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Home Remedies For Eczema On Hands

Updated on July 19, 2015

What Is Eczema? And What Natural Treatments Are Effective For Eczema And Dermatitis

Are you searching for home remedies for eczema on hands? This type of skin condition can cause a lot of discomfort and sometimes pain.

Medically Eczema is known as dermatitis. This condition causes scaly skin and redness on the scalp, face, wrists and hands, behind the knees, elbows and also other areas. It is very itchy and scratching can make your condition worse.Natural treatments can be applied to help you get relief.

So what causes eczema? This condition is triggered by food allergies, animal hair and pollen and is more common in families that also have allergies. Many people with this condition will have asthma and hay fever or may later develop it.

People with eczema have high levels of histamine, this is a chemical that can lead to a allergic reaction when in contact with the skin. Some examples are contact with poison ivy or other harmful plants, nickel or chrome jewelery, cosmetics, dyes, cleaning products and topical medications.

Some people who have poor circulation in there legs may also suffer from stasis dermatitis which is a type of eczema. This condition causes scaly patches that can be found around the ankles. Keep reading to learn more about effective natural treatments that can help with eczema on your hands and anywhere on the body.

There are many natural treatments that you can try at home which can help relieve your symptoms and these types of treatments are also more gentle to the skin as well.

Eczema on the hands can be very painful. By applying a natural treatment that is gentle to the skin , you will get best results.
Eczema on the hands can be very painful. By applying a natural treatment that is gentle to the skin , you will get best results.

What Natural Supplements Can Help Eczema Or Dermatitis?

If you have a flare up of eczema you can use vitamins and herbs along with conventional drugs to get relief. These home remedies for eczema are safe and can be taken long term to prevent your condition from getting worse. You should see an improvement within 3-4 weeks.

To lower the allergic response and inflammation you can take vitamin supplements internally to get better results. Try a few of my recommendations and see what works best for you. To help relieve itching and inflammation you can take evening primrose oil and flaxseed oil which contain fatty acids which can revitalize your skin.

To treat dryness and itchiness take vitamins A and E. You can reduce the vitamin A dosage when you see your symptoms improve. To help with the healing process you can take zinc, this will also help strengthen your immune system and also will help the absorption of fatty acids and vitamin A.

If you want to take zinc long term it is best to take copper as well, this is because zinc depletes copper from the body. You can also take supplements high in anti oxidants, grape seed extract is rich in flavonoids which decreases the body's allergic reactions.

For better relief you can also use a topical cream that contains licorice or chamomile. It can be very soothing once applied to the skin and they can also reduce inflammation if used regularly.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E

Here Are Some Supplement Recommendations

Here are some home remedies for eczema on hands.

  • Flaxseed Oil - 1 Tablespoon ( 15-20 ml) per day with food. This can be taken in the morning with breakfast.
  • Evening Primrose Oil - 1000 mg 3 times per day with food. Starflower oil can be used instead.
  • Vitamin A - 25000 IU per day with food for 10 days to treat flare ups, reduce the dose to 10000 IU for maintenance.Take 30 mg of zinc per day. If you are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant do not exceed 2500 IU per day.
  • Vitamin E - 500 IU per day with food. If you are taking anticoagulant drugs consult your doctor first.
  • Zinc / Copper - 30 mg of zinc and 2 mg of copper per day. Only add copper if you are going to take zinc for more than a month. You can usually buy a supplement with the both included.
  • Grape Seed Extract - 12 g 2 times per day. Look for supplement that contains 3% catechin polymers.
  • Chamomile - Apply lotion or cream 3 to 4 times per day on effected areas.
  • Licorice - Apply 3-4 times per day on effected areas.

Here are some additional facts on home remedies for eczema.

  • Remove any foods that you may be allergic to. Some common allergic foods are eggs, milk, wheat, shell fish, nuts, chocolate and strawberries.
  • Wear cotton clothing that is loose-fitting so your skin does not get irritated.
  • To prevent your skin from drying out have a shower or bath less frequently. Bathe in lukewarm water and do not use perfume products, bubble baths and deodorant soaps.After showering or bathing pat your skin dry, do not rub. Having a oatmeal bath and using chickweed ointment can help relieve itching.
  • If you have oozing lesions herbal liquids and lotions are better, ointments and creams are better for dry patches.
  • Another product that is worth trying is witch hazel cream, it has been known to be very beneficial in treating eczema.

By applying these home remedies for eczema on hands or anywhere on the body, you will see an improvement in this condition. By boosting your immune system your body will react less and will be able to handle any allergic reactions that you may encounter.

Using Coconut Oil And Organic Goat's Milk To Treat Problem Skin

The best natural skin care treatments that can improve the look of your skin and also treat skin disorders such as eczema or dermatitis is using coconut oil and goat's milk.

These two ingredients are natural and will not cause any allergic reactions to your skin. They can also cleanse the skin and remove bacteria as well as remove toxins which could be causing you to have a lot of pain or discomfort.

I have found that using goat's milk soap has improved my skin especially if you are sensitive to many chemicals found in most brands of shampoo's and soaps.

By using more natural products for your skin, you can see great improvements and reduce inflammation on the skin.


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    • Kavita Trivedi profile image

      Kavita Trivedi 6 years ago from London

      I have suffered Eczema since childhood and although it is much more milder and controlled now, it was an absolute nightmare when I was kid. It really does knock your confidence and I literally lost the amount of times I had visited my doctor. The prescribed medicated creams would work for a while than it would revert back to the soreness. I think my diet played a significant part. It turned out that foods containing vinegar would really trigger it off so I stopped eating it. Now having vinegar doesn't seem to affect it as much but I now get break outs due to stress

      I still do get the occasional break out now especially during the winter season and hayfever. I have found that Aloe Vera gel and primose oil has worked wonders for me.

      very useful hub though with loads of other helpful remedies :)

    • Eleanor Candy profile image

      Eleanor Candy 6 years ago from Australia

      Thanks Kavita for your comment and also for your suggestions as well.

    • profile image

      StopMyEczema 6 years ago

      Finding home remedies is so important. Thank you for all the information. I, myself, am trying to help others find home treatments too. It's hard work. Good job!

    • hngatino profile image

      hngatino 5 years ago

      The most important thing to remember when you have eczema is to keep your skin moisturised and not dry.

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