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Help Me Sleep - 5 Habits That Help Me Sleep

Updated on December 5, 2012

A good sleep can be great, if you can achieve it. People all over the world are facing Insomnia in his/her life. Time has become serious. People are suffering from serious Sleep Disorders; but they never want to find the real causes why the situation has grown so worse today. It is perhaps due to their own ignorance and callousness to find the ways how to Sleep Faster and Sleep Better.

This Hub will help you sleep better tonight. Here I will describe 5 Habits that Help Me Sleep much better than before. Let's see what they are!

Help Me Sleep
Help Me Sleep | Source

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5 Habits that Help Me Sleep

There are 5 habits listed which help me sleep dramatically better and faster. I know it would be helpful for anyone who is facing a hard time to sleep.

Habit #1 - Keep a regular Sleep Schedule

Keeping a regular Sleep Schedule helps you to maintain your body's circadian rhythm or biological clock. It helps to maintain equilibrium in Melatonin and Serotonin production. It is seen that keeping a regular Sleep Schedule will help anyone to kick-off his alarm clock.

Habit #2 - Make your room cool

Studies show that cooler rooms help one sleep faster. It is recommended to maintain the room temperature around 18 Degrees Celsius or 65 Degrees Fahrenheit. But make sure that your feet and your hands are not too cool because cool room help you sleep but cold feet and hands do not. Consider wearing a pair of socks or keeping a hot-water bottle.

Habit #3 - Avoid caffeinated drinks

Caffeinated drink include coffee, cola, tea and more. Caffeine has some stimulant and diuretic properties which helps me stay alert but not help me sleep. Therefore, it is not wise to drink caffeine after afternoon.

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Habit #4 - Staying exposed to sunlight

Sunlight helps us to remain active at day-time and make us sleepy at night. Taking off sunglasses, is therefore, a good habit. Sunlight helps to regulate the production of Melatonin (a hormone that regulates your sleep-wake cycle). Therefore, try to remain more exposed to sunlight during your day-time.

Habit #5 - Meditation and Prayer

It is found that pious people can sleep much faster than others. When I try to sleep, I think about something soothing and pray to Almighty Allah (Lord) to make me asleep. When I keep on reciting some prayers, I naturally find myself nowhere! I am asleep.

Have a good sleep!

Therefore these are 5 Habits that help me sleep smart. Hope you could grab something new.

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Sleep Better! Good night!


Help Sleep


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      The type of light used in the room affects the quality of my sleep. I always opt for no lights. But since we have the baby in the room, we have night lights on. I think I'm getting used to it.