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High Fibre Low Fat Diet Foods for Weight Loss

Updated on April 16, 2011

A diet of high fibre low fat foods, close to natural and unrefined food, is the answer for a disease-free, healthy and fit physique. The secret lies in eating a balanced meal. Your way of eating must be a part of your lifestyle and not a dogmatic regimen.

A sensible diet for weight loss includes a reasonable amount of fibre.

By increasing the amount of fibre which we eat, particularly in the form of cereals, there is a substantial increase in our general health. Lack of fibre in the diet has been implicated in many diseases as varied as cancer of the colon to varicose veins and gallstones. These diseases are also known as diseases of civilisation, because they are more prevalent in industrialised countries than in less developed ones. The obvious reason is that in rural areas, fibre intake is higher.

Food in its natural state is high in fibre. Earlier, fibre was considered as merely 'roughage' - an inert bulking agent which had a laxative effect and helped push everything along the intestines. But research has proved that fibre regulates the rate at which food is pushed down, digested and released into the bloodstream. Thus it ensures a smooth-running- digestive system and (good news for slimmers) provides for a longer and continuous supply of energy which keeps you feeling fuller for a longer time. Fibre has also another protective function. It is worked upon by the bacteria that colonises the lower reaches of the intestines.

Highly refined food, on the other hand, which is digested well before it reaches the colon, does not keep the bacteria fully occupied, with the result that they may start producing toxic substances and carcinogens (cancer-producing agents).

High fibre foods

Given below is a list of food items with their fibre content.

Fibre content %
Bread (white)
Bread (Whole meal)
Wheat bran
All bran

Given below are a list vegetables, fruits and nuts with their fibre content.

Fibre content %
Potatoes (with skin)
Dessicated coconut
Figs (fried)

Interesting food facts

Going to a party and know you won't be able to resist some drinking? Avoid any chance of a hangover by taking 500 mg of vitamin C before you go, 500 mg just before you fall into bed and the last 500 mg as soon as you get up in the morning. Waking up will be a joy and not a pain.

Cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries and citrus fruits provide vitamin C. Vitamin C also repairs cells and tissues, help to fight off infections.


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