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Three Ways To Overcome Depression

Updated on August 7, 2016

1. Find something you can enjoy

Find something you can actually enjoy.

Like games, collections or even t.v. shows.

Back in High school, I don't have that many friends, I was only a part of a circle because during that time I don't have a choice but to be friends with them, for they are the same as me, we are geeks and nerds. We enjoy playing games, we enjoy watching or reading Superhero movies and comics (Marvel and DC), watching and playing Wrestling (WWE), and stuff that is out of the norm.

People didn't liked us, nobody did. But we found something we can all enjoy, and somethings we can love. We maybe different from the rest of the society but we are happy and depress, a happy-depress combo feeling, we are GEEKS.


2. Look for the negatives and get rid of it

We all have that one negative side in our life, whether it be a abusing father, a user "friend" who only talk to us when they need something, or a "friend" who hides in the shadow and gives you advice that ruins your thinking and values

Look for it, and try your best to change it into a positive, I'm not saying it's easy but it will be worth it.

If you have a abusing father, why don't you try to report it in a social welfare programs in your country? Don't be a martyr, if your father is a drunkard then we have issue here, if you have uncle or aunts, you can tell them, not only you will be able to help yourself but you can also help your father and if you know someone in your neighborhood who also experience child abuse try to convince them as well, they may not want to be separated from their parents but they need protection regardless of how they love their father is. Help yourself, help your neighborhood, stop child abuse. High School students are still consider child.

If you have a user "friend" try to confront them, its not easily as it may sound but like I said it is worth it. You should look for real friends, whether they'll be weird or out of the norm it's okay as long as you can be real, don't try to befriending a Queen Bee, they're the user of the user, they don't like someone if that someone has a different beliefs or opinions. Don't be scared to be alone, no one in this world is destined to be alone, you will find your real friends soon and when you do treasure them.

I removed of all the negative people in my life and found those who I can treasure, who I can love, that's another big step for me, and each and everyday, things are getting better and better.


3. Discover who loves you and appreciate them

I always took everyone for granted. I never trusted anyone including my parents, I never open my heart to anyone for I always thought it would be unnecessary for people will always betray you in the end.

I didn't see my two older cousins for almost 8 years, and I actually thought they have forgotten me, and I thought they wouldn't want to see me. We are not that close in our childhood but we play together as a child, always. Then one day, my uncle came home from work in USA, for he is a seaman and he wants to celebrate and he organize a family reunion.

I was reluctant to join the reunion, and don't want to attend but my mother insisted that this could be our last chance for a family reunion with my Grandfather and Grandmother,and we are the first to came at the venue, I was frustrated and anxious, but by the time my cousins and my relatives entered the door, I was surprise that they all wanted to see me, and they gave me a group hug, I was surprised and happy. We had a lots of conversation, we have so many catching up to do and that made me realized.

I was loved, my parent's couldn't show me that they love me but that was just me being ungrateful, I have my own computer, I can use the electricity for free and they won't tell me to stop even though they're the ones who pays the electric bill, and I can eat three times a day for my mother always cook for me, even if she's not the best cook I know, my father works from 8am to 5pm just so he could give us what we need and what we want.


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