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Help Your Massage Therapy Clients

Updated on February 1, 2016

The Muscular System Coloring Book

The Muscular System Coloring Book is a very realistic teaching tool. It is an excellent support tool for anyone studying anatomy or working in a field that deals with muscular health and strength. This thorough and comprehensive study aid provides multiple views of each muscle and ample opportunity to learn by repetition. In this article, we will describe the qualities offered by this book and also make suggestions regarding how it may be used to enhance your massage therapy practice. Read on to learn more.

Clear, Uncluttered Images Make Learning Easy

There are a lot of anatomy coloring books on the market, but many people complain that the pictures are too small and too cluttered by labeling and other distractions. This coloring book cuts down the clutter by providing a single complete labeled illustration for you to color and/or use as a guide, along with multiple clear and uncluttered views for you to color and label.

For each muscle, you will have a complete, detailed and labeled view along with separate posterior, anterior and lateral views which are unlabeled. Activities for each view include coloring and labeling. The unlabeled illustrations are clear and large and easy to understand.

Why Is Coloring a Good Way to Learn?

The very act of coloring puts your brain in an intense focus mode. When you are paying attention to coloring, you shut out other concerns. Your mind becomes very open to learning. Additionally, coloring promotes relaxation and this makes learning that much more effective.

With this book, the fact that you spend several coloring sessions focusing on a single muscle brings the strength of repetition into the learning process. Focusing on the structure of the anterior view of a muscle one day, the posterior view the next day and a lateral view the day after that gives your mind the opportunity to rest and process information in between sessions. This provides a very deep and internalized learning experience.

Use This Coloring Book as A Massage Therapy Aid

As a massage therapist, you can personally gain from using the muscular system coloring book. This is especially true if you are currently a massage therapy student, but even after you have attained licensing and certification and begun your own practice you can still make good use of this valuable resource.

When you take on a new client, you can use the clear easy to understand illustrations contained in this book to help your client understand what you will be doing and why. When you are discussing your client’s needs and expectations with him or her, you can find and earmark pertinent illustrations in the coloring book to help the client visualize muscles in need of attention.

This is especially helpful if you have a chair massage practice. With chair massage, you focus specifically on muscles in the neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back. A chair massage is a mini massage that takes only a few minutes. Giving your client copies of the images from the muscular system coloring book that correspond with their muscles that are in need of attention can help them focus and get the most value out of their next appointment with you.

When you perform a chair massage, you might also take a few moments to discuss any concerns your client may be having. If the client indicates problems in areas of the body that are not addressed by chair massage, this gives you the opportunity to provide information along with a set of photocopied images to color. Providing your client with a bit of homework to do between sessions is a nice little perk that may help ensure repeat appointments. It may also lead to appointments for full body massage in the future.

Because massage promotes relaxation and stress reduction, coupling with the relaxing and focusing activity of coloring is quite natural. When you take on a client for full body massage, you can encourage repeat business and help your client deal with stress by providing a welcome package containing a copy of the coloring book, a set of felt pens and perhaps a list of suggestions for relaxation audio.

Recommend that your client color the muscles you are working on and bring the coloring book along with him or her to each appointment. After each massage session you can discuss a different muscle and give further instructions for coloring activities. This is an excellent way to keep your client engaged between appointments and ensure future business.


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