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Good Mental Health

Updated on December 25, 2016

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality” quoted by Plutarch. As they say, change occurs inside-out, they are mainly trying to tell us that are mental health directs our physical wellbeing in some way or the other. The fact that a mentally healthy person is a happy person is something one needs to keep in mind.

A person’s mental health is determined by how he/she has been brought up, the situations that he/she has faced in their life adds on to it and many other factors. Every person has their share of problems and with these problems, factors like depression, anxiety, stress level increase. It is normal for everybody to face these factors but at a minimal level, when the level increases it is important for one to try and cope because their mental health will affect their actions and behaviour directly and it will clash with their quality of life.

We need to have a more positive outlook towards life and that will happen only when we are positive within. We might be determined to change different factors within our self which affects us negatively and it is hindering our happiness. But one must realise that only when our mind is all set and determined to change, we will be able to change our personality, behaviour and actions.

One must realise that their health and happiness is in their own hands, we just have to direct our thinking on the right path. We need to have faith in our self, our abilities, opt for positive thinking and all these factors will direct our personality, behaviour actions in the right path eventually leading us to a better life. With all these factors we will be able to handle and cope with different problems, have a healthy and long lasting relationship, better physical health and more faith and confidence in oneself. The mastermind behind all this is our mind. So, don’t forget good mental health is equal to happy life. Happy Thinking, Happy Life!


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