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Helping Our Elderly Loved Ones with Positive and Influential Experiences

Updated on November 10, 2007

Fun Experiences With My Mom

Well I have to give credit to a comment I received today from a hubber with the initials ~ IS ~ It brought to mind the things I have done to help My Mom be influenced by happy people..with her Dementia it is very important to keep her active..and liking the things she does.

Although the Assisted Living Facilities try very hard to give each resident a positive chance to take part in fun and stimulating doesn't always help them. As a matter of fact I have seen where, and experienced that it makes things worse for some of them.

For example : ( and I don't mean to be complaining , really ) There was a church sponsored function ..which if the word "Church "comes up my mom will attend.. this one was to help new residents be aware of some scams that the elderly can face. Especially if they don't have family close by : or some other gaurdian Angel to help.

As well presented as the function was and as informative as it was, in my Mother's case and also her Man friend's case it was a very confusing experience. Her man friend has been at this facility now for 3 years and my mom for 8 months. Well when they mother reported that she was missing $1445.00 dollars from her room. When this happens the facility must make a report. Her friend was upset asking "why did you bring these scammer's here ?" Needless to say it is now forgotten..but was termoil for mom. I felt the Program Director should have been able to screen some of the residents from attending this perticular meeting.

At any rate I guess I am trying to say that being around influencial people isn't always a good thing at the age of 87. She trusts everyone and of course is limited right now with memory.

I have taken her and her friend to Barn Dances , where live music is played and they danced through out the night...tired but enjoying themselves to no end. We have gone to live plays put on by the local children..with live music..we have been to the farmers market..we have gone to The fiddlers concerts. Just to help keep them happy and remembering the fun things in life. We go out to dinner at different restuarants, I have them over for family dinners. Everything I can think of to keep them around happy people.

It is sad because in these Assisted Living Facilities there are so many residents there , because they can barely exsist alone...and what ever problems they do have are passed on (un-intentionaly) to the friends they make . It is very difficult to monitor everyday activities when I must work also. I live 5 min. from her... Some of these elderly never have visitors accept during the Holidays and are very fond of us that are there often. I have made many friends of the elderly since mom has been there. She is very ambulatory help...just her memory loss. She runs up and down the stairs..uses a cane on an occasion...but just to be "fashionable" I think.

Everyone really likes her..but she herself has a low esteem of how special she is...but this is another story...She is Happy..She is well fed...She has a lot of company..she is a God fearing and loving woman.. she also has the funds to take care of her every need (which my dad made sure of) And whatever the Almighty has in store for each of us,we must obey and deal with.

So in conclusion....Always be patient...loving...caring...passionate...cautious...and trustworthy for them..they are who bought us up...took care of best as they could.and deserve all we can do for them their hour of need.......God Bless


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    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Thank you for your support. And yes I 'believe' '"what you have done to the smallest of my have done to me" God Bless You Charlene...G-Ma

    • profile image

      Charlene Theriaul 

      11 years ago

      HI MERLE:i think itvery kind of you takingcare of them , whe nths families don`t even" seem"s to care for there parentisay SEEMS TO CARE we never know what they are thinking they park them there ot put them out of their way!!!(wfo ware we to judge)i breleive their is one waywith God He say s what you`ve donr do the smallest ofmy child , you do it to mei beleive in it!if you help and love others you `llbe granted for what you`ve done


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