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Help! The Woman I'm Dating Has Undesirable Feet! (How To Treat Your Unattractive Feet)

Updated on August 18, 2014


Of course the above picture is a over dramatic portrait of feet that would never exist on any human woman. However according to some men, they would compare women who do not take care of their feet to that of an alien from outer space.

This article is on methods that can heal undesirable feet.


"Help! The woman I’m dating has undesirable feet, her unattractive feet resemble some kind of disturbing discovery; featured on a Sci-fi horror film. All of her other body parts looks great. But her feet are seriously messed up.

I tried to help her out by painting her toenails, but after I finished her feet looked even worse! Due to the red nail polish I used, her awkward shaped toenails looked as if they were bleeding. And to make matters worse both of her pinky toenails, are missing!

I'm attracted to women that know how to show off their beautiful feet in sandals. A woman who takes care of her feet and toenails, can grab my attention at anytime. My girlfriend's feet grab my attention, but for all the wrong reasons. I’m open to all suggestions."


Help! My Girlfriends Feet Look Like Something From Another Planet! | Source

What Happened To My Girlfriends Feet?

Most men love beautiful feet, and Tyler is no exception to the rule. In the movie, 'Boomerang', Eddie Murphy's character Marcus, encounters a beautiful woman with unattractive feet.

The cause:

Undesirable feet are usually a sign of neglect. Experts strongly recommend moisturizing your feet on a daily basis. Cracked heels are known as heel fissures. Fissures are standard linear cuts which mostly affect the outside level which covers the epidermis.

Bunions are among the most common type of foot discomfort that podiatrist treats, especially in women.

Women want to look cute in their high heel shoes, which provide little room for the toes to properly extend.

Studies show that women are anywhere from two to nine times more likely to develop a bunion than men.

While your high heels and peep toes are partially to blame, according to doctors a woman's foot type (passed down through your family) could be to blame as well.

There is good news! Bunions can be treated instantly through your doctor or new over the counter medicine your bunion can be a thing of the past. However there are some procedures that women must take to prevent discomfort.

Boomerang Hammertime Feet.

The Foot Poll.

How often do you treat yourself to a pedicure?

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How To Take Care Of Your Beautiful Feet


Use A Home Remedy To Treat Those Unattractive Feet.

The Solution

Take time to pamper your feet. Pedicures are a relaxing form of treatment however it can be expensive if your feet are in need of daily treatment. if your feet are in need of extra care some doctors may recommend a remedy which involves:

  1. using a soft washcloth on your feet
  2. Applying mild soap such as Dove, Ivory or Neutrogena.
  3. Scrub your feet vigorously for 20 minutes, twice a day.

According to dermatologist this same remedy can be used to treat acne as well. Using over the counter cream containing Aloe Vera will help lock in the moisture at night.

Proper Foot Care Solutions.

Holiday Foot Care
Summer Foot Care
Pedicure Tips
Moisturize – Dry winter air and cold temperatures can take a toll on skin. Moisturize feet daily to help avoid dry, cracked and irritated skin.
Limit walking barefoot as it exposes feet to sunburn and blisters
Use clean toe nail clippers to maintain your toes.
Massage – Foot rubs not only feel good, they’re a great way to release tension.
Wear shoes or flip-flops around the pool, to the beach to avoid injury.
Wear sandals to help your toes breathe.
Pedicure properly To Prevent Dryness.
Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day will prevent swelling.
Avoid walking outside barefoot to prevent injury.
Wear Comfortable Boots or Shoes.
Invest in a good medicated foot lotion to prevent infection.
Invest in a good heel cream to prevent dryness.
Take Care Of Your Feet And They Will Take Care Of You.

© 2013 Emunah La Paz


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