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My 30 Day Herbal Parasite Cleanse Experience With Humaworm

Updated on June 9, 2009

I am using the Humaworm product to do this natural parasite cleanse. I am not affiliated with them whatsoever nor am I being paid. This is a true and honest testimonial. I do not benefit by this article except to share with others my natural parasite cleanse experience and had to shell out the money for their natural parasite cleanse system just like everyone else.

This article was written in 2008. It is my personal experience using a parasite cleanse product. There are many parasite cleanse options out there. I can only recommend that if you are considering doing a parasite cleanse, that you follow the directions carefully and completely.

Finding and Researching Humaworm Parasite Cleanse

I came across Humaworm while researching the different types of human parasite cleanse products. There are many other different types of human parasite cleansing methods, but I felt that Humaworm was superior because it covered the entire life cycle of most parasites. I wasn't just killing momma, but all her baby's waiting to hatch as well.

I have read many success stories of other natural parasite cleanse products, but I just felt comfortable taking the one that worked the longest.

The one kicker... Humaworm is meant to be taken twice a day for 30 days. Not taking it could mean not killing all parasites and just pissing them off and making them become bigger bad asses (antibiotics cause the same problem if not taken correctly) so I knew I had to do this right. I could'nt even remember once a day pill birth control so this was a huge challenge for me.

My biggest source of information for parasites and parasite cleanse program was the Ask Humaworm message board at Curezone is a message board with a broad base of medical topics many focusing on natural cures to medical issues. I started from the beginning of the Ask Humaworm message board and read everything that grabbed my attention. I also read up on the Parasite Support message board at to learn about some of the other parasite cleanse options besides Humaworm as well.

Background Information

A little background about me. I am slightly a germaphob. I wash my hands often, I am anal when it comes to handling raw meat, I cringe at the sight of others using old sponges on counter-tops and the thought of my daughter in a fast food playground unit makes me ill. At the same time, I've not always been this way uptight about germs and I've always been an advocate of the 5 second fallen food rule. The rest may not be suitable for sensitive stomachs.

Also, I have occasionally have the foulest most rancid smelling bowel movements anyone has ever smelt. Too much information? Probably but I'm also brutally honest and everyone I know is already aware that I have bowel issues, why not everyone I don't know as well. How bad is it do you say? My coworkers routinely gave me such a hard time that i felt it neccesary to begin warning others that I would be spending some time in the bathroom and if they wanted to go first, they better get in quick.. Lucky for my I don't embarrass easily and they were my friends. My family is WELL aware of it too. I can't help it. Plus, I'm never regular. One side or the other. I'm either passing rivers or building a dam.

I've been told enough times that possibly there is something very wrong going on up in my bowels. My logical explanation. Intestinal parasites.Yep, human parasites. You should know that I am not a hypochondriac. I am possibly a little crazy though.

Doing some research I've just decided that my colon may be dealing with an intestinal parasite, or many for that matter and could possibly use a natural parasite cleanse. The occasionally prizes I've been seeing while investigating my deposits in the toliet resembling some of the most common parasitic remains in parasite pictures. You are so grossed out at this point. Don't worry it gets better.

My Parasite Cleanse Experience

My parasite cleanse started February 14th 2008.

I felt completely fine before starting the humaworm parasite cleanse. I took a pregnancy test as a precaution even though my chances are extremely low because of my Mirena IUD. Better safe then sorry.

Burn-off is the term used to descibe the uncomfortable, ill feelings accompanied with the toxins being released by the parasites.

The first 24 hours I did not notice anything except for what felt like a sinus headache. This was my first burn-off symptom and seemed to be common to many other parasite cleanse experience posts I had read.

The next few days I have been experiencing random pains and weird subtle sensations throughout my body mostly in my abdomen. Nothing serious but definitely noticeable. Different areas of my abdomen have been the main area of attention especially the first hour or two after taking the parasite cleanse capsules.

My stools have shown some definite signs of a white substance which I believe is candida after comparing it with other parasite pictures.

