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Outbreak of Herpes Zoster (with Extremely Painful Blisters)

Updated on February 27, 2014

Aloe vera (Wikipedia. Internet. Dec. 23,2012). Gel of leaf treats herpes zoster

Herpes zoster is caused by reactivated chickenpox virus

Herpesvirus varicellazoster virus causes chickenpox; it also causes herpes zoster. This disease is also called shingles or zona.

In fact, chickenpox occurs ahead of herpes zoster. When the patient had become well of chickenpox, some virus enter the nervous system and lodge in the nerve roots along the spinal cord. There they remain dormant or noninfectious. Herpesvirus varicellazoster is different from the herpes virus that is sexually transmitted.

When the immune system of the carrier weakens, the virus reactivates. Herpes zoster is extremely painful. Blisters appear in the skin similar to chickenpox. Blisters remain in specific areas of the skin, called dermatone. Dermatones are often found in the abdomen, face, and buttocks. The cause of reactivation of the virus has not yet been specified.

If the dermatone involves the eye, the victim can go blind, according to Dr. Arturo V. Estuita, MD, a Filipino internist and chelationist.

In addition to administering infusion chelation therapy for the cardiovascular system, diabetes, cirrhosis, cancer, and arthritis Dr. Estuita also administers chelation for hepatitis B, C and D. These are caused by virus. He said it is highly likely that the infusion chelation therapy he is giving my lady friend recently afflicted with herpes zoster will also remedy this illness. He had already treated 10 victims of hepatitis B since March 2012. My lady friend had one more session in chelation therapy on December 17,2012.

The incidence of herpes zoster looks to be increasing. Among my acquaintances, three had already been afflicted. There is an outbreak of herpes zoster.

Herpesvirus shows a character of hepatitis B and C virus. A fellow who had been afflicted with them and got well does not completely eradicate them. In the case of hepatitis A virus, the body of a victim who got well from it completely gets rid of hepa A virus. That is why persons who had hepatitis B are coming to Dr. Estuita for hepa B treatment. (I have a Hub “A medical breakthrough in the control of hepatitis B by chelation therapy”).

Antibiotics are given to a herpes zoster patient to control opportunistic bacteria attacking the blisters. However, antibiotics cannot kill virus. Antiviral drugs, adenine arabinoside and acyclovir, had been useful (Shader, L. MD and J. Zonderman. Mononucleosis and Other Infectious Diseases. 1989:45).

"The Zostavax vaccine is available for people over 60 years of age to reduce the incidence and severity of shingles" (Internet. December 21,2012).

There is a need to completely eliminate herpesvirus varicellazoster from a person who had been afflicted with chickenpox. Alternatively, there is a need to prevent the reactivation of this virus.

Aloe vera is one medicinal plant that can treat herpes zoster, according to fellow Hubber babybrownfox. The gel of the leaf is rubbed on the blister. Results show in around five days.

New entries as of December 23,2012

Varicella vaccine

Varicella vaccine is given for protection against chickenpox. It consists of live attenuated or weakened varicella virus. The vaccinated person cannot infect another person, even if they live in the same household. This is unlike the live attenuated polio vaccine also called oral polio vaccine. The weakened polio virus can mutate and turn virulent. The person given oral polio vaccine can infect another person who had not been vaccinated.

The sad fact is that the varicella vaccine cannot give complete protection against herpes zoster. That means, a person given varicella vaccine will still get sick of herpes zoster when conditions favor it. Factors favoring herpes zoster are old age, weakened immune system and stress. He gets the varicella virus from the varicella vaccine (Offit, P. A. MD and L. M. Hell, MD. Vaccines: What Every Parent Should Know. 1999:83-90).

However, consider this fact: A person who had been infected by a wild type of varicella virus and got sick of chickenpox will get sick of herpes zoster more severe than when he got the varicella virus from the varicella vaccine. The reason is that the virus from the varicella vaccine is weaker than the wild type. In short, if you choose not to go for varicella vaccine, you choose to get the wild type virus. Chickenpox is still prevalent.

"In fact, all evidence to date shows that the vaccine virus is weaker than the natural virus and therefore less likely to cause shingles when the virus awakens, or reactivates" (Same source as above).


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