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8 Healthy Life Processes

Updated on August 28, 2019

Improve life functions

All life has basic processes. They are: Respiration, Regulation, Reproduction, Growth, Excretion, Transport, and Synthesis (RRRGENTS) These processes were used to understand extiction, then quickly adapted to define life. The life processes can be used as a guide to life functioning. We can use them to frame the good or harm we do to ourselves and others. How smart are we if we fail to develop our physical being? How good are we if we obstruct others in fullfilling thier life processes arbitrarily, intentionally or not?


Respiration is the taking in of oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. Simple habits can improve breathing, lung function, red blood cells, and cellular metabolism.

Nose breathing improves facial expression, prevents sickness, improves breathing, improves stress response. Closing our mouth facilitates greater facial expression, and enables us to maintain an upward facial tension, soft smile. Our nostrils are lined with fine hairs and mucus which trap pollutants and micro organisms before they can continue further through our respiratory system. Raising our dulap, closing our tonsils, and bring our tongue up aligns our airway. Breathing through our noses informs us of our environment, creates an alert demeanor, quiets our breathing, and masks a terrified, painfull, or compromised physical state.

Lung function can be improved through breathing exercises. An easy start is the 9 second breathe. Begin by asuming a good posture: hips supporting your wieght, back straight, shoulders pulled back and up. With this posture you should feel an elvated confidence. Breathe out as much as possible. Slowly breath in for 9 seconds fill our lungs to absolute capacity and then trying to get more. Fill the the lower lung first by extending our abdomen, then our chest, finally raising our shoulders. Breathe out slowly for 9 seconds expelling all air. Again starting with our lower lungs first, then chest, before droping our shoulders. Repeat this for a few minutes as a wave of drug like euphoria envelopes us. We can then practice holding our breathe while performing mild physical movements, or hold all our breathe out for short intervals; be careful there is a risk of suddenly passing out.

Martial Arts Body Conditioning trains our bodies to maintain abdominal tension while breathing. Do this under the supervision of a compotent instructor. No devices are used to strike our bodies, a wall is used to help support us. A friend lightly, with slowly steped increasing force, punches our oblique abdominal muscles and lower ribs. The intent is to train breathing, which should be audible. No injuries should ever occur.

Support red blood cell count with healthy diet, and cardio exercises. Iron, folic acid, and vitamin B-12 are used by the body to develop healthy red blood cells. There are many foods that contain significant amounts of these nutrients. Lean red meat and dark leafy greens are a potent combination.

Stop smoking, there are natural remedies to help expediate the breakdown of tar. Chrysanthemum flower tea has a renown for helping our bodies produce enzymes that break down blockages, such as tar. Silk worms produce an enzyme that it much more powerful.

The Ice Man introduces breathing exercises

Brazilian Jujitsu



Regulation is often described as maintaining homeostasis. Homeostasis is a bit of a misnomer. We need to regulate what happens to us inside and out, how much goes in and out, what stays in and what stays out.

Certain conditions you can not physically withstand, unless you're a waterbear. Martial arts is very healthy to this end. Jujitsu is highly recommended.

In self-defense situations you're probably ambushed. The peson attacking you is probably bigger, stronger, faster, and has some experience doing this. An effective self-defense strategy will have techniques that counter these physical advantages in reality.

It is in defense-of-others we gain the aggressive advantage. An antagonists in these senarios is probably threatening violence to get thier way. If we can help, maybe we should; its a judgement call.

Predators are cautious preying on the vulnerable. Predators must contiously hunt for the opportunity, growing bolder as they learn. They will take larger and larger risks as they develop. They must repeat the risks over and over. This drama is played out stunningly between ungulate and carnivoria.

Animals in nature are at most risk when they are weak. Practiced adversaries attack each other's weak pionts. This happens more frequently when young, old, weak, small, low social status, or inattentive to danger.

Regulation includes many other life sustaining activities, so that the organism can ensure it has enough of something's and not to much of others in proper order and timing.

We can condition our bodies to cold by graduated exposure during exercises, and staying well hydrated. To handle heat we must drink more water, while adapting our habits during graduated exposure.


Reproduction is a touchy subject with many tabboos, including using the knowledge gained from scientific exploration to benefit ourselves. Vunerable groups can be targeted, legal definitions, cultural acceptances, reactionary behaviour are through out. Controlling another's sexuality is in all human cultures.

Age isn't just a number, with it comes physical and mental development. Around age 16 humans are outwardly phycally developed adults, but the neural network for independent thought isn't complete until around 18. Women in there teens are at a high risk of pregnancy complications, because their reproductive organs are still developing.

