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Here are 5 ways to live a happy life

Updated on May 16, 2011

Here are 5 ways to live a happy life

I think I have found the meaning of life. I really think the meaning of life is to obtain some level of happiness. That's it. Some people might disagree with that. I'm okay with the disagreement. Also, there is no way to prove this other than from what I observe about others and, overall, what I notice about myself.

All that we do in life is tied to how we will feel in the end. For example, you probably bought some new shoes. Why did you buy those shoes? Well, you probably bought those shoes to look good. Maybe they were to make other people notice you. Nevertheless, all those action and results come with a feeling that is tied to it. Ideally, you would want to feel good, right? And I believe feeling good is a form of happiness. And the list goes on for all the actions we do. You can buy a car, start a business, shave your head, become a star. It doesn't matter. It is all tied to wanting happiness.

The attainment of happiness may sound nice, but how does one go about getting it? There is no real strict formula, however I have come up with a few ideas on how to live a happy life. So now here are 5 ways to live a happy life.

1. Spend less money than you make. I know there are plenty of cool items that you might want to get your hands on. For example, you might see a car in the paper and want to buy it even though the car you have works perfectly fine. Sometimes you actually go through with those impulses to buy items you have in mind. And at the end of the transaction you realize what you have done to your finances and feel really bad. Well there is a simple solution to this and all similar situations: Spend less money than you make. This way here you will never be in debt and you will get some of the things you have always wanted in your life. Without the stress of debt--by adopting the art of spending less than you make--you will be closer to living a happy life.

2. Invest your saved money. You might be like me a save-aholic. Don't get me wrong that is a great thing to do. However, what is the point of just saving your money when you can actually get your money to work for you. You should look into investment options that you are interested in and try one out. For example, you might only be able to save $100 a month. If you can put that money into, let's say, a mutual fund or high interest savings account, you will see that you will have more money than you started saving at the end of the year. And there are many different types of investments to choose from: Mutual funds, high interest savings accounts, bonds, stocks, real estate and more. The idea is to be able to retire on the money you have saved so you can enjoy the rest of your life without the stress of maintaining your finances. Therefore, look into investing and you will eventually see that you can be living a happy life.

3. Find relationships that will last you a lifetime. So you were able to not act on your impulses. You were also able to take the money you saved and put it into some type of investment plan. You are now, or on your way, to financial freedom and a life that does not feel so stressful. But you might think you are living the happy life. One question: who is there to enjoy this with you? What is a vacation without people to enjoy the moments with. In order to avoid being in a constant state of solitude, make sure that you find relationships that can last. Whether it is family, friends, or a significant other, these are the people that will add to your overall happiness. Therefore, do not neglect building a strong network of people to surround you. This way you can know what it's like to live the happy life.

4. Live for your passion. Now you might have the last 3 tips about how to live a happy life in order, but you may still feel like there is a void or something that isn't right. Does it feel like your life is going nowhere even if you have money and friends? There is a cure for this one: Give your life some purpose by developing goals that are in-line with your passion. Do you know your passion? If you don't, it is time to do some introspection. Here is a little clue on where it is: What do you do for fun, seems easy and could sustain its activity whether or not you are paid for it? For me, my passion is music--specifically the guitar. I can jam on my guitar all day without being paid for it. I am slowly building my life toward living off of my passion. Anyway, if I make it or not I will still have some direction in life--a purpose. With this purpose, it will make me feel like I am not just wandering this earth with no land in site. Therefore, find your passion to give you direction--a purpose in life--and you will notice a change in your overall well-being.

5. Remember to exercise. So you are living the happy life. But what good is the happy life if you are suddenly...dead? You should try to avoid this unfortunate event with a little help from exercise. When you exercise you give your body a fighting chance at ultimate longevity. With your healthy body you can continue trying to live for your passion, find relationships that will last and control your finances. So, EXERCISE to keep enjoying happiness!

These were 5 ways to live a happy life. Once you get your finances in order, your money to work for you, lasting relationships, passion to be the path of your life and exercise to be a priority, you will see that your living situation will be better than your current state. If something gets in the way of your plan to live the happy life, don't worry and slowly make your way back on track. In the end it is your happiness that counts, right? Anyway, I hope this helps you. Good luck!

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