Feb 26 update: Day 11

I couldn't tell you what it was that I found two days ago in the toilet but it definitely wasn't something I ate. I have occasional headaches here and there. I feel weird pain sensations occasionally in my stomach area mostly. Nothing serious, just noticeable. I do notice shortly after swallowing the pill a sharp pain in my right side every time I take them. I am pretty sure this is the capsule itself. I am considering dumping them into a glass of warm water and swallowing that instead of taking in pill form.

I have been finding these very small tubes that sort of unravel. Looking at others pictures I am guessing these are parts of liver flukes. I also found something very different from any pictures I've seen. I took a picture of it and am asking the ASK Humaworm forum if they have any clue. Once I have an answer I agree with, I'll post it here.

Human Parasite Pictures: Possible Liver Fluke Testes

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Human Parasites: Liver Fluke Testes Human Parasites: Liver Fluke Testes
Human Parasites: Liver Fluke Testes
Human Parasites: Liver Fluke Testes
Human Parasites: Liver Fluke Testes
Human Parasites: Liver Fluke Testes

Feb 27th: Day 12

I am posting up the parasite picture of what I found last night. I questioned the Ask Humaworm parasites message board to see if anyone could tell me what it was. Originally I did not have the image of inside the human parasite liver fluke, and didn't yet have confirmation that the small tubes were indeed parts of the liver flukes.

I was expecting just a response from experienced message board posters who has seen it before and knew what the object in this picture was. This morning I had an answer from RG himself, the owner of Humaworm. He confirmed it was indeed human parasite liver flukes that I was passing. With that confirmation I went to research what part of the liver fluke this was.

I found a few images that show two sets of testes, each looking strikingly similar to my liver fluke picture. I am convinced that what I passed and photographed is indeed human parasite Liver Fluke Testes.

Before learning about human parasites, the thought of having Liver Flukes would have made me ill. Instead, finding out that the cause of my bowel problems is caused by something that I can fix without surgery, or anything invasive is reassuring.

I am not even halfway through this human parasite cleanse. I am anxious to find out if there are any other unwanted guests hitching a ride in my body. Today I have been feeling stronger pains almost like localized burning sensations in my stomach area. Still nothing truly painful, just uncomfortable and very noticeable.

March 2nd: Day 16

I am definitely passing more liver fluke parts. The Humaworm parasite cleanse is very much living up to my expectations. I am noticing so very strong die-off symptoms. My body itches all over. Feels like I am wearing a bad sweater.

I am also very very tired. I did a sleep study six months ago. I was told that my nighttime sleep was ok, but that I have excessive sleepiness during the day. Instead of finding the cause, I was offered a medication to keep me more awake and alert. I gave it up because of how ill I would feel in the late afternoon. My symptoms were never so serious to me that I felt it neccesary to be prescribed a medication that reminded me so much of my meth days back in my teens.

Now that I am feeling so tired, I am sleeping in till 11AM, sometimes even 12:30 in the afternoon, after going to bed at Midnight, and feeling it neccesary to take a nap in between. This has gone on for the past 3 days. I imagine it is a result of the Humaworm. I wonder if the excessive sleepiness is related to the parasite cleanse, or if it is just a symptom of die-off intensified by a condition I already have. Hopefully it goes away soon.

March 7th: Day 21

Ugh. so so tired. Whether my increased daytime drowsiness is a symptom of the parasite cleanse, or just because I am not up and about as much as before, I don't know. I sleep in late, and then HAVE to take a nap around mid afternoon most days.

I was diagnosed after a sleep study back last february as having normal night time sleep patterns except for the fact that I go into REM sleep to fast. My daytime sleep study is what concerned the doctors the most. During a series of regulated nap session it was shown that I fall asleep in the day time in less then 3.2 minutes. I was given medication meant for those with Narcolopsy but after taking it a week I decided that feeling great during the day was not enough to make up for how lousy I would feel from about 4pm on.

So now that this is becoming such a huge issue, is it related to the parasite cleanse? I am doing harm that is causing the excessive tiredness or is it just die off symptoms from the parasite cleanse? I'll post a follow up a few weeks after the cleanse to see if it's been better or worse.

As far as the rest of me. I am doing pretty well. Weird sensations in my stomach as usual. Occasional headaches, crazy dreams.

My bowel movements have been showing some white thread substance, and I am definitely getting rid of those liver flukes. Without even investigating I can see what resembles the pictures of flukes posted by other people who have done this before.

