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Herbal Remedies Vs. Antibiotics Which is Better

Updated on October 20, 2015
Buy herbal medicines at an herbal market
Buy herbal medicines at an herbal market
Grains and even spices like cinnamon are used for alternative medicine
Grains and even spices like cinnamon are used for alternative medicine
The Native American tribes of the Americas have been using some of the natural recipes for hundreds of years without change. They are still beneficial.
The Native American tribes of the Americas have been using some of the natural recipes for hundreds of years without change. They are still beneficial.

Amazon has wonderful knowledge to share about everyone's carbon footprint

Alternative herbal medicine is better than prescription antibiotics according to some

A discussion transpires today whether or not herbal remedies, herbal supplements, natural herbs or prescriptions antibiotics are better. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Herbal remedies and antibiotics are both used today to treat ailments from indigestion to menopausal symptoms. Many people argue whether herbal remedies or antibiotics and which are better for patients.

There is a variable litany of prescription medications prescribed to patients by healthcare providers. Scores of casualties to the prescription wars are taking more than several pills each day. The medications are riddled with a variety of side effects which range from mildly irritating to possible death. For even more there is the counter effect of having to take another pill to counter the side effects of one. Victims reduced to living this way seek out a new kind of existence.

The new ideas or innovations around living with improved health for chronically ill patients on meds are taking shape in this direction. Some of the things falling in these kinds of categories is having the best of both worlds. Getting the body doing what it needs to do without negative health risks. The ideal solution is discovering a way to get the same life saving advantages by any substance put into the body, minus life threatening side effects. In lost of ways answers have come in the form of herbal remedies or alternative medicine options.


Herbal remedies or alternative herbal types of medications originated with the tribes of Native Americans hundreds of years ago. These ingenious people were able to become knowledgeable with every remedy to cure nearly any condition. There were hundreds which came to pass during the hundreds of years they have inhabited the Americas. There is only one exception to the listing, the deadly viruses which wiped out thousands of these people when the settlers from other countries came to the land. The natural herbal alternatives they knew of hundreds of years ago are still aiding a lot of patient's today for what ails them.

In the twenty first century scores of the same natural supplements are still grown, administered and even prepared the exact same way as they were so many years ago. The only viable difference is most are not growing naturally in the woods around the farms or settlements. Customers are able to find what is needed on the supermarket shelves and specialty stores focused on the enormous industry which has grown from the use of these items.

Where to find them

There are still some which grow wild in wooded areas, like mushrooms or toadstools. Though, the majority are grown for commercial use. Selling and storage makes it necessary to place them in glass or plastic containers. The local grocer, pharmacy or health food market supplies the same natural herb and herbal ingredients in a bottled form.

There are more than a few online sites which also advertise the sale of alternative medicine products. They range from those found in the average health food market to more unique or hard to find items. Depending on what type of kind is needed does effect where customers buy. More than a few purchase on line instead of in the average supermarket when there is a chronic illness or larger quantities are needed. In both cases, it is typical for the online market to sell at a reduced cost.

Modern medicine has gained

Modern medicine today is based on the knowledge obtained from the Native Americans education and material passed down from generation to generation. New prescription medications come and go over the years, but most are based on the same general principle or forms. This is how the FDA or Food and Drug Administration is able to categorize all the different varieties in the market. Variations of the basics are able to yield thousands from one single plant source. When mixed and matched with other ingredients there is typically a distinctive effect.

Sometimes a byproduct of the intended effect is as valuable as the cure initially being hunted. For example, penicillin was not originally created as an antibiotic to fight infection. Yet, it is still the most identified antibiotics ever known. Again along with the advantages are several disadvantages even for antibiotics.

Differences between the two

Carbon Footprint

Unlike prescription antibiotic medications, herbal medications and natural herbal supplements are eco-friendly all around. Because the medication is natural, the production of the herbal medication is green. The medicine is not produced from anything which tends to leave a carbon footprint on the planet.

