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Herbal Gout Remedies - Get Rid of Your Gout for Good

Updated on June 18, 2010
Diagram of classic gout symptoms
Diagram of classic gout symptoms

Herbal gout remedies are super prevalent because they not only handle your gout symptoms but they increase your overall health which therefore decreases the possibility of your gout ever coming back. Gout, a type of arthritis, is commonly triggered by bad eating habits that have resulted in obesity and a body that has not been provided with the nutrients it requires to process out certain toxins.

Conventional therapies involve colchine and allopurinol which blocks the expansion of uric acid production. While powerful, they have serious side effects and if a patient does nothing to improve their health, they can only handle the symptoms of gout but cannot cure it.

Close-up of uric acid
Close-up of uric acid

Uric Acid Build-up - The Real Cause of Gout Pain

Gout occurs when too much uric acid in the body gets ensnared in a patient's joints. Uric acid is produced when foods with a compound called purines are broken down in the digestive system. Hyperuricemia occurs when your body generates too much uric acid or can not correctly manage the uric acid in the system.

This extreme uric acid crystallizes in the joints of your body. The pointed crystallized uric acid wedged between your joints is the source of the pain and inflammation from gout. Gout can exist for years if left untreated although it may show up in spurts from month to month or even years later.

Avoid foods high in purines
Avoid foods high in purines

Use Food to Battle Gout

The primary complications of gout are protracted joint pain and stiffness that increases in intensity from time to time and enlargement affected locations. To prevent gout, lower the quantity of foods that you eat that are high in purines such as red meat and organ meats, and the veggies asparagus and mushrooms. Entirely avoid these foods if you have gout.

Some certain herbal gout remedies are devil's claw, ginger and nettle root. Ginger's high alkaline qualities help cancel out the acidity of uric acid. Devil’s claw flushes out pollutants built up in the body, including uric acid. The root of the nettle plant supports the kidneys get rid of uric acid. All of these herbal gout remedies can be taken in a pill form or via brewed herbal teas.

Cherries are a great gout fighter
Cherries are a great gout fighter

Nutrients that Discourage Gout

Foods that help cure gout are fruits and vegetables containing nutrients. Fruits heavy in vitamin C, like oranges or strawberries, are terrific for assisting your body to remove uric acid more efficiently. One of the most common foods for stopping gout, and for good reasons, are cherries. They are antioxidant rich which aids in the body’s capability to mend and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Fresh, frozen or in juice form, any way you take it, cherries are wonderful for curing gout.

Gout is a particularly painful way of the body telling you you have to live healthier. Practically 80% of gout cases strike in middle aged men and and the danger increases significantly for men who are obese. Additional easy ways to prevent gout are eat a low fat diet, to keep away from alcohol and caffeine, and to drink enough water each day. Herbal gout remedies and an attitude to improve your health will get you on the path to beat gout forever.

I encourage you to learn even more research about herbal gout remedies and other actions to manage gout.


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