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Heart Problem is not Something that you Should Deal with Anyhow, How to Identify the Best Heart Hospital?

Updated on March 22, 2017

Heart problem is not something that you should deal with anyhow! Your heart is the one of the most important organs in your body; it therefore means that when you have any sort of heart related problem, you need the best care in the world. Of course, finding the best heart hospital is not always easy. Most people don't even consider going to hospital until their problem becomes very serious.

When you need to find a heart hospital; it is important you choose a hospital with a cardiologist experienced with your specific condition. You will also need a hospital with the best heart care tools and equipment.

Whether it is you, your child or your aged parent that needs heart surgeon, you will need to choose a hospital with competent support staff, latest health technology and great rehabilitation and recovery facilities.

Below are some tips to help you identify the best heart hospital:

1. Get Recommendations

The first place to start your search for the best heart hospital is by asking for recommendation from your primary health care doctor, state health departments, state hospital associations, physician organizations or from your health insurer. Any of these people or organization can help you identify the best heart hospital in your area. It is important you ask more than one person, in most cases, you will know the best when their names come up again and again.

2. Number of Patients Treated

Ideally, since heart is such a sensitive organ, you wouldn't want to be the first person treated in a hospital, you need a hospital and heart surgeon that has successfully performed large volumes of similar procedures in the past. A 2003 study showed that hospitals that have successfully performed high volume of heart surgeries have better results compared to those with low volume of surgeries.

When looking at the hospitals, you should keep an eye for some index or markers to gauge the quality of their surgeries. Some of these markers to watch out for include:

  • Mortality rates
  • Incidence of wound infections
  • Morbidity rates
  • Rates of re-admission after surgery
  • Incidence of post-operative complications such as stroke or pneumonia.

3. Industry Rating

Just like every other business in recent time, it is now possible to see the rating of various heart hospitals in your area thanks to Public Reporting Online provided by the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. You simple need to log into their website to obtain information about the heart hospital in your region. The information in this site could go a long way in identifying the best heart hospital for you.

4. Patient Satisfaction

Another way to find the best heart hospital is by reaching out to former heart patients to know their experience. Speak with them and ask them how satisfied they are with the service they received.

Other Ways to Identify Best Heart Hospital

5. Surgeons and Physicians Assessment

There are some heart surgeons with an outstanding name. These surgeons and specialists form the core of a heart hospital. You need a heart surgeon with years of experience and have successfully carried out lots of heart surgeries. Don't just look into the overall record of how many surgeries done by the hospital, instead, check out the number of surgeries done by the cardiologist that is going to work with you.

6. Service and Support

Another consideration to make when choosing heart hospital is the quality of their service and their support staff. You need a hospital that offers both preventive and urgent care. You also need a hospital with the latest equipments and technology for early detection as well as correction of heart diseases. Apart from their equipment, their support staff has to be top-notch and have adequate knowledge of heart ailments.

Finding a hospital with all these qualities may take time; this means you don't have to rush your search. You need to find the best heart hospital that will give you satisfactory service and make your heart to start working optimally again.

You also need to consider the hospital administrative staff. A competent administrative staff provides the patients with seamless transfer from one department to another. Once you have considered these factors, you will definitely find a hospital that will take the best care of your heart.


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