The Biological purpose of sex is to diversify proteins called DNA. This is not the only way to pass on inhertiable information (common logical mistake). The best way to do it is to breed like wolves instead of pugs. Humans have very little genetic diversity across our spieces, about the genetic diversity as the Pug dog breed. Genetic diversity is lost in breeding programs, as genetic alleles in a small Gene pool are selected for. This counters genetic health which is genetic diversity. We as humans seem to group things together by kind, like to like. Physical beauty is the appearance of health, in which genetic health is very important.

Sexually orientation is flexible especially in primates due to social grouping. This can be seen in popular “Tribing” type fantasies. These tendencies can be represented in a bell curve of sexual reactivity. Male type is strongly tied to blood flow to genetialia and female type is tied strongly to sexual brain activity. Both sexes can be tested easily by both standards. 16%-24% (depending on how you messure) unreactive blood flow to pornographic material of counter sexuality. N is usually very large in these types of studies, across the world with men and women equally represented. There is a shared observence through out primate family. The reason, it turns out, is that people who think 'sexuality is a choice that can be controlled’ because for them it is and they are in the majority.

There is a large difference between consensual sex and non consensual sex. I like the cup of tea comparision.

It goes:

‘ would you like a cup of tea?’

'yes I would like a cup of tea.’

They consent to a cup of tea

‘Would you like a biscuit’

'no I would not like a biscuit’

They did not consent to a biscuit

You should not force feed them the biscut

Sleeping people do not want your biscut either

Abuse is less about sexuality and about abusing power, according to sex offenders. Victims can not be studied, as a very strictly enforced scientific taboo.

“If she bleeds she can breed” is not scientifically accurate. She has started the process of becoming a women and will be at very high risk of dieing during child birth if she hasn't bleed for a couple years, or is under 16 (which ever is older). Average first child is 20 for women historically, exceptions are note-able. This age has been increasing, teen pregnancies are decreasing, which is great for women's health. Few breeders and no ethical one, would consider breeding a dog when she starts to bleed.

There are also a myriad of sexual diseases. High risk groups include homosexuals, intravienous drug users, and sex workers. The more unprotected sex you have, with more promiscuous people, the higher risk you are at, especially when drugs are involved.

Drugs are often used as a coping mechanism and drug addicts have a strong tendency to have bonding issues. So if your your looking for a healthy relationship look elsewere. People can be addicted to many things and most addictions are coping mechanisms for bonding issues.

As large mammals, technically mega fuana, raising young requires a lot of resources, time, energy, and help. Pregnancy lasts 9 months, 18 years till adulthood, 25 years till fully mentally developed, and a life time of parenthood.

Along side genetic inheritance is cultural inheritance. Cultural inheritance is where most physical and behavior traits are passed on. Height, strength, and especially intellegence are subject to environment. The increased hieght of recent generations is closely tied to the quality of diet, sugar, and parental play. Athletism is a function of lifestyle not genetics. Intellegence is how we learn to learn. Yes, there is a genetic component to each of these but it is small.



We are always growing through out life, body and mind. Growth is reaction to stress. We need stressors in our lives to avoid terminal stress. We learn best with controllable, foreseeable, and reoccurring stress. Much of what we percieve as pain is hyper stimulation, not destructive stress. Growth from hyper stimulation is part exposing your self to it, so that it can be understood, and part keeping the risk of destructive stress low. Stess isn't limited to physical stress. There are many types of destructive mental stress. Feeling sorry for yourself, repeated social defeat, worst of all is extended periods of isolation. I teach my kids “Never feel sorry for yourself. You can feel sorry for everyone else, but never feel sorry for yourself!”; it wards off the worst parts of learned helplessness. My mom taught me that. A sense of defeat can be lessened if you learn lessons from it. When I feel things such as rejection, I find 5 things to learn from it. This is a large part of my active learning process.

Keeping physically active to the extent of discomfort, provides the strimulus for bones, muscle, glands, and organs to develop and regenerate in a heathy fasion.


We create waste. Reduce, reuse, recycle, eat fiber. The inability to manage waste would be fatal to all living things. We have greatly improved sanitation capabilities, but not everyone in every culture is in practice.

Trashing the worlds oceans is a global threat. Reducing the amount of disposable packaging in the products we purchase is more efficient, less wasteful, and usually higher quality for less. Extensive pakaging is used to convince consumers that it's a product worth buying. This very obvious in super markets.

