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Healthy eating diet plan based on the wheel of food

Updated on May 22, 2013

Healthy eating diet plan based on the wheel of food

The Wheel of Foof offers a simple and instructive illustration of the essential foundations of the philosophy of nutrition. The ideology used in this graphical representation is that, contrary to popular belief, all foods can behave benefits that are essential for the proper functioning of the body and should therefore be included in the diet of any person.

Since the key to healthy eating is the consumption in the right proportion and right variety of foods from all food groups, it is important to learn to correctly interpret this illustration in order to be able to implement it effectively in your life.

Here are some tips for a proper introduction of the wheel of food in your diet:

1 - Learn the nutritional label of all foods found in the wheel, and place it in a visible spot where it can be found easily. Putting a wheel of food in the refrigerator door, or in the wall of your kitchen will always be a good way to remember often its nutritional purposes, thus making it easier to follow a correct diet, always in accordance with the ideology of the wheel food.

2 - Bet on diversity, rather than on quantity. Instead of eating three or four large doses of food daily, you must opt for 6 or 7, but in smaller quantities. This will give you the opportunity to introduce a greater number of foods in your diet, and consume them in more appropriate proportions.

healthy eating diet plan
healthy eating diet plan

3 - Eat different foods from the same group. Some people have a misconception about the concept of eating foods from all food groups, believing at times that they must only choose the one (from each group) that matches their preference, and so consume it every day, ignoring all other . However, it is cleared for all the nutritional benefits of each food group, you must have a moderate intake of each of its foods, to enjoy the best that each has to offer. All foods are different, and so, although they may be rich in a particular nutrient, they also have many others missing, so it is necessary to have the rest from other food sources.

4 - Dive into the world of recipes, and discover how delicious they can be when properly used, as the food you hate more can become really delicious. Eating vegetables does not always have to be a boring task. When prepared with a little creativity and good taste, theys could prove extremely pleasant dining. Thus, to learn to better appreciate all types of food, take some of your time searching for recipes that look interesting and see that those foods that feels so dull start to earn a special place in your preferred dining list.


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