The greatest change I've noticed so far... I was at a friends house a few days ago and had two cups of coffee. I love coffee, But whenever I drink it, even just one cup, I find myself in the bathroom with diarreah. My body just could not seem to process it. Last tuesday was the first exception. 2 cups of coffee and no diarrhea. I ddin't even have the sensation of feeling ill to my stomach. This is a huge welcomed change.

March 13th: Day 27

Please read below in the comments section my answers to Dawn's questions. I think they may help answer some you may be having as well.

Most important thing to mention is that the strong fatique seems to have passed. I am feeling much more awake throughout the day. Not as awake as I wish to be, but perhaps when I am no longer actively killing critters, I will feel better. I'll post later any change.

A symptom that has become a nucences as of recently is the all over body itching. I assume this is all related. I've noticed red blood like dots all over and mostly visible on my arms and chest. Last night on my right side I had this crazy itch that would not go away. So irritating that I almost put hydrocortizone on it but ended up just falling asleep. In the morning I had scratch marks from trying to relieve the irritation. I think that I am slacking on my water intake and my body is trying to purge toxins and is using my skin as a way to do it. I corrected myself today and am drinking my full 8 glasses.

I am feeling quite good but I have to say, this is definitely no miracle cure. I don't feel like a different person, but I do feel better. I am almost done with the pills but expect to still show signs of passing parasites for some time after due to the herbs still being in my system.

If there is anything I want to tell others it is to not be afraid to do a parasite cleanse. Even in the beginning I wasn't sure that I would be able to tolerate seeing bugs in my stool, but once I got going I became facinated by the science of it. You dont have to look back in the pot, but you can learn a lot more if you do.. There are others that can show pictures of much crazy looking parasites, even whole worms being purged from their bowels. I didn't expereince anything like this. The one pictured above was the weirdest thing I saw. Everything else looked like just remnants of something.

I do encourage everyone to take pictures. Visiting the curezone message boards can be a huge help for identifying the critters. There you can also find support and encouragement and answers to your questions from those that have done this already. I am thankful to Humaworm for offering such a quality product. I think what I liked the most, and what turned me on to them is that the Humaworm company does not use shady marketing to try to get people to buy. They just offer a great product to those that want it. There are other parasite cleanse options out there and many I've heard have good results as well. But I'm sure that I will be sticking with Humaworm. I'm also considering trying out some of the other products as well.

Questions? Comments? Please Feel Free To Ask.

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  • KarenCreftor profile image

    Karen Creftor 

    6 years ago from Kent, UK

    Thanks for being so honest about your experience! I found your hub after trying to find out if this exhaustion I'm experiencing is normal or not...sounds like it is!!

    *Voted up*

    ~Kaz x

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    I have been using this product for a week and have had no results yet? No change in bowel movements, no sick feelings, no change what so ever!

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    My wife got this product for us to try and while on this 4 day Holiday. (Thanksgiving 2011) I have been taking Humaworm for 4 days now and feel nothing is happening. I drink 2 cups of coffee each morning and my bowel movements are the same as they were before starting the Humaworm. I drink plenty of water during the day and wonder if it really works? I will continue with the dosage and give it a chance to work. No feeling of "dying off" no ill feelings at all.

  • profile image


    6 years ago from Wahiawa, HI

    Hello Sunstreeks,

    Just signed up on dis website n wanted 2 say I experienced something somewhat similar 2 ur situation n appreciate u sharing yours. For almost 2 years now, my doctor's been telling me its just normal gas(bloating)/stomach ingestions n prescribed meds for me as always but I know its something else n its getting worse every month. Every now n then I get weird movements on different parts of my stomach(colon), sometimes occur with a big pinch n I'm pretty sure dat ain't normal. I'm a regular 30-year-old dude n I just hope dat da Humaworm will help flush me out clean once n for all. I will post again as soon as I see results from trying out Humaworm. Advices n Ideas are appreciated. Thanx for reading n hope dis works.

  • crystolite profile image


    7 years ago from Houston TX

    Quite informative and educative.thanks for sharing.

