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Healthy life is important

Updated on July 23, 2016

We live in the world with a lot of opportunities and it only depends on us whether we will keep healthy or unhealthy way of life.

To my mind, all young people can be divided into two parts. First category of people are those, who don;t think really much about their health and being fit. They prefer smoking, consuming alcohol in their free time. Another category of young people tend to think about their health and body. They do sports, go to the qyms, work on their healthy diet. I think, I'm from the second category of people. In my free time I go to dance club, which, I suppose, is healthy for my body. Dancing is a kind of exercising.

Is there anything more important than health? I'd rather doubt it. So, the advantages of the healthy way of life are obvious. We must remember that laws of the healthy way of life - moderate eating and drinking, regular physical exercises, reasonable hours of work and rest, perfect cleanliness, positive attitude towards people and things around us - lay the foundations for long happy life.

Which group of people do you choose?

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