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Help Relieve GERD Symptoms with Apple Cider Vinegar and Other Natural Ingredients

Updated on January 7, 2012

GERD is UNcomfortable...

If you're like me and have had a bout or two with the infamous GERD monster, then read on. Because suffering with the often brutally uncomfortable symptoms of GERD (Gastric Esophageal Refux Disease) can truly stink. Trust me. I've been down the twisty GERDy road way too often.

My worst experience was clearly last Christmas when I had acid reflux symptoms so severe I couldn't swallow anything (even liquids) without discomfort. It was no fun to say the least; even prompting me to schedule an appointment with a specialist to rule out other, more severe conditions such as hiatal hernias, or ulcers.

The good news after a battery of tests was that my stomach was in the clear but my symptoms persisted. So I did what most other inquistive and somewhat internet-savvy people do: I scoured the WWW for help and advice. And what I arrived on was truly a marvel, at least for me.

One of the most talked-about natural cures/relief for GERD was a combination of natural ingredients easily found in most kitchens or purchased on a slim nickel. You can believe me or not, but the following concoctions, which can be varied at times, work for me. I've never since taken an antacid pill or prescription, nor am I trying to sell anything. This is knowledge I feel important enough to share.

One of the fruits of the apple: Apple Cider Vinegar
One of the fruits of the apple: Apple Cider Vinegar | Source
Raw Ginger root. I use ginger root powder, of course.
Raw Ginger root. I use ginger root powder, of course. | Source
The old tried and true: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
The old tried and true: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda | Source
Ohhh, the sweetness of cinnamon goes beyond the cinnamon roll.
Ohhh, the sweetness of cinnamon goes beyond the cinnamon roll. | Source

The Process & Combinations:

Here's the short list of natural ingredients that do wonders for my periodic GERD flare-ups.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (Usually about 2 TBS per dose)
  • Ginger and Cinnamon together in water (About 1 Tsp each)
  • Baking Soda (mixed in water or your choice of fruit juice)
  • Combinations of all 4 if you like. Here's where you just have to experiment

A quick note: When mixing the baking soda with an acidic drink, such as apple or orange juice, or even the apple cider vinegar, be prepared for a bit of fizz that feels pretty good in the stomach. Be ready for a quick belch, or two, however.

Although each of these natural ingredients offer excellent relief of GERD symptoms, you don't have to combine them all at once, or all the time. I typically begin with a small dose of apple cider vinegar combined with a small amount of fruit juice. And if that doesn't work, I'll head to the baking soda and water. Be prepared, though, to chase this combo as it can be a bit salty.

My advice would be to try the various ingredients in your own fashion and see what works best for you. All I know is that my days of antacid tablet after antacid tablet and who knows what else are a distant memory ever since I began this regimen, so to speak.

Hopefully things will not change any time soon.

In the end...

Even though these combinations of natural ingredients work for me, that's not to say they will work for everyone. As with any medical condition, if you feel you have a legitimate issue behind your GERD symptoms, then your best option would be to seek medical attention.

In the meantime, this method HAS worked for me and hopefully will work for you, too. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.

Peace out!


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