These are plants capable of being grown organically and without the use of hybrids of enhancements. Easier digestion is only one of the other many positive outcomes using them.

Prescription antibiotic medications generally leave a carbon footprint. That is normally through the manufacturing of the medication. In addition, many people don’t dispose of old prescription medication and especially antibiotic medications correctly. If antibiotic medication is not disposed of in the right ways, it is capable of contaminating water systems as well as landfills (this would be contamination of the land).

Side effects

Herbal medicine has little to no side effects for the average user. This is the greatest advantage and biggest argument for using these over prescription medication. Every prescription medication has side effects no matter how safe it tries to be. This includes prescription antibiotic medications provided even to babies, young children and pregnant women.

As one of the most prescribed meds for children and pregnant women, prescription antibiotic medication side effects range anywhere from bothersome to deadly for all users, depending upon the medication and the patient. Patients that take or use herbal remedies do not have to worry about these issues.

Extra money paid to get the prescription

Prescription medications are generally obtained by way of a health care professional. They take into account the patients history, other prescriptions they are taking, in case of drug interaction, as well as what condition the prescription has shown verifiable results in treating. An office visit is necessary to get the paperwork to get pharmacies to dispense the products.

When alternative herbal remedies, herbal supplements or herbal medication are usually taken, the patient is generally diagnosing themselves. They are guessing at the quantities that should be taken and the condition that is being treated. There are some patients that receive professional advice by seeking the services of an herbalist first about the best herbs, but this is the exception to the rule. Taking the herbal medication correctly will provide the best results for the condition being treated for all alternative medicines.

Biggest disadvantage

Treating yourself with herbal medications or alternative herbal medicine are dangerous in a few circumstances. There is the possibility of negative results or even death from herbal medications. This is characteristically seen when a sufferer is mixing it with other prescription medication being taken. A few times it will occur if the incorrect dosage is being administered. Since most patients are prescribing herbal substitutions themselves the dosage is not always exact.

Unnecessary use

Antibiotics are prescription medications are wonderful for bacterial infections they treat. Millions of lives have been saved since the invention. Not only are they great for treating infections already in the body, countless doctors use them today for possible infections.This is what is referred to as prophylactic usage. Most often during surgical procedures. Though, there are other examples of when this holds true as well.

Many herbalists advise these items are being over prescribed today. In some cases they are being prescribed for viruses for which an antibiotic has no effect or simply because a patient requests one.

Over prescribing

Over prescribing this medication is making it ineffective for its prescribed use. The body has a tendency to build up a tolerance for it. This causes the bacteria the medication is supposed to fight to become stronger and there is a need for stronger antibiotics to kill it.The cycle goes around and around.

It’s a vicious cycle. Herbal medications are generally not over done for conditions and the body doesn’t develop a tolerance for the herbs as with antibiotics.

Herbal treatments have few limits

There are some conditions that herbal medication cannot treat. For example, diabetes is a condition where there is not herbal substitute.

Herbal medicine is great for some situations and for others prescription medications of the twenty-first century are needed. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The discussion will continue as long as we have both.

A number of scientists have seized the basic information of herbal remedies and expanded upon it to make the prescription medications we recognize today.

Herbal remedies are better or worse than antibiotics for a number of reasons which include the Green effect on the environment, the number of years they have been around and the side effects that patients develop. .

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    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      very true. the sad thing is treating, managing or surgically removing is what makes money. could you imagine the money lost for curing the common cold or the flu? mostly made with unnecessary dr appts and over the counter medicines, but money sadly is where western medicine starts and stops for most diseases.

      thanks for an insightful comment.

    • poetvix profile image

      poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

      I find it interesting that native healers in the Amazon can cure things western medicine can only "treat", "manage" or "surgically remove". One would think since both supposedly share the same goal the two schools of thought could try to work together, but sadly, traditional western medicine seldom considers the validity of "alternative" methodologies.