  • Balios profile image


    8 years ago

    Hi I am using Humaworm! It's great. After seeing many doctors I have been getting healthier and healthier for years. I am so happy to read your post. I got a huge infestation of pinworms which Mebendazole did not help and I started using this product. I have not had many side effects when I drink my water. I am passing very strange things which look like small tomatoes (1 inch in diameter) with thick stems??? Your photo reassured me that it is merely something which needs to go. My digestion has become fabulous. I can eat foods I haven't been able to eat in decades and I am losing weight normally. Very good.

  • shareitt profile image


    8 years ago

    Wow who of health to yah!

  • kre8iv4u profile image


    9 years ago from Florida beaches

    wow, what great info. It's funny I came across this tonight as my girlfriend and I are both having serious issues. She much worse than I and earlier I came across something else on colon health and colonics and parasites. So needless to say, I'm looking forward to getting us both cleaned out. It's not a comfortable feeling, to say the least, but WOW!!! I wonder though, if someone already has a weakened immune system, due to hiv, if the cleanse is safe. my girlfriend has been positive for 20+ years and is considered 'living with' as opposed to narrow minded folks saying 'dying from'. At any rate, I am anxious to learn if it is indeed safe for her as well. She already experiences extreme fatigue and has lately been complaining A LOT about 'just not feeling right' 'something's just not right in my belly'......SO....we can't wait to get these damn bugs out of us!! I am a massage therapist, for 16 years, and I'm always looking for 'natural' or 'holistic' or 'alternative' ways of healing and feeling better. So with that said,

    I thank you so much for the info.

    To your health


    Dawn G

  • beautyaddict profile image


    9 years ago from California

    Wow, part of me is utterly grossed out and part of me is thinking that I really need to do a parasite cleanse. I've done regular colon cleanses and they help somewhat, but I have chronic fatigue and also diarrhea problems with all kinds of foods so maybe it would help!

  • Bard of Ely profile image

    Steve Andrews 

    9 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

    What an excellent and informative hub!

    I have done the Hulda Clarke parasite cleanses a couple of times. The problem of internal parasites is very real and most people don't know anything about it.

  • TotalReviewGuy profile image


    9 years ago from Your Computer

    Wow. That's really all I can say right now. - TRiG

  • purpleb profile image


    9 years ago from Spain

    Woo, humaworm! I did a parasite cleanse with them last year, I really liked them, friendly and not too expensive.

    Liked the article!

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    hi sunstreeks, that sounds great.i am on my second week of humaworm.i haven't seen any noticible critters i my stools but, i was told i have microscopic worms(crypto pulmoni) i think thats how its spelled.its basically roundworms,and i'm confident that its working.i can now tolerate certain spices like garlic that i couldn't eat for years, so something is definetely working.i am having die off symptoms too,plus a lot of nervousness and jitters.

  • Kate Would profile image

    Kate Would 

    10 years ago from UK

    Oh wow - what a fantastic hub. I know it's strange getting excited about a parasitic cleanse but when it is one of the major <a href="">tiredness symptoms</a> that people don't recognise it's really important to get the message 'out there'. Both myself and my husband had <a href="">tiredness symptoms</a> recently so did a cleanse and I really intended to keep a detailed log of everything - it lasted a couple of days and was no-where near as detailed as yours!

    Maybe you have found your true vocation in life - well done ;)

  • Health Conscious profile image

    Health Conscious 

    10 years ago from South Florida - USA

    Whoa this is some reading.

    Your situation is a classic example of modern medicine not having a clue of what is really going on. This is not to say doctors are evil uncaring individuals, they just can not know all the ailments there are or what cause them.

    The sad part is that our current system of believes is to wait till we aren't well before we act.

    I can say that I have never heard of anyone being aware enough to analyse themselves, you are more of a medical practitioner than 99% of the doctors licensed today.

    Your choice of natural cleansers is a wise one. The only thing I can add is the suggestion to research total natural nutrition including a wide variety of probiotics. Probiotics are like little armies fighting other parasitic life forms.

    However like all nutrients, they can not be isolated or synthesized, they must accompany other nutrient substances in living forms to be most effective.

    I hope you have come out of this experience feeling much better.

