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No Job No Sleep ? Tips for dealing with unemployment insomnia.

Updated on July 9, 2011

It's 6 a.m. and the world is waking up. The sun is rising, the birds are singing it is the start of a beautiful day, right? Wrong! Not for the millions of the unemployed who are not only not cheerfully waking up this morning they have not gone to sleep yet. This was what happened to me about two weeks after getting laid off. Being laid off because your company closes is one thing, there was the constant concern about finances and finding a new job I suddenly found myself with the worse insomnia I had ever had. Night after night I would lay in bed watching tv unable to sleep until well after sunrise when I would drop off from sheer exhaustion around 10 am for a few hours. This turn of events further complicated life by leaving me with brain fog, depression, moodiness and a sharp drop in my self esteem. I ate at such odd hours and stopped exercising so very soon I gained weight as well. My life started to spin out of control.

If any of this sounds familiar you are not alone first I want to assure you that what you are going through is perfectly normal. In a recent study in the United Kingdom they found that over 40% of the recent unemployed reported issues related to sleep. Occasional insomnia can be difficult enough for any individual to cope with but add to this the stress and anxiety of the recently unemployed and you may be in serious trouble.Unemployment can be a major cause of anxiety and depression. Conditions that are intensified by insomnia. In addition unemployment induced insomnia can lead to a loss in self-esteem, weight gain, Many people also report difficulties thinking clearly.

Sleep tips

  • Do not drink caffeine after noon. .
  • Don't smoke or drink alcohol in the evening
  • Set a time to shut off all computers and t.v.'s., read, listen to music or relaxation tapes.
  • Try Melatonin, Valerian or Chamomile before bed
  • Turn down the house lights as the sun goes down
  • Follow a nighttime schedule
  • Talk to your Doctor

Insomnia may be common in your situation but that does not mean it is an issue you can ignore. If you find yourself a victim of sleepless nights, Remember this does not mean you are lazy or deficient it simply means you are experiencing a common symptom of unemployment. Try the tips given and keep your head up and your wits about you. Eventually you will find another job and before you know it life will snap back into place.


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    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 

      7 years ago from Georgia

      I am unemployed, so this was of particular interest to me. I think I stay up on purpose just because I know I don't have to wake up. Although, I do experience stress and anxiety. Thanks for sharing! I voted this up and useful.

    • wendi_w profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Midwest

      I didn't either that is why I did the hub, thanks for the kind words.

    • prektjr.dc profile image

      Debbie Carey 

      7 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA

      Didn't realize it was that common...very interesting! Thanks!

    • wendi_w profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Midwest

      I hated the insomnia because it made me feel so worthless and out of it. After I started talking to others I found it was very common.

    • danielleantosz profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      I was out of work for a month an a half and dealt with the same thing! I would be walking the dog in the early morning hours feeling very strange as people got up to go to work and I was still awake! Great hub, and good luck! I hope you find a job soon.


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