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The Hidden Dangers of Food Additives, Preservatives, and Artificial Sweeteners

Updated on March 18, 2012

Food Additives and Preservatives


Read Labels and Research Ingredients

Everyone should be aware of chemically treated and altered foods known as "Genetically Modified Organisms" (GMOs) and its hidden ingredients. Other contaminents found in food to be weary of is rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) or rBST (recombinant Bovine Somatotropin), MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), Gluten and High Fructose Corn Syrup. There are many other food additives and preservatives to be concerned about. Artificial sweeteners are at the top of this list too. Especially high fructose corn syrup! The hidden dangers in these food additives and preservatives is carcinogenic and disease forming over time. Stress and aging are other signs from the consumption of processed foods. But the most alarming hidden danger of GMOs is the non-labeling of whether a product is genetically modified. No preservatives should be in foods either! These are clearly unhealthy food additives to avoid.

It is clear that some foods do require preservatives in order to maintain their shelf life. As for preservatives, they keep the food from rotting and developing rancidity. Produce like fruits and vegetables that are highly perishable, need preservatives added to preserve their freshness. On the other hand, additives are only added to foods to enhance the taste of the food. As you add coloring to foods this will give the food a different appearance. But you must understand that food coloring is dangerous too. Artificial sweeteners like Sweet and Low, Equal, Splenda, Stevia, and other sweeteners are harmful additives people use on a regular basis. If people would read food labels more often, they could avoid consuming toxic preservatives and additives.

What's even more alarming is the FDA does not require food manufacturers to label their products non-GMO. It's up to the discretion of the manufacturers! This is what the United States is dealing with today. Hidden dangers lurking in the food supply. The FDA is knowingly allowing this kind of practice to occur.

Imagine on a Sunday afternoon, you are out grocery shopping for you and your family when you decide to stop and pick up some food you thought was healthy! If food manufacturers don't mention the use of additives, preservatives, or coloring on their labels, how can the consumer protect themselves? Many manufacturers will push as many of their products as they can just for the benefit of profiting more. So imagine the food manufacturers marketing these products as being healthy and good for you with the FDA's seal of approval. How can you tell if your food has been genetically altered? And how would you feel about the FDA's handling of this situation? Especially, if the labels on foods are misleading! What is inside the ingredients of foods we eat? For a matter of fact, the United States is the only country where companies at their discretion don't have to label their food products indicating whether the food has been chemically treated or not. To me this is a scary thought! Because unless you do your research on additives, preservatives, and genetically altered foods, you probably would not know the difference. These are truly worry some issues we all face together. I would like to live for a very long time without the worries of not knowing what dangers are lurking in the food supply.

Avoid rBGH and rBST

Artificial Sweeteners

Sweet and Low, Equal, and Splenda
Sweet and Low, Equal, and Splenda

Genetically Modified Organisms

Health Conditions
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    • nwarriar profile image

      nwarriar 6 years ago from Quebec, Canada

      Hi Marla

      Very actual and necessary hub. I'm into making food from scratch (except for the growing part) and am always interested in reading about what others put in my foods. And Indian Chef is absolutely right-ditch the canned stuff. I've even read articles that tout their nutritional values. Too bad I didn't make note of it. Please continue.

    • Marla Rose profile image

      Marla Rose 6 years ago from Aventura, Florida

      Yes it's a good thing you buy your meats and vegetables fresh. Do you ever buy organic foods? The more natural and organic a product is the more healthier it is for you. It is terrible what they are doing to the food supply. It is effecting everyone! Thank you for the comment.

    • Indian Chef profile image

      Indian Chef 6 years ago from New Delhi India

      Hi Marla, we have been told not to buy canned products time and again as they have additives to prolong their shelf life and these can be carcinogenic. We try to buy our vegetables and meat fresh. Very nice and informative hub.