By not making full use of resources, repurposing, and regenerating; we harm ourselves. The amount that people consume increases dramatically as more resources are available. This creates a large amount of waste. This waste needs to be properly disposed of so that we dont destroy our water, air, land, food supplies, and other essential resources. In my area we recycle metals and plastics, separate hazardous waste, then burn the rest in an electral plant that conditions it's exhuast. We make extensive efforts, many of which where once thought alturistic. Our lakes and rivers are clean.

Many internal organ maladies are largely caused by insuffient fiber in the modern diet. I have found that steel cut oats are a wonderfull addition to my diet. The complex carbohydrates keep my sugar cravings to a minimum. The soluable fiber curbs my hunger. It doesnt taste gourmet, but at less then $5 for 2 weeks of easy lunch/snacks, I don't have to buy the cheapest. I have always struggled with my wieght, constantly fluctuating. I no longer do. I can plan my bathroom visits, with no urgency. Quick cook oats don't curb the hunger as effectively, and the bathroom visits are not as predictable (set a watch).

Eating oats


Drink more water, reduce intake of refined sugars, eat lean meats, eat oily fish, eat leafy greens, fresh fruit, cut the crap by replacing it with healthy foods. Eat more meals at home. Nutrition changes as we grow, a healthy vegan diet for a 50 year old man, is not healthy for children. Yes children can thrive on well crafted vegan diets rich in fat, protien, sugar, and a very large assortment of vitamins. Simpler healthy chrildrens diets are more readily available, easier to continue, cheaper, and have been known to produce children with greater physical capacities. Vegans obviously aren't cheating in athletic competitions. A well balanced vegan amino acid is low in an essential amino acid found abundantly in chicken. A little extra triptophen is in turkey. Athletes require high nutrient densities to calories consumed. Corn and beans is an excellent source of most esential amino acids. It does provide all, with large amounts of liver action. The balance is disimilar to that found in animal tissue especially muscle. Drinking fruit juice does not replace eating fruit. Vitamin D is responsible for the race card. Traditional European diet is low in dark leafy greens. Vitamin D is nessessary for sexual gamet production. Vitamin D deficiency quickly causes starility. Lighter skin tone indicates low average vitamin D consumption across a population. White people didn't invade Europe, people became White in Europe. Like Japanese having a lighter skin tone then southeast Asians.


Move your body and develop it's abilities. A machine workout to isolate mucles is used create specific muscle volume. Short stabilized movements are performed in the muscles strongest range. A bar is used when lifting free wieghts because it is very stable. Other objects do not have inherient stability when we lift them. They requires us to stabilize them. A resisting opponent will try to destabilize your movements. As we move away from isolating mucles to stabilizing there is greater and greater demand on the smaller supportive mucles in our body.

Great running form is the result of strong outer hip flexors, and a spring of a hamstring. Balance the drive back in running gaint and know that most of the power in a stride is gained when our feet impact. The impact is acceleration and the drive back is top speed. Building the hamstring with frog jumps is important becuase most of the high speed drive back is stored energy in the hamstring from impact. This can be seen when the knees cross as the foot makes contact.

Run hard to a point. When beginning to run the first barrier is often sore breathing, keep moving, the second barrier is sore sides, keep moving, then is dizziness and confusion, drink water, very very far down the road is angina, keep moving but slow down, this is your body telling you to slow for your heart's sake. Then beyond that is the shortening of the front hip flexors, muy tai frog stretch.

How long should training runs be?

See results


Synthesis is largely referring to the creation of complex molcules, including acids and enzymes. Synthesis is our bodies taking 2 or more things to combine it to create 1 or more products. Water is the carrier, catalist, and solvent in organic chemistry. Dehydration is a rule among the non-athleticaly inclined. I see people pushing themselves hard and not sweating. They are wasting their effort, with amplified discomfort. They would be better to drink a bottle of water instead of spending thier morning in a gym. Yes drinking more water will cause you to pee more. It's predictable, 30-50 minutes. I say things like breathe through your nose and drink water like it will change your life.

Adopting habits

Changes are stress on an entity. Predictable, controllable stress allows enities to better manage our growth. Severe stress can stunt growth because of repair time needed. Server stress amplifies as it obstructs more life processes in more ways. Stress can be felt as good and bad. Ueaphoric stress is good type of stress reaction like the loss of appite the night before Christmas in anticipation of presents, complete with moodiness, bowel irregularity, shaking, restlessness, nuasia, claminess. Bad stress would be stuck in a traffic jam in the morning. Adopting healthy habits allows an entity to fulfill life processes more efficiently, by stabilizing the income of it's requirements. Making routines isn't boring it allows you to simplify the completion of regular tasks. Without them we are to busy responding in an effort to full fill basic needs. Regular plans also make you predictable to other people which facilitates cooperation in groups.


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