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Herbal Treatments For Skin Problems

Updated on August 25, 2009

There are many theories why some people are more prone to skin problems than others.Eczema,Psoriasis,and acne may be triggered by allergies,emotional stress,harmonal imbalance,toxic overload or hereditary predisposition.

The Conventional Western approach is to deal with the symptoms,through the application of creams or by internal medication.The Ayurvedic way,which is noted for some striking results in treating skin disorders,views symptoms as the sign of an imbalance that needs to be adjusted.A Ayurvedic doctor would first seek to find out where the imbalance in the body lies,and the prescribe herbs to remedy it.

Whichever route you know toward a cure,however,symptoms such as itchy,weeping,scaly skin or painful spots and boils can be extremely distressing.There are a number of self-help tactics which can help to alleviate-and sometimes even eliminate-the worst of these symptoms.A therapeutic bath with skin-soothing and calming ingredients is often an immediately helpful treatment

Treat the skin with calendula flowers
Treat the skin with calendula flowers


A warm bath,with added camomile,will help to calm itchy or weeping skin.An alternative is a solution containing calendula flowers,chickweed,oak bark,bran,or walnut leaves.


Typical symptoms include dry,scaly skin that flakes off and causes intense irritation.Hot water can aggravate the condition,so stick to brief warm baths.Avoid soap,which can also irritate.Dead Sea salt can reduce the itching greatly.Add 4lb to your bath.Finish with a cool shower.Use water saturated with sea salt to make a soothing compress.Sea water and a reasonable amount of sunshine are extremely beneficial.


Avoid acid-forming foods,such as dairy products,meat,wheat,and citrus fruits(except for lemons).

Practice stress-reduction techniques,for example,meditation,visualization,or yoga.Psoriasis tends to worsen with stress.


Hives are characterized by raised,itchy,weal-like patches that come up suddenly-possibly in response to anxiety or food sensitivity.A bath containing bran may help to reduce the inflammation.Bring 4oz(110g) of bran to a boil in soothing.Place them in a cheesecloth or muslin bag and attach to the faucet,so that the hot water runs through them.You can alsouse a mixture of oats and bran in both cases.


Acne is not just the badly timed arrival of a pimple or two,but a full-blown erruption of pimples,resulting from inflammation of the sebaceous glands.

Add camomile or celendula to your bath to improve the general condition of your skin and prevent the formation of acne scars.

Use rosemary and lavender essential oils,which are beneficial for all problem skin.Dilute 5-6 drops of either(or a mixture of the two) in a carrier oil,and add to your bath.

A course of herbs,prescribed to individual needs by a qualified practitioner,can help.

PS:A bath infused with the right natural ingredients,such as calendula and camomile for your condition may be the best way to relieve immediate discomfort and begin the healing process.

Treat your skin with Lavender essential oils
Treat your skin with Lavender essential oils


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