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Inadequate Breathing - Consequences of

Updated on November 14, 2011

Do you find yourself not breathing at times?

Learning how to breathe takes wanting to learn how to do it. Most people claim that sometimes they find themselves so intensely involved in what they are doing that they forget to breathe. That's unfortunate, because the lack of oxygen. The lack of oxygen can lead to a slow death or any number of body ailments, disease and/or body dysfunctions such as cancer, nervous system disorders, anxiety, depression, blood pressure problems, lack of energy, heart disease, etc. and it's all due to poor breathing. Clinical studies show that bodies deprived of much needed oxygen begin to deteriorate and malfunction. It's no wonder that so many people have so many maladies which worsen with age.

Our bodies are totally dependent on breathing correctly and optimal breathing will improve our health. When our respiratory capacity declines then our general health begins to falter and our life expectancy is affected.

Proper Breathing is a Skill

Are you breathing optimally? Did you know that proper breathing is both a skill and a natural body function? Did you know that your entire spine gathers and lengthens as you breathe? Your torso widens every time you inhale and with each exhale, it narrows. This allows a constant, but subtle, internal motion of the whole body, which in turn, sends oxygen to all the body tissues. Improper breathing patterns or poor breathing affects our body functions me. It also affects our mental and emotional well-being.

The respiratory system is responsible for the elimination of approximately 70% of your body's waste. The remainder is eliminated through defecation, urination, and perspiration. So if you think going to the bathroom everyday is important, or that working up a good sweat every now and then is healthy, just imagine the value of breathing optimally! Especially when breathing is FREE and it costs you nothing when you do it.

Questions to Consider

Are you a diaphragm (belly) or rib (chest) breather? Do you find yourself holding your breath? How high can you count during one exhale? Is there a pause between your breaths? If so, how long is it? How long can you hold your breath at the end of a natural exhale without feeling faint or passing out? Do you breathe through your nose? Do you breathe through your mouth? How would you describe your breathing? Would you say it is easy? Effortless? Full? Shallow? Quick? Labored? Have you ever thought about how you breathe?

To get the most out of any type of healing work and more importantly; developing optimal breathing habits is one of the most valuable things you can do. You need to REMEMBER THAT!

Do you have questions about how to start breathing better? There is more to breathing besides just sucking in air every once in a while. Any improvement on how you breathe will help to improve your overall well-being.

Funny Mock Video, But Oh How True....


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    • primardie profile image

      primardie 7 years ago from Texas

      First of all, thank you for the positive comment. I would recommend too that you read another one of my hubs and try the technique mentioned there. Best wishes.

      You can also visit for more information at your leisure.

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 7 years ago from Escondido, CA

      WOW. Thank you for a very informative and enlightening article. Sadly I smoke, so I am o2 deprived anyway. I hope to correct that this year. I looked over the breathing test & will do it tonight when I get home. Also, I have begun detoxing for aspartame and stuff with French Green Clay, and select vitamins. I know exercise is good during this process. The fact that respiratory or exhales is how we get rid of toxins is new to me & of interest. I will be looking into this soon, for detox and lifestyle choice reasons

    • primardie profile image

      primardie 7 years ago from Texas

      :) Thank you.

    • Theresa Collins profile image

      Theresa Collins 7 years ago from Georgia

      I've been told that I am hardly breathing. Thank you for this article, the advice is what I needed.

    • primardie profile image

      primardie 7 years ago from Texas

      Thank you Easylearningweb and Lady Wordsmith for the nice comments and the warm welcome.

    • Lady Wordsmith profile image

      Linda Rawlinson 7 years ago from Lancaster, UK

      Interesting hub. I learned a little about proper breathing when I was at uni, on my drama degree. I think I'd forgotten about a lot of it, until I read this hub :) It's probably well nigh time I remembered how to breathe in the right way!

      Welcome to Hubpages.


    • easylearningweb profile image

      Amelia Griggs 7 years ago

      Interesting hubpage and something that people don't think about it. I'm all for yoga and breathing exercises. :-)

      Welcome to Hubpages.