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Hello, My Name Is...

Updated on September 13, 2016

I love the smell of the first warm day of spring, the branches of trees sprouting their first buds of green leaves, and the feel of a breeze gently blowing my hair.

I love summer and sunshine, the smell of freshly cut grass, and the sound of crickets singing their nightly melody that's only understood by themselves.

I like to look at snow, but only through a window while sitting, wrapped in a blanket, with coffee in my hand as it quietly and softly covers my world in a peaceful hush.

I love the smell of salty air blowing onto land from the ocean, and I love staring at the horizon as the sun sets on the water, as if I'm looking at the edge of the world.

I find happiness in small things like having my hair played with or my feet rubbed. I like sitting outside late at night or early in the morning so I can stare at the stars or watch the sun kiss the morning sky, "hello."

I love when a busy, chaotic, pattern of going through the motions of every day life dissipates with something less busy and chaotic like a child's hug, a pet's wagging tail and kisses, or a deep kind of belly laugh because of something unexpected and funny.

Most of all, I love to feel loved.
A priority.
I love to feel like I can trust others with my feelings, my thoughts and my heart.

Hello, my name is, "a very simple kind of girl."


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