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Help Your Health With Free Wild Berries

Updated on October 9, 2012
Blackberries are always plentiful
Blackberries are always plentiful | Source

Wild Berries

Autumn is the season to pick your wild berries. There are many delicious berries that are growing free in our countryside, and as well as being so full of flavour they also have many health benefits.

The latest research shows that the berries that are growing wild have up to five times the health giving compounds than berries that are grown in masses on fruit farms.

You don't always have to live out in the countryside to find them, and many of these healthy berries can be found very near to your home.

Picking Your Berries

Many of the wild berries are plentiful in in late August and summer but most are ripe to eat throughout the Autumn months.

The weather will affect the wild berry fruit crops, and a wet summer followed by a warm September will see the hedgerows full of colourful berries. Alternatively bad weather in the spring can delay the ripening of the countryside fruits, thus make the picking season a little longer.

Wild berries are not always easy to find, sometimes you have to search some way off the normal paths. Blackberries, elderberries and rosehips are generally easy to find.Use booklets or guides to identify your fruit.

You could also plant some random fruit bushes in your garden or grow from seed. Rosehips are easy to grow. Remember birds also enjoy the fruits.

Six Of The Berry Best


The best time to pick these are August and September.

Probably the most abundant of the wild berries.A fruit full of vitamins especially vitamin C, and the seeds are also known to lower the risk of heart problems.Great for jams and dessert dishes.


Available from late August through to September.

Bitter berries and are shiny black fruits.They have high levels of substances called anthocyanins which have the potential to treat heart disease and ulcers. The chokeberry has also been known to improve blood sugar and the performance of insulin.


In season in late summer.

Black in colour and a lot smaller than many berries. They have been found to be useful in the treatment of flu symptoms as well as respiratory problems.The juice is popular for making drinks including wine.


Can be picked from September to October.

The deep red fruits are always plentiful and seem to be getting larger. They are rich in vitamin C and also contain vitamins B and C. They may have an anti-inflammatory effect on arthritis as well as boosting the immune system.Rosehip is also used in teas and as a syrup.


In season from September to November.

Delicious and juicy, these red berries are widely used in health drinks.Cranberry is beneficial in treating urinary infections and helping with bad cholesterol. Now well known as a super-food.


Available late summer to the end of autumn.

These are bitter red berries and will need to be cooked.The rowanberry is renowned as an established remedy for indigestion, bronchitis and constipation.


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