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Herbal Drinks & Vedic Food.

Updated on February 23, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

A 100000 Herbal Plants.

This plant in the park Removes Bad Odor from your mouth,just one leaf from this plant
This plant in the park Removes Bad Odor from your mouth,just one leaf from this plant
Meal Vedic or Veggie.
Meal Vedic or Veggie.

Nutrition / Drinks / Food / Burns.

Drinks. You got to believe that a drinking a cup of green Tea can solve your digestion problems.You better drink  that Green Tea that has now flooded our market in sachets and combo packs.Even in Commercial Seminars and Technical Lectures a break is with a cup of green Tea or Lemon Tea with our Sugar.Most of the elderly members go for this drink as they have one problem or other with regards to their health.

Drinks. Mean for a alcoholic it is his favorite and mostly Beer for the young and Whiskey for the middle aged and little older the difference being the peg.The peg is also starting with double large for quick start and a small 30 mm for the road.Some can drive with 4 large and go home as sober as a cow.

Drinks. There are drinks that offer you so many benefits like passion fruit juice, a drink that gives you appetite for sex and Rohafza to keep you cool,Coconut Water for quenching your thirst,your own urine filtered till it is colorless for a cure of high blood sugar,Lemon Juice with low sugar for your indigestion,butter milk for your hungar and just water for any other drink to be mixed or to be taken plain,cold or drinking hot.Sometimes mixed with spices like jeera or pepper.

Snacks. Vedic Snacks include in our family only vegitables.Salads as they are termed in the Menu.This however is never a prefered snacks as it is Vegitable and not a cooked one also and not fried also both never goes back to the kitchen with any left overs.You will notice that the salad is kept away from the main course in the buffee faraway as if it is untouchable.

Snacks. Non Vedic.People prefer fried items like French Fries,Finger Chips and Chips.Vada,Bonda though they are just belly boosters they never go untouched by many of the guests.

Nutricious Food. We have to belive it or not that food taken over certain leaves cure many unwanted lipids in our system.Ordinary Banana leaves when used to take food over it it may be a color full green natural bio friendly leaf but is a cure for high blood pressure and any other blood related lipids.We see food served with sweets like rice payasa and curd bath with out salt is more healthy than other curry or chilly and salty food.They are fatty foods.They may be tasty but it wont be tasty after you have eaten for several years.Your Doctor will advice you to do things you wont and a day will come you will regret for your negligence in taking care of your health.We eat more than what we need it is just that our system has no control over taste buds.The only everactive and fast growing organ is perhaps our taste buds.Why we can't go hungry just for a day in a month or a week is on account of our ever active taste buds. Just eating less is never a habit that gets in to our system.

HERBS and HUMAN HEALTH - They can never be seperate we use herbs in our cooking daily in one form or other.Good Health.

SPICE is that natures gift that enhances the flavor and aroma of food,it also has its own Medical values. 

DECOCTION  of some roots,bark and few other parts of plant and tree is a remedy for many colds and cough in children.The reaction will not be same but there will not be any toxic substance that will be prescribed as in the case of Allopathy.

BURNS:- The most immediate treatment is of course water but now its our old wild plant Alo Veera that can reduce the percentage of burn if applied immediatly.


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