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Heartburn Triggers - What Increase Gastric Acidity

Updated on April 2, 2012

Heartburn is the condition which arises when the acid contents of the stomach moves up in the food pipe. We all suffer from heartburn at one point or another in our life. Do you remember that burning sensation when you lay down after a heavy meal or after drinking alcohol? This is heartburn which may have a harmful effect on your health. Most of the people suffering from heartburn confuse the symptoms with heart disease and hence the name. Antacids give immediate relief to the person suffering from heartburn. People who are obese, expecting mothers are more prone to heartburn. The cause of heartburn includes fatty foods, stress, smoking, sleeping just after a heavy meal and acidic foods.

Heartburn triggers may differ from person to person depending on their lifestyle. It is important that you identify your personal triggers for heartburn or acid reflux. An effective way of controlling heartburn is to prevent the triggers of heartburn. The article discusses some common heartburn triggers which may include foods and other factors responsible for starting heartburn. First let’s have a look at the triggers other than foods:

1. Smoking- smoking reduces the saliva which is responsible for flushing out the excess acid in the body. It is also known to weaken the valve between the esophagus and stomach through which the food travels into the stomach.

2. Stress – When you are in stress the acid formation increases in your body.

3. Obesity – excess fat exerts pressure on the abdominal cavity and the valve between the esophagus and the stomach becomes weak.

4. Genes – Like any other hereditary disease, heartburn also runs in the family with the genes.

The pain of heartburn radiates in the chest, neck, throat and jaw. This could be an initial symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. If you are suffering from heartburn you should modify your food habits as an immediate step. The foods which can act as heartburn triggers are:

1. Chocolates – it contains cocoa, fat and caffeine which relaxes the esophageal sphincter causing acids and foods to move backwards.

2. Citrus fruits – they are likely to trigger heartburn if taken on an empty stomach.

3. Tomatoes –People who have a tendency for acid reflux should avoid tomatoes as they are high in acids.

4. Raw Onion and Garlic

5. Soda – the carbonated bubbles expand inside the stomach and increase the pressure in the abdominal cavity.

6. Fried foods – The very common reason behind heartburn.

7. Alcohol – relaxes the sphincter

8. High fat dairy products- foods with high fat induces acid reflux in the body.

If you suffer from heartburn try to become aware of the triggers and avoid it whether it is food or a habit. This is the best way to prevent heartburn and other related disorders.


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