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Updated on August 30, 2015

A kid suffering from eczema

Get Rid of Eczema with herbal Medication

Get Rid of Eczema with herbal Medication it helps to Stop the Itching ,Eliminate Dry Skin and Pain .Irritation on the skin surface in the form of itching & inflammation are the common symptoms of eczema, though it may varie from person to person. The primary cause for eczema is still unclear. Apart from itching & swelling, dry and cracked skin also indicates eczema. Common areas where children are most likely to have eczema are in the creases of skin that covers the elbow and knee joints groin armpit under the breast between the toes.
Herbal treatment for eczema is said to be the best treatment. Although, there are numerous medicines and topical creams and lotions that promises to treat eczema .

Various herbal treatments of Eczema
There are ample number of ways to tackle eczema when it surface on our skin.The approach is simple and affordable with complete natural remedies to aid in curing eczema. Herbs for eczema includes the regularly used organic or herbal products .
Application of Emu oil ,castor oil ,pure coconut oil(with camphor) & Tea tree oil is regarded as best herbal treatment for eczema,(use any one according to the availability) it can ease swelling if repeated applications are made through the day. .Another herbal treatment for eczema is the use of evening primrose oil. The high levels of omega 6 essential fatty acids present in the oil reduces inflammation and prevents the skin from drying up too.
Neem(Azadirachta indica) proves to be another good herbal treatment for eczema. It acts as a blood purifier and helps to clear up the dryness and inflammation of eczema the rashes shop oozing fluid and the spread is checked.checked. Neem may be consumed in a form of thick paste made into small balls and taken with water every morning or the application of it directly on the skin can alleviate eczema many people take a neem bath to keep away from bacterial infection they boil the neem leaves in the water and take a bath with it . Virgin coconut oil can also relieve the symptoms of eczema.When a person gets small pox or chicken pox neem is placed by its bed side to give a soothing feeling orthe neem water sponge is given to stop the itching when the boils dry .The neem oil is rubbed on the itchy portion of the skin and its relief is almost sure.
If we rub alum on the affected area it helps to dry the affected portion and latter the above said oils could be applied to make the skin soft .
there is another great home remedies that our grannies have been using since ages and have always got a positive results : the ingredients are as such :--10 gram zinc oxide powder ,10 grams boric acid mixed with enough virgin coconut oil to make a paste ,apply on the affected area at least 3 times a day it works wonders even papaya tree milk if applied on the affected areas it helps to cure the problem to some extent .last but not the least do anoolom viloom(breathing exercise) to rejuvenate the affected cells of your body ,so that they get good supply of oxygen and help to heal eczema fast.
even the paste of marigold leaves if applied on the affected area helps to cure the problem fast.

The described herbal treatment for eczema above is all natural and do not have any side affects .



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