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Herbal Treatment Tips: Garlic Usage

Updated on December 26, 2014

Herbal Treatment Tips – Garlic

Main part as a medicine: Mainly its root.

Dosage of Use: Removing its shell you can use 3 - 6 gm.

Familiarity: It’s a familiar plant which we get all the years. Mainly we use its white root but we can also eat its green bud stick as a vegetable. It is known as Allium sativum and is closely relative to onion, shallot etc.

Garlic as an Immediate Home Remedy:

  1. Save Milk: The milk will not spoil soon if you mix some drops of garlic juice with it.
  2. Remove Bad Odor: Garlic removes the bad odor easily. If you put some pieces of garlic into sour curd then these will remove the bad odor of sour curd.
  3. Heal Digestive Problems: Mix 10 to 30 drops of garlic juice with warm water and drink it daily. This is very beneficial to remove the digestive problems. In such a way, garlic will make you free from the sufferings of gastric or acidity and your life will very enjoyable.
  4. Cure Cold: Boil garlic in mustard oil and then rub it properly on the breast and back of the child’s body and it will immediately cure its cold related diseases.
  5. Antiseptic: Garlic is a great natural antiseptic. So if you smear the juice of garlic on your body then you will be free from different skin diseases. Garlic is generally used to wash the ulcer of the outer part of the body.
  6. Heal Ear Pain and Deafness: If you boil the juice of garlic and with a little warm if you pour it to your ear hole in a little amount then it will heal the pain of your ear and cure the problem of deafness.
  7. Heal Urinary Diseases: Garlic heals the potential diseases regarding urinary. So take it and be happy with your urine system without any fear of urinary infections.
  8. Heal Gout: With clarified butter eat garlic in your regular diet and it will heal the pain of your gout. In swelling of limbs joints due to gout, you can boil few flakes of shell less garlic in the mustard oil; and then you can rub this warm ointment on your swelling limb joints to reduce the pain magically.
  9. Prevent Intestinal Parasite: If you are sick because of intestinal parasite then garlic may be a great friend of you by preventing these intestinal parasites. Eat raw garlic regularly with fried rice and from your utter surprise discover that you are free from the sickness of intestinal parasites.
  10. Prevent Heart Attack: If you eat two pieces of garlic with your regular diet then it will increase the stamina of the heart and prevent the artery blockage of heart.
  11. Heal Constipation: Many of us become imprisoned in toilet because of constipation. It seems to us that we are confined in commode with glue or we are in a spider’s web. There is good news for you! If you drink boiled water with 15-20 drops of garlic juice regularly then you will be free from this suffering. So, why not you start from today?
  12. Prevent Paralysis and Asthma: Regular garlic eating saves you from the risk of paralysis and asthma. Garlic helps a lot to heal the suffering of paralysis and asthma.
  13. Sustain Youth and Ensure Longevity: If you eat one flake of garlic with the juice of green lemon everyday then it will increase the glow of your face and will sustain the youth of you for a long time and will ensure your longevity.
  14. Heal the Pain of stomach: If you drink the juice of garlic with a little amount of milk then it will relieve you from stomach-ache and will increase the power of digestion.
  15. Remove Tiredness and Fever: Taking garlic removes the tiredness and fever. So, it will be very beneficial for you if you take garlic regularly. Your body will be revived very soon if you eat garlic to remove fatigue.
  16. Decrease the High Risk of Fat Enriched Food: If you take fat enriched fast food daily then there is a great chance of being a victim of diseases, but garlic can be a great medicine to reduce the risk of it in a great extent. It slows down the process of thickening the blood in the blood vessels. So, with your food you should take three flakes of garlic.
  17. Increase Memory Power and Prevent Alzheimer: Chew two or three flakes of garlic and then drink warm milk everyday; and it will boost your memory power and will prevent the high risk of Alzheimer.
  18. Seasonal Use: You should use garlic mostly in winter season, medium in rainy season and less in summer season.

Thank you all for reading. I will be very happy if these tips herbal treatment become helpful to you. Leave feedbacks. Welcome to my next hubs! :)

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© 2014 Mahmudur29


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    • Aumrin Rayhan profile image

      aumrin rayhan 

      4 years ago from khulna, Bangladesh

      Thanks, it was helpful.


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