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High protein diet is good or bad???

Updated on March 5, 2013

Proteins are the essential nutrient factor made up of amino acids needed to sustain the life as they play the major roles in the growth and functioning of the body like formation of cellular structures, defense, enzymes hormones and many other important functions. Proteinous food must be consumed daily for the proper functioning of the body to get certain essential amino acids which are not generally produced by body itself so vegetables, meat, milk and dairy products must be taken in recommended quantity. The protein intake recommended for women is 46 gm and for men is 56 gm daily.

Proteins in food are degraded during the normal metabolism of the body these are converted to amines. Biogenic amines take part in many of the physiologic function of the body which includes activity of brain (neurotransmitter), regulation of pH in stomach, gastric juices, hormones, allergic reactions, blood pressure, temperature, and other body functions.

One of the very big misconception in our population is taking only large amount of proteins is good for the proper functioning of the body with additional benefits ” because of this approach people consume large amounts of proteinous food especially MEAT which in turn causes disastrous diseases and health effects like the formation of BIOGENIC AMINES .

When the concentration of the same amines exceeds from the normal level required by the body through excessive intake of protein rich food, it yields toxic effects. The buildup of biogenic amines inside the protein rich food is due to the activity of microorganisms. Such type of food taken excessively can causes adverse effects like neurological disorder, blood pressure disorder, headaches, rashes, allergy, carcinogenic effects, respiratory disorder, nausea, surplus weight loss, and harmful effects on kidney or liver etc.

Ketosis is the process that is then carries out by the body in which all the stored carbohydrates is taken up and metabolized due to low carbohydrate diet or taking only high protein diet. In this process the body switches to the use of fat for the energy gain. The fats are degraded into ