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Help Genital Warts Female

Updated on September 10, 2009

Help Genital Warts Female

One day you might have the thought that is would be a good idea to connect with that guy or girl on a different level.  Everything is going great and you finally take the plunge into the land of pleasure.  Next thing you notice is the pleasure has quickly vanished because of your new found friend: genital warts.  Sexually transmitted diseases are no fun thing to have under you pun intended.  But if you are a genital warts female, you should really know what you have going for you.  There is help!

This sexually transmitted disease is the popular out of the STD family for the average female.  The Human Papilloma Virus is the fuel for the fire that creates the warts.  As you may know already, these warts spread throughout the genital region very fast and can easily grow in unexpected areas.  They disease looks pinkish-red and has a bit of white-ish-grey. In order to make sure that you are not mistaken, it is best to talk to you doctor on whether or not you have the virus.  If you are too scared or have very little motivation to ask your doctor about the potential diseases, you can look at the various pictures that are floating around the internet.  This may help motivate you to see your doctor right away.

It is said that 1/4 of North American women suffer from this disease.  The number of females that are contracting the disease is growing as I am typing this right now.  Most of the females who have it do not even know that they have it because the signs of the disease are not instant.  It can take a couple of months to a couple of years before you see the disease's ugly face.  Therefore, becareful when playing around.

This article was for the genital warts female.  This disease should be prevented.  Before you have sex make sure your partner does not have the disease.  If you are not sure, ask them.  If they care about you enough, they should be willing to tell you.  So, to the genital warts female, good luck with getting better!


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