  • JOReilly profile image


    10 years ago from New York

    Thanks for the info! I've been suffering with chronic illness and often wonder if its a parasite causing my problems. Not quite brave enough to do a parasite cleanse yet, but I'm glad to know its out there in case I ever get desperate.

  • trish1048 profile image


    10 years ago

    Certainly it is good that you did so much research, and I'm glad you are comfortable with your decision. I have to say, however, that you are much braver than I am LOL,,,,

    Good luck!!


  • sunstreeks profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Western Washington


    I spent a lot of time at the Cure-zone message boards for parasite cleansing and the humaworm board. I highly reccommened anyone who is even considering doing this type of body cleanse read through months and months of posts.

    Some of the things found in my stool, and some of the symptoms I had were quiet unpleasant. But I did the research and learned as much as I could as to what I should expect. I read countless posts from other people who were doing parasite cleansers to decide which one would be the best for me and through this I learned that many of the die-off symptoms others had, so when they came on I was a little uneased, and maybe even grossed out but not really too scared.

    Actually the thing that really bothered me was finding the liver fluke teste. I was ok with finding it, but the size of it and what that meant for the size of the liver fluke it must have belonged too got to me a little :)

    Die-off is different for everyone. For some it can be really nasty, and for others they may not notice anything. It's really just one of those things were you have to read everything you can before trying it out.

  • trish1048 profile image


    10 years ago

    Hi Sunstreeks,

    Absolutely, it is your right to treat your body the way you see fit. Just because a doctor says something is ok, doesn't mean it is necessarily. I guess, to me, the results you were getting sounded almost worse than the problem. I think it would have scared me to death. But that's me :)

    Good luck with your journey to good health,


  • sunstreeks profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Western Washington

    I actually agree with you. I did quite a bit of research on colon cleanse programs and am very leary of many. You really have to research the ingreidents of any herbal product.

    The Humaworm product lists ALL 25 herb ingriedents, none of which are chemical manmade products. These are herbs that have been used for years and years and are measured to give safe amounts to the majority. This does not mean they are safe for everyone. There are some ingriedents used that are not safe for children or pregnant women, there is a child formula that omits these herbs. There are also possible allergies to some of the herbs. It really has to be an educated choice and researching the ingriedents is a must before try ANY kind of herbal product.

    I am a big believer of the Humaworm product because I have used it and seen it work. I have not used anything else so I could'nt give any advice. The die-off symptoms are the result of the body trying to rid itself of the toxins produced not just by the dying parasites but of other toxins being cleared from your system.

    As far as my doctors went, I was given many different reasons for my different ailments over the years and offered many different prescription options to help the problems but not fix them, and no I did not consult my doctor, but that was my choice. For everyone else, that decision has to be your own.

  • trish1048 profile image


    10 years ago

    Did you get any second opinions as to the cause of your problem and whether or not these 'cleanse treatments are safe? Seeing those info-mercials on tv make me tend to believe these treatments are really not safe, no matter what they claim. I feel they are simply out to make $$.

    The 'side-effects' you describe would have made me run to the nearest doctor. It doesn't sound right to experience what you went through. Although I'm glad you are feeling better, I just can't help but wonder, from a medical standpoint, NOT from these colon cleanse people, just how safe the product is.


  • sunstreeks profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Western Washington

    Sorry Decresendo for not replying sooner. As far as an update goes on my experience with Humaworm.. I am will be doing another Humaworm cleanse once the 6 month mark has passed. I can tell you that my bowel movements, while not the desciption of healthy, still show signs of improvement compared to prior doing Humaworm

  • sunstreeks profile imageAUTHOR


    10 years ago from Western Washington

    Hi Dawn,yes, that is quite a few questions. I think identifing them individully may be the easiest. I am feeling better. The crazy fatigue I was expereincing just days ago has passed and I am back to getting up in th morning and going through the day without a nap. I am still a bit tired sometimes, but I don't have that "wanna sleep all day" feeling anymore. I am also excited to be able to drink coffee again without diarreah. In the past, a single coffee meant that I would have diarreah later. I LOVE coffee, so many times I would just accept this as what would be part of my morning. As of the past week or so, I can now drink a cup of coffee and not feel my stomach queeze up. No diarreah despite the caffine pick me up.

    What made you think it was parasites?

    At first, I would never have thought it was parasites. A few months ago I didn't even know that most of us have parasites. I was just another person that believed parasites were third world country problems. It wasn't until I started researching colon health and colon cleanses that I learned human parasites can be responsible for poor colon health. I started reading as much as I could about human parasites. I found myself identifing with most of the symptoms of parasites that were responsible for poor colon health. I also realized that my frequent yeast infections are due to an abundance of candida.

     Where do you think you picked them up? 

    The candida becoming a problem (some candida in the body is normal, an overgrowth is not) I'm think has a lot to due with frequent antibiotic use for my sinus infections I get each winter.  The Liver flukes are said to be spread from eating fish from fresh waters infested with flukes. My dad is an avid sport fisherman and frequently brings home fish and shellfish including crabs. It's very possible something I ate was not cooked correctly. This of course is just speculation and who knows where they came from.

    How long do you think you've had them?

    According to my irregular foul smelling bowel movement issues, I've been dealing with this for years. My doctors response was that possible lactose intolerance or IBS. This was of the top of her head as no tests were run.  They say that 85% to 90% of us have parasites, so I'm willing to bet that I've always had something.

    When you started the Cleanse did you notice any change in the smell, shape, size, or texture? Were the movements thin and narrow, or wide, and formed?

     It has varied. I had been using a colon cleanser for a few weeks prior, so during use my bowels were starting to look somewhat normal. I stopped using that when I started the parasite cleanse.  There was some red tones when I started seeing the fluke parts. Occasionally even parts are orangish. Most the time really though, they are a normal color. The shape and texture varies. As gross as it sounds I actually inspect my stool about every other day with two plastic knifes. Sometimes it is easy to break apart the stool and see something, I noticed that when the stool is tough there is rarely anything noticeable in it.  Occasionally I have had diarreah. Two nights ago I had severe stomach cramping where I had to stop what I was doing and take a moment. The diarreah that followed had a bunch of orangish thin stringy slimy substance. What I was able to collect I put in a small transparent plastic dish, I'm guessing from the looks of it when it lays flat in a small amount of water, whatever it came from it was the outer part of the organism.

    With the identifiable parasite you have, can it be passed to others by sharing drinks and such?

    I've not heard of liver flukes or candida being contagious. Pinworms(glad I didn't have) is a common parasite in children which is highly contagious.

    How will you confirm they're gone?

    I think that time will tell and truly it may not be rational to beleive they will all be gone for good. Under control may be a better goal.  I am already planning to do another 30 days of Humaworm 6 months from now. I've seen some say that they had even better results the second time they did a parasite cleanse and because parasites can be picked up from anywhere, it's important to do regular cleaning. It is suggested that every 6 months is good. I think I will do again in 6 months and then just yearly after that.

    Do you normally take vitamins?

    Not really. I do not take a multi-vitamin. I do drink flavored waters that contain vitamins.

    I hope this helps and if you have any other questions or if you would like me to clairfy on anything feel free to ask or you can send a message directly to me by e-mail. Either way, glad to help.

  • BrainFire profile image


    10 years ago from The Island

    Hey Sunstreeks!

    How graphic can you get? lol...Gag me with a spoon, ehh? lol

    On a serious note: what made you think it was parasites. Where do you think you picked them up, and how long do you think you've had them?

    When you started the Cleanse did you notice any change in the smell, shape, size, or texture...(see I can be gross too! lol) Were the movements thin and narrow, or wide, and formed?

    With the identifiable parasite you have, can it be passed to others by sharing drinks and such? I haven't read the links yet. How will you confirm they're gone, and do you normally take vitamins.

    I do mega research in this area, and I find your case very interesting. I'm sorry to bombard with questions, but I think people need to know as much as possible about this. It's rampant in our society, and it's not really a familiar subject with many.

    I can probably guess where you picked them up, but I was curious if you had any idea.

    Thank you for posting this, I don't care how gross you get, I think it's critical people be aware of what dangers lurk out there.

    I hope you're feeling better, and I look forward to hearing more. Please join my hub so we can stay linked. You may also like what I write about too.

    Take care,



  • prasadjain profile image


    10 years ago from Tumkur

    very informative. Thanks


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