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Here's a Quick Way to Solve Knee Pain

Updated on February 25, 2015

A Simple Pill Will Not Do The Trick, Here's Why

Localized inflammation around the knee is a result of stress placed on the knee. Sure the knee will swell after a long run . Ice and Aleve can help take the sting out. I want to point you to other areas of your body that leads to the knee hurting.

The runners knees are being pushed to their limits. This rings true for long time runners especially. The wear and tear will decrease the height of the meniscus leading to degenerative arthritis, over time.

Pills only help after the damage is inflicted. Think of it as putting oil into your car after the engine has seized? A day late and a few dollars short. If you need the pill to manage pain and to continue to run then have at it. Understand they are not fixes just temporary relief. The longer you continue to run on less than stable knees the more problems you ar elikely to encounter later on in life.

The surrounding muscles and bones if stable and balanced will decrease your knee pain significantly. This will allow you to run for many more years with far less pain.

Tibia and Fibula role in Knee Pain for Runners

The tibia is that larger bone in your leg below the knee. The fibula is the smallish bone on the very side of your leg. The fibula is smaller at the knee and becomes very wide at the outside part of your ankle. The tibia forms the inside of your ankle joint.

The tibia and fibula need to be snug against each other to offer support for the knee from below the knee joint. If either one of these bones is out of place you could end up with terrific knee pain and problems.

Ankle problems that cause stability issues for the tibia or fibula can lead to a down- up problem for knee pain sufferers. It is natural to think that the site of the pain is the issue when in fact it is really coming from other stress points..

Learn to run without pain

Self Examination Can Help Identify Problem Areas

So you are a runner experiencing knee pain. You go for a nice long run on a Sunday morning and spend the rest of the day hobbling around. Here is what you should do.

Feel around the knee. Look for sore and tender spots on the muscles that insert onto the knee. You can leave the hamstrings out. You want to focus on the quadriceps. These are the four muscles that insert onto the knee.

If they are tender, and they will be you have a causative factor in your knee pain. Quite often the muscles that insert onto the knee originate at the hip. Muscles help the bones move and act as levers. If there are pelvic misalignment's these can cause imbalanced muscles to put uneven pressure on the muscle insertion points near the knee.

Relieving pressure on these tender spots can be done sitting in front of the TV. I am certain that if yo massaged the tender points you locate on your upper thighs in front you will get relief from knee pain.

Go to the outside of your leg below the knee. This is where you will find the Tibia-Fibula joint, feel around if it is tender identify all the tender spots. Add these to your couch surfing duties. Work on these tender points. You will feel better next time you done with your run.

Running Does Not Have to Hurt


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Easy to do stretches to help knee pain

At Home Self Help Tips to Help Knee Pain in Runners

1- when sitting in your car, on a plane or in front of a TV continually rub the tender spots you located.

2- when sitting in your car, on a plane or in front of a TV continually rub the tender spots you located. ( second time is for emphasis)

3-continue to run with less pain for more enjoyment!

Any Suggestions for at home knee pain remedies?

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