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30 Helpful Tips And Tricks For Life

Updated on July 31, 2017

Everyone knows that life can be difficult with its nonstop bombardment of BS but I have come across some helpful tips and tricks to help ease the suffering.

Tip 1, A good way to keep bananas fresh for longer is by wrapping the stems with plastic.

Tip 2, Painting rocks in your garden or yard can help with glow in the dark paint will help illuminate the area, this works best if they lead a trail to your front door that way you can have a clear path to where you are going. Helpful on those pitch dark nights.

Tip 3, If you do not have a water proof phone or casing and drop it into water putting it into a bag of rice will help, the rice will absorb the water and moisture from the phone to help it work again. Just keep it in the rice for twenty four hours.

Tip 4, If you have run out of AA Batteries you can use AAA Batteries by filling in the gap on the positive side with a small bit of tin foil. The foil will work as somewhat of a conduit and send the energy from the battery to whatever device you are trying to power.

Tip 5, Don't have a speaker? Putting your phone into an empty glass will help amplify the sound, putting it into a cup will lessen how far the sound waves need to go which will increase the sound on the way out. Science.

Tip 6, Using some plastic tubber ware create a few healthy lunches to have over the week, perhaps make them on the weekend and use healthy things like fruits and vegetables. Since they are already made it will curb your impulse to make something else, something less healthy.

Tip 7, If you ever need some emergency lighting such as if your power goes out or your child gremlin'd the whole house up set the ends of crayons on fire, make sure to keep them on a plate however. Since crayons are made with part wax they will be able to burn for a few hours, or simply use a candle.

Tip 8, If you wish to fill up a bucket quickly set it on the floor and grab a dust pan, place the handle opposite of the faucet and turn the water on, if done correctly the water should pour into the dust pan and right into the bucket. Just make sure to hold the dustpan so it doesn't fall and that the water gets into the bucket.

Tip 9, If you want to clean those tight spaces between your keyboards or other small items find a condiment cap, preferably the ones from old ketchup tight bottles. Once the vacuum is turned on the suction will keep the cap in place while still being able to suck up all the dust and dirt.

Tip 10, If you have problems remembering which key goes to what you can color coordinate them, using finger nail paint or something similar you can paint the wide part of your key, maybe even put a letter on it to remember which part it goes to. C for car or H for house, it will help in those troubled times.

Tip 11, If you are having trouble breaking in new shoes fill a bag up with water and place one into each shoe, once put into the freezer the water will mold into the shoes shape and freeze making sure your shoes stretch to help fit a bit better.

Tip 12, When reheating foods try having a open area in the center, the food will be able to cook more evenly since the heat will not only be getting onto the top of the food but as well as heating it from the inside.

Tip 13, Using the plastic hooks that you find on bread bags and what not you can label cords in your home. Instead of throwing them away use a sharpie and label what cord goes to what, that way you will always know which cord you are messing with.

Tip 14, If you have a problem with bugs but like to invite friends over for drinks use cupcake holders, place them over the entrance of the cup and push a straw through. The cupcake holder will make sure no bug gets into your drink.

Tip 15, If you ever forget what side your gas tank is on look at the fuel tank checker on the dashboard, the little fill up symbol will have an arrow pointing to which side your gas tank is on.

Tip 16, If you have a bit of problem cutting fruits or what not in the kitchen a good way to help is by spraying a light mist on the knife, the cooking spray will help cut through foods by making whatever your cutting slicker for the knife.

Tip 17, If you have something stuck in your eyes a good way to get it out is by getting a bowl large enough to stick your face into, fill it up with water and once you put your face into it open your eyes and whatever was stuck inside should come right out.

Tip 18, This one is an oldie but still works. If you are having problems scooping up your ice cream put a cup of water into the microwave or just put some hot water from the sink into one. Placing the spoon into the warm water will heat up the metal, which in case will help carve through the ice cream easier. A few minutes would be best to wait to get it hot enough.

Tip 19, If you want to wash more potatoes in a quick fashion put them into the dishwasher, the dishwasher will be able to clean all your spuds quickly and will get it done faster then just by hand. Unless you have an army willing to help out.

Tip 20, If you have a family full of people who like to charge their electronics you might run out of space for yourself, but have no fear for I am here with good news. Most modern TVs will have a USB slot on them, if not maybe got out and buy a few extension cords.

Tip 21, If you have some problems when knowing when to stop when parking your car in a garage tie a tennis ball to the ceiling, if set low enough and to the right spot you will be able to hit the ball and now that you should park there. Care free and no longer shall you ram into the garage wall with your car, unless you're deaf that is.

Tip 22, If you wish to hide your personal belongings when at the beach use a empty bottle of sun tan lotion, you can fit your keys or wallet in there with no fear of it being taken. You can also do this at home by hiding your candy or whatever it is you wish to hide in containers as well.

Tip 23, When living out in cold areas you might have to deal with snow, putting a silicone based lubricant on the shovel will help so it doesn't stick.Hey who knew lube could be used for more then the usual stuff?

Tip 24, If you need to take out the trash but it keeps getting stuck in try drilling a few holes in the can, the holes will prevent air being stuck in and will help with an easier time of pulling the bag out.

Tip 25, Whenever at a fast food restaurant and you are in the need of more ketchup or mustard space pull the sides of the paper made mini bowl, it will stretch out to accommodate more of your much needed fry dip.

Tip 26, If you have some rambunctious pets or kids, using some heavy duty Velcro will help keep your carpets on the floor where they were put. Apply the Velcro to the floor then onto the carpet then put it together.

Tip 27, When you go to the grocery store don't forget to bring a laundry basket, putting your grocery goods in the basket will save multiple trips into the house. Just make sure not to put anything fragile or squishable into the bottom.

Tip 28, If your child loves some Popsicles help prevent drippings everywhere by sliding the handle through a cupcake holder. The cupcake holder will catch all droppings and help keep the area clean, unless the kid just decides to spread the droppings everywhere.

Tip 29, For easy fire starting take old toilet paper rolls and fill with dry lint or any other burnable cloth, it will already have a cover to help protect it from the wind till it can create a big enough fire.

Tip 30, If you ever burn your tongue put some sugar on the burn, the chemicals in the sugar will help ease the burning.


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    • Thomas Finney profile image

      Thomas Finney 6 months ago

      Thank you kindly.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 6 months ago from Australia

      A lot of work has gone into your article. Your tips are very useful, inventive and helpful. These findings can help you to get your life effective and supportive again when resources are in short supply, or, you're out camping.