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Hearing Problems In The Elderly

Updated on July 16, 2010

Hearing Loss In The Elderly

I was in the library recently when an older man(he didn't look real old but was older) was told by a library attendant that his internet session would be ended if he didn't turn down his headphones. I felt sorry for the man because it brought back memories of my own father and how he had problems with his hearing and was always trying something to help his hearing. Many don't realize just how expensive hearing aids are, they aren't like glasses.
This is one of the factors that affected my Dad from getting a hearing aid and he was always looking for something that might help him. It was sad to go through his things after he died to find all of the information he'd gotten.
He'd been to many doctors. Unfortunately, he had good hearing until one of the medicines he was taking for his atrial fibrillation after he'd had a heart attack caused an ischemic stroke. The stroke had robbed him of most of his sight in one eye and there was no correcting the problem or getting any of the sight back. It was an unfortunate side affect of Amiodarone. For anyone who might be taking this drug I strongly urge you to read the side affects very carefully and not just read what's in the pamphlet from the pharmacy but get information online as well.

There is a very interesting article relating to the elderly and hearing loss at
Many elderly have hearing problems and are not treated. More than 90 percent of people have some form of hearing loss but with the cost of hearing aids being $2000 and up many elderly especially those living on fixed incomes cannot afford to get a hearing aid even when they desperately need it.
We have a friend who even though he has a hearing aid he still has trouble hearing.
Another interesting article is at
It's sad there are so many elderly people with a problem that can be fixed with a hearing device. It's a shame hearing aids are so costly but like most things relating to the elderly things are expensive.
I'm in Walmart one day and I just happen to be standing near the depends(adult diapers) and I look at the price and am dumbfounded. I wonder why these things are so expensive but like baby diapers which simply cannot be done without the manufacturers know this and stick it to those who have to buy diapers of any kind.
Unfortunately, age brings with a myriad of things that I'd rather not get into as one day I know if I live I will be facing much of what I saw in my parents and grandparents and no matter how many people deny or delude themselves into thinking they will never face what their parents and grandparents did they will. The only way out of not facing the harsh reality of age it not to live to be old.
But there is good news. Some people at 80 and 90 are healthy and active and still have their minds and are sharp. And that's what is important not whether you still look young although the celebrity, cosmetic and pharmaceutical world would have you believe that timeless aging is of the utmost importance. I'm not saying one shouldn't want to look his/her best but trying every new fad out there for aging isn't the answer. The best answer is diet and exercise and let everything else take it's course.

As for a remedy to stop hearing loss I don't have one and I don't have any answers as to how to stop hearing loss other than not playing music excessively loud and not being around or near noisy environments that cause hearing loss. It's always best to be in quiet environments, I believe it's healthier overall.

My mother lived near an international airport therefore started suffering hearing loss fairly early on at a young age. She was only in her mid forties. So we know that living or working in an environment with high decibels leads to hearing loss. Unfortunately, working in a noisy environment usually means a person has to put up with it or look for another job which isn't so easy today.

It's best if you can live and work in a quiet, peaceful environment.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks hub pages to share information about hearing problem with old age people cause we all have the right to hear sounds in the audible range so the right hearing aids are an important investment in our quality of life.

    • profile image

      david stillwagon 

      8 years ago

      Good hub, loss of hearing is becoming greater in our society not only because we are getting older but also the level of noise is much greater.

    • Joni Douglas profile image

      Joni Douglas 

      8 years ago

      Excellent hub. Many people live with or care for someone with hearing loss and the price of a good hearing aid is certainly high. Thanks for reminding us to be sensitive about those with hearing loss.


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