you need to buy are vegetables for making salad.I personally recommend organic vegetables like tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, cucumber, etc.

You are what you eat


Daily routine

So, this is my diet every day:

  1. In the morning I make a glass of fresh juice.I use 1 orange and 1/2 grapefruit but sometimes I mix 1 orange with 1/2 lemon, or 1 grapefruit with 1/2 lemon or just an orange or a grapefruit.If you like you can try other fruits as well but make sure they are not full with sugar.
  2. After I drink the fresh juice, I eat a bowl of cereal with low fat milk(it must be low fat milk).The amount of cereal depends on every person.I personally eat about 100-200 grams of cereals and I am 22 years old and have 90 kilograms, at about 190 cm height.
  3. One hour after the cereals I drink a coffee.If you don't like to drink coffee you can drink a hot chocolate or a cappuccino.After drinking the coffee you'll see that you'll have to go to the bathroom, so go.If you work, make sure you wake up earlier if you don't want to go to the bathroom at work :D
  4. Between breakfast and lunch I often eat a fruit.Any kind of fruit.But again, not with a lot of sugar.Choose citric fruits.
  5. For lunch I try to eat what I want, without bread.If I want bread, I eat toasted bread.But eating what you want doesn't mean you eat all the things you see.Make sure you eat just until the point you feel full.And try to eat food that is not very fat.I say very because it is good for your body to give him a little fat.
  6. When dinner time comes, about 6 pm, I choose not to eat a lot of food, like how bears and other animals do before they hibernate.I choose to make a salad and mix it with tuna(check my tuna salad recipe) or chicken breast(check my chicken breast salad recipe).If you choose chicken breast, you must make it on the barbecue.DON'T USE OIL.You can search online for salad recipes.You'll find a lot of them.
  7. Try not to eat after dinner.If you are very hungry, eat a fruit, wait half an hour, and go to sleep.

Perfect breakfast



The most important aspect of this diet is to respect the morning ritual.That mix of fresh juice, cereals and coffee helps you detoxify your body. I hope this will help you and I am sure it will make you lose weight, and make your body healthier.


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