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Heart Chakra Meditation: How to Get Over a Broken Heart with Meditation

Updated on July 13, 2011

You are whole and complete and AMAZING inside and out. Part of you knows this at all times, but it is easy to forget. During a painful break up or at times when we are single, we often step out of the knowing of our self-worth and wholeness. Our heart aches and we feel lost. The good news is, there is a way back to real love. Meditation is one powerful ticket to mend a broken heart. It circulates and empowers the energy in your Heart Chakra and enables you to let go of fearful stories that keep you trapped.

Meditation opens you to Life's joys and possibilities, and it develops a deeper sense of Self-love and Divine Love, which transforms and heals broken hearts better than perhaps anything else.

When you meditate, you have a chance to realize you are NOT separate from the love of the Universe. It is for you to partake in, within your heart.

Let's go there now....

Through video and words, we are going to explore several powerful meditations to expand your Heart Chakra. This article is meant to be experienced and felt... Not simply read.

I encourage you to take a few deep breaths right now... Let go... Allow...

Reading is PART of your meditation...

A Good Yoga & Heart Meditation

Chants: Open the Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra Meditation

Heart Sourcing: Guided Meditation to Open the Heart and Quiet the Mind

Consider this: Meditation is nothing more than an appointment with the Universe inside.

If you are new to meditation, here is a good practice to start with:

Heart Meditation

Step one: With eyes closed, place some attention on your physical heart. Notice the space of your chest. This is where the Heart Chakra is. We are going to expand it.

Step two: Feel your heart. Can you notice it beating? Can you sense blood flowing? Realize your physical heart is intertwined with your spiritual Heart, your Heart Chakra. Let their realities blend. That is the key.

See if you can notice a non-physical sensation to your heart, in whatever way possible. It could be a subtle energy or feeling of movement. It could be a feeling of warmth or aliveness.  However it is for you is fine.  This is your Spiritual Heart or Inner Heart. It comes through your physical heart but it is not bound by it.

Step three: Realize that spiritual union with the Divine takes place in the heart. You can ‘see’ the Universe with the inner eyes of the “heart.” You are the Universe (God/Goddess/All of Creation, or whatever word works for you) in your Heart of Hearts. Breathe into this knowing. Settle into it like you are settling into a warm bath.

This is the seat of Divine Union and once you acquiesce to it, the feeling of longing or of a broken heart will start to weaken. Acknowledging and feeling the LOVE of the Universe mends all broken hearts.

Step four: Despite what your mind may be thinking during your meditation, keep bringing your awareness into your heart. Breathe deep. Let go. Your heart will expand and open.

Stay with the steps for a while... Keep cycling through them... 

Several minutes with them can crack open a door; twenty five minutes can increase your well-being in a lasting way; over an hour with them can often create miraculous changes and re-connect you with an inner love you forgot you had.

Quotes to Mend a Broken Heart

"Let your Heart transcend your mind. Let it take over your thoughts like waves overlapping the shore. This is acceptance. This is love." ~Michael Alperstein

“Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, and that depends upon how much he has polished it. Whoever has polished it more sees more - more unseen forms become manifest to him.” ~ Jalal ad-Din Rumi

“We can help many people suffer less and realize a lot of happiness without being rich or influential. If love and compassion are in out hearts, every thought, word, and deed can bring about a miracle” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

"All desire is fulfilled in the Heart of your Self." ~Michael Alperstein

"The mind cannot truly comprehend the vastness of the stars the skies and all the beauty in your Heart." ~Michael Alperstein

"We are vast beyond all comprehension. Trying to measure who and what you are is like trying to put starlight in a box. Don't try to figure out what you are. BE what you are with all your Heart." ~Michael Alperstein

Suggested Tools and Teachings to Open the Heart

The Power of Morning Meditation

Meditation implies focus, and a great way to support your focus is to meditate in the morning.

While you may not wish to get up before the dawn, it can serve you well to get up a little earlier than usual. There is a stillness in the air in the morning. Pay attention to it and you can find this stillness in your Heart and in your breath as well. In fact, many people, during the first few seconds upon awakening, effortlessly experience a clutter-free mind. Sleep offers a clean slate and the worries of the day can take a while to kick in.

Is this true for you?

Next time you wake up, see if you have an expanded consciousness. This is a brief taste of spiritual clarity immediately upon awakening. Its natural meditation. There is nothing you have to try to do to achieve this state. You are "born into" it each morning.

Don’t expect fireworks. And for many, it only lasts a split second. But it is important. 

It is Presence, and there is an utter simplicity to Presence. It is a feeling of comfort and power and love. Morning meditation is a perfect time to surround yourself with the invisible LOVE of the Universe.

Acknowledge and notice its reality.  If and when this Divine, morning stillness occurs for you, let it set a tone for your day. Let its sparkle into your consciousness and let it work miracles there. 

Awaken with your mind still and then you can notice this stillness periodically during the rest of your day. It will feed your Heart.  Make it conscious, acknowledge its reality, and this will set the tone for a love of life. 

It will reveal to you the love you always have available inside your beautiful Heart...  

Sun Heart

Heart Chakra and Heart Light
Heart Chakra and Heart Light

To Do and Explore Each Day:

Tomorrow morning upon awakening, or right after a bath, make an appointment to meditate for at least three minutes.

Get comfortable and make it a habit. This will clear out the sludge and misconceptions you may still feel in your being.

With each out-breath, let go of judgment, self-doubt, and hurt.

With each in-breath, feel and take in heart energy, Spiritual Light, and awareness of your Real Self.

Enjoy this practice everyday. Though simple, it can often have profound and lasting changes.

Heart Chakra Meditation
Heart Chakra Meditation

Where do you believe your sense of being loved comes from?

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    • phoenixelliot profile image

      phoenixelliot 5 years ago from Keene NH

      I enjoyed how you brought mindfulness into the reading. It is rare to read a hub that promotes mindful reading. Keep writing! Thank you!

    • profile image

      FadyAgeeb 6 years ago

      meditation meditation so interesting and valuable information thanks for this great hub and wish we can talk i love meditation and wrote a lot about it