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Why Should We Use the Natural Way?

Updated on May 8, 2012


There is so much knowledge that is available these days and it can be ours just for the looking. People can learn just by making an effort to look for it, and spend a little bit of money. Actually just by learning and applying some of the basics a person can obtain fairly good health. If you are chronically ill though, it will take you longer to achieve a better level of health. When I look around and see so many sick people it makes me wonder why people don't do more for themselves than just go to a doctor. There are librarys and health food stores with so much information, not to mention the computer. I thank God that I have learned about herbs and vitamins and how important they are for maintaining a better quality of life. I know one thing for sure now, if I had not learned how to use the herbs when I did, chances are I would not be alive today.

First of all, " Herring's law of Cure", and Iridology were discovered around the sametime, Dr. Von Peezely was born in Egervar, Hungary on January 26, 1826, he was eventually known as the "father of Iridology". After graduating from college, he took part in the Hungarian Revolt, in 1846, he was wounded and then later put into prison until he was released in 1853. Later on his mother had become critally ill and he was able to save her life by using homeopathics remedies, and word got around and many people started coming to him for their healh problems. One day he experienced a situation where an owl had broken its leg and he noticed that in the owl's eye there was a line at 6 o'clock in the eye. He continued to nurse the owl back to good health and in doing so he noticed that the line in the eye had completely disappeared. That is when he started diagnosing from the eye.

Constantine Herring discovered that our body's heal from the head down, from the inside out and from the last disease back. These are the four stages of illness that he discovered that everyone has:

(1) The Acute Stage - The overactive stage

(2) The Subacute Stage-The underactive stage

(3) The Chronic Stage - The Chronic stage

(4) The Degenerative Stage

They also discovered by fasting and tissue cleansing that everyone can reverse their bad health to the point that it disappears and you get healthier. But in order to do that a person must be willing to do what is right. That means quit drinking alcohol, quit smoking, quit taking any kind of drug by getting help to get weaned off of them or it, if you can, change their eating habits and exercise. You actually go through a period of cleansing the toxins out of the body. That means you are thrown into a period of cleansing which could be boughts of diarrhea, vomiting,dry heaves, flu like feeling, and even fevers, depending what the last sickness was that you had. You actually experience a slight case of what you were sick with, the last time you were sick and your body throws itself into a complete cleanse. But the good thing is that you only go through it up to about 5 days or less and then your level of health rises. You actully have to get sick to get well! That is called the reversal process! Believe you me, it really works, I went through it for 5 years. I suggest that if anyone is in the chronic stage of illness that they don't wait too long as the degenerative stage comes next, which is the malignant stage. That is the stage that is very difficult to reverse.

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C, N.D. back in the 1980's, he said that 85% of the public was in the third stage of illness then! Due to poor topsoil and chemicals in the air and food, polluted water. Not to mention over the counter drugs and things like poor rest, long hours of work, and stress. And of course poor diets.

Herbs are Nature's remedies and have been given to us by the heavenly father our Lord. There is an herb somewhere on this planet growing for every disease that a human being can be afflicted with, the use of herbs is the oldest medical science and much has been written about them all down through the years. You could consider them a natural medicine that the Almighty God provided for us. He made every plant for a purpose. God's word in Genesis 1:30 tell us that "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit therein". "They will be your food". I never realized what that meant till I became deathly ill.

This is the hair of a near 70 year old woman who has used Herbs for over 25 years.
This is the hair of a near 70 year old woman who has used Herbs for over 25 years. | Source

Herbs and Healing

Herbs act on the blood, metabolism and all life processes including the nervous system, thus they are capable of bringing the body into harmony and better health. They are one of mankind's oldest forms of healing. (Herbal Medicine).

Herbs are considered food for the body, and are valuable sources of a natural medicine, vitamins and minerals which have remarkable history of healing the body also, but only when used in their natural state. There is a reason and purpose for every plant that was put here on the earth. There is an herb somewhere on this planet that provides a remedy for every disease that could ever afflict mankind. All herbs usually contain some vitamins and minerals that are also useful for that particular ailment of which you are trying to treat.

Most drugs which are extracted from plants are not used in their natural state, with the natural components and concentrations that are found in nature. This is why prescribed medicines have so many side effects. Thousands of people today believe that chemical drugs are the answer to their health problems, but they are beginning to realize that is just not so. Even television has commercials warning you if you used this drug or that drug, that you may be entitled to a law suit if using it did you or anyone of you family any harm! Every drug has at least ten or more possible side effects than the ailment you are treating, believe it or not.


Hair and Body

This head of hair above is my hair. I have been using herbs for the hair and skin for over 25 years. I believe you can tell that my hair has been well nourished. Herbs are safe to use in your body and on your hair and skin. They do not leave any residue in the system to produce side effects. The reason that we all should be using natural therapy is to take advantage of our body's ability to activate it's own self-healing powers. That is why we need to be tissue cleansing with herbs, and fasting a couple times a year. Natural therapy is the means by which our body's own self healing powers have a possible chance of being activated.

After we have done a tissue and bowel cleanse, it would be good to do a fast for a few days in preparation to start using herbs. Herbs just seem to work better when used in a cleaner body, a person just experiences quicker results. There is no doubt about it, everyone can benefit from using herbs, but the body definitely needs to be free from accumulated toxins and waste first. Toxins and mucus are expelled through the skin, which needs to be kept clean and scrubbed, and through the nose, mouth, stomach and colon. The purpose of cleansing the body is to eliminate excessive toxins and mucus. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves but only if given a chance to do so. The first step is to stay away from white sugar products, white flour products, animal protein and salt. Kelp and sea salt are good salt substitutes, that is if you are not allergic to iodine.

Public Awareness

Today's health-conscious public is now realizing that herbs can also bring all-around better living. Athletes are finding that certain herbs give them added strength and stamina that their body needs and uses for their performances in sports. Herbs are helping thousands of people in the world to control their weight and keep in shape. Students are also finding out that herbs enhance their allertness and mental capacity, which makes learning much easier. There are so many uses for the herbs that it would be impossible to mention them all.

I read once that when a farmer goes out to look at a horse to buy, the first thing he takes in to account is the condition of the mane, hair, hooves and teeth. If the coat of hair and mane does not look healthy, thick and shiney, he just keeps walking, If the horse does not have a healthy look at first glance, then the bone structure and organs will more than likely have weaknesses also.


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