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Herbal-H: A Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment For Men

Updated on November 22, 2010

It is natural to lose hair as age progresses. However, it is also not uncommon to find people losing hair in their teens or adulthood. Usually, people tend to accept it as a natural process or cite hereditary factors for the hair loss. However, few among them take it as a medical situation requiring treatment.

Why Does Hair Fall?

It is important to know what factors lead to the fall of hair. If these are diagnosed properly, the hair regrowth treatment becomes easy. Some of the reasons of thinning and falling of hair are:

a) Androgenic Alopecia

a)   This refers to the increased levels sensitivity of male sex hormones ‘androgens’ in the scalp. This male order baldness is hereditary in nature.

b) The Hair Fall Cycle

The hair fall and grow up again in a natural cycle. Many times, the shedding of hair may be more than the growth. If the hair is not becoming thin then there is no need to seek medical treatment, since excess shedding is only a temporary phenomenon.

c) Hormonal Changes

a)   The changes in the levels of different types of hormones can also lead to shedding of hair. These could be:

i)             Thyroid Changes: In cases of hyperthyroidism (over activity of thyroid) and hypothyroidism (under activity of thyroid).

ii)           Increased Levels Of Testosterone: These lead to scalp hair loss but growth of hair on other body parts.

iii)         High Insulin Levels: Diabetic people often have high insulin levels and this could lead to hair loss in them.

e) Stress, Anxiety And Depression

a)   These cause thinning of hair and are common causative factors of hair loss

f) The Genes

The hair loss causing genes inherited from parents can cause it in children. This keeps passing on to next generations.

g) Improper Nutrition Intake

a)   If a person does not take a balanced diet or has abnormal eating habits resulting in protein malnutrition, it may result in the loss of hair.

The usual treatments prescribed to prevent hair fall are: having a balanced and nutritious diet, having adequate sleep, avoiding stress and mental tension, regular cleaning with mild shampoo, avoid using hair dyes and hair driers, having scalp massage, etc.

Herbal-H: The New Hope

The usual treatments prescribed to prevent hair fall are: having a balanced and nutritious diet, having adequate sleep, avoiding stress and mental tension, regular cleaning with mild shampoo, avoid using hair dyes and hair driers, having scalp massage, etc.

What Is Penetration Peel Technology?

Now, let’s have a word about the Peel Penetration Technology. Though sebum secretions of the sebaceous gland moisturize the hair and prevent it from drying, the excess sebum on the scalp gets hardened and encourages bacterial growth. This damages the hair follicles. Herbal-H dissolves the excess sebum resulting in an increase of the size of sweat glands and their responsiveness to the spray. This enables greater penetration of angelica saneness by rearranging the skin cuticle cells. At a very basic level, it increases the blood circulation in the scalp, which in turn leads to an increase in the mass of the follicle and roots thereby helping the hair to grow again. This is the most effective hair regrowth treatment in cases of all types of alopecia, especially Seborrhea Alopecia.

How Safe Is It?

Herbal-H hair regrowth treatment is safe to use and you do not need a prescription to buy it. The formulation has been released for the market after obtaining due approvals from the National Sanitation Department. Further, there are no side effects of using it. It is made from natural products/extracts like: Miama, Ginseng, Angelica, Polygonum multiflorum, Pyridoxin HCL, triethanolamine, Butylene glycol, Saw Palmetto and 2% Herbal Minoxidil. Out of these, the major constituents are: Miama, Ginseng, Angelica and Polygonum multiforum. But it is the Minoxidil which is a vital component of this hair regrowth treatment. The FDA approved the use of Minoxidil as a treatment for androgenetic alopecia. Earlier, the oral version of this drug was extensively prescribed to be used in high blood pressure conditions. With only 2% concentration, Minoxidil has shown no ill effects. On the contrary, this has shown positive side effect in the form of a hair growth enabler. So, its use in the spray form was extremely effective when used with the other herbal ingredients contained in Herbal-H. The Herbal Minoxidil widens the blood vessels causing easing of tension. It also supplies essential amino acids and micro elements to the hair vesicle. For getting the maximum results, the solution should remain applied on hair for at least a couple of hours before washing it away.

How Is Herbal-H Different From Others?

Herbal-H is distinct from the other available treatments in that most of the latter only treat the loss of hair by blocking the activity of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a by-product of male sex hormone, testosterone. DHT acts on the damaged hair follicles and leads to their fall. But, these do not regrow the hair. A few others also claim to have regrown the hair but they make use of those drugs in the formulations like Finastride that have bad side–effects. Some of these also lead to a loss of libido, impotency, nausea, vomiting, inflammation of face, etc. Herbal H does not use this and other such drugs at all.

All Herbal-H Ingredients Are 100% Safe To Use.

While using the Herbal H, the hair growth will occur and replace the old hair. So, in the initial period there might be some hair loss which should not worry you. If you ever feel an itching sensation after about 30 days of using it, it is good sign proving that the permeation is occurring and new hair is coming up. But, if the sensation is caused during the initial application, then its usage should be discontinued as your skin might be too sensitive for its application.

Usage Of Herbal H

The Herbal H hair regrowth treatment can be sought by men from all age brackets. However, before using this,it is advisable for young men to seek a doctor’s opinion on why there is hair loss. The Herbal H should be used twice daily, once in the morning and once in the night for 3 months continuously. This hair regrowth treatment should not be discontinued for a prolonged period or even after the desired results have been achieved. The Herbal H ingredients penetrate the skin more effectively in sunlight provided it does not cause you sunburns.

Check List Of Precautions To Be Taken

Though it is safe to use with no side effects, certain precautions should be taken.

Things To Do:

  1. Spray it at the right place where the shedding is happening
  2. Use it on completely dry hair only
  3. Only men should use this
  4. It is best applied for a minimum of 4 hours taking a shower.
  5. Using Herbal H does not require you to change your favorite soap or shampoo.
  6. In case you have undergone hair transplant, it is advisable to seek a doctor’s opinion before using these.
  7. The minimum period to use is 3 months. After this period, you can opt to use this less frequently, may be 3 times a week.
  8. Wiped off the spray if it spills on the forehead.

There are a few precautions on what should not be done while using Herbal H.

Things Not To Do:

  1. Do not apply it at places which are cut, wounded, or swollen.
  2. It should not be used with other natural hair growth treatments.
  3. Herbal H already contains 2% Minoxidil. So, other substances containing this should not be used with Herbal H.
  4. Its application on the skin of eyes and mouth and other sensitive areas is prohibited. It is meant to be used only on the scalp by men.
  5. Do not use it anymore if you get an allergy
  6. Do not take it or use it in any form except as a spray. It is meant for external application only.
  7. Do not apply these on the areas where there is no scope for hair growth, for example, the scarred regions. The treatment is not effective there and there is no need to waste the money there.

The Herbal H hair regrowth treatment is a modern day therapy that uses natural ingredients to make it 100% safe to use for men of all age. Its usage will revitalize your hair, treat the baldness and you will feel more confident with new, better hair. So, keep your hopes alive and bring your hair to life again by using Herbal H.

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      Akeemovic 11 months ago

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      it is a fake one, its not work

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      where can i buy it in south africa.

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    • profile image

      Trevor 4 years ago

      I have been using herbal h hair regrowth spray now for 4 months. (3% minoxidil formula) honesty have to say that I had amazing results with this product. Not only stops hair loss but massives gains in hair regrowth. But that's half the story I've been using a new shampoo which cantains (ketoconazole 1% or 2%) which has been clinically proven to inhibit D.H.T which is a major factor in hair loss. Also studies have shown that shampoo containing the compound (ketoconazole ) not only inhibits the effects of D.H.T but in some cases have regrew hair without minoxidil. Shampoos I recommend are lipogaine big 3,regenepure ,revita,nizoral but nizoral has some harsh chemicals but the highest in (ketoconazole) which is 2%. It's a anti-dandruff shampoo ,which is great for dandruff too! Hope this was helpful!

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      i want to puy herbal-h so where can i get in malta or sweden which city can i get this herbal i am imbortant please if some knows he can contact me thank u

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      doing somethng for your hair is better than doing nothing

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      Abhishek 5 years ago

      I heard tat once hair is lost .. There is No chance of regrowth . There is only way to get hair is hair transplant . Does medicine and oilment works out for regrowth ? I have lost my little hair from behind .. So there is any possible way to get it back ? 'M in initial period of hair loss .. Wat should i do ? Pls suggest me

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      It's really great article..keep it up....

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      Does it really works?

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      Yeltoy 7 years ago

      where could i buy this????????? please help me before my hair turns bald.

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      Lukas 7 years ago

      I think it did work for me but after I have stopped using it my hair were getiing weak again so just ordered another treatment

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      prakash 7 years ago

      It is fake, it not natural, grew hair over my forehead and face not scalp. they are fraudsters.

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      Kimchi Apollo 7 years ago

      Can this work on one that has lost a section completely?

    • profile image

      Ricky Balic 7 years ago

      I've been ordering Herbal-H since it came out, it's really a wonderful solution to my hair loss problems.

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      I have just ordered it, I hope it works.

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