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Hiccups Cure

Updated on June 3, 2015

How To Cure Hiccups

There are many ways to cure hiccups some of which might have been passed down threw family generations. Many methods can be used and I am here to give you an insight on all the methods that are used and are effective.

1. From my personal experience the only method that works for me and that I have advised to others that has always worked is take a glass of ANYTHING to drink, bend over, hold your nose, and drink from the opposite side that you usually drink till you absolutely have to breath and then stand up. In my case hiccups are completely gone.

2. Take a hold of your pinky and hold down on the nail hard for 10 seconds then release. Hiccups are gone. I always thought this one was a little skeptical but hey for some people it works. I also herd that this method works on dogs. If you try it and it works be sure to let me know!

3. Eat some sugar. You know you want an excuse to bend your diet, or have something sweet to eat. For many people sugar helps get rid of hiccups. So have a few M&M's and see if it works for you.

4. Take deep breaths and hold It for as long as you can. Continue to due this till your hiccups are gone.

5. Take steady breaths. Many people believe hiccups are from not having steady breaths or from lack of oxygen.

6. Get a towel and put it over the top of a glass of water. Drink all of the water and BAM hiccups are gone.

7. If you a desperate take a spoon full of vinegar that nasty taste should cure anything!

8.If the nasty vinegar doesn't work try licking some hot sauce. The burn should give you something to focus on long enough to forget about the hiccups.

9.Breath slowly threw a plastic bag like you see when people are hyperventilating.

Are You Hiccups Gone?

Well did any of these cure your annoying hiccups? If so which one worked for you? Do you know another simple trick to cure hiccups? If so be sure to let me know as I am always looking for a new cure. Good luck to getting rid of hiccups. May there stay be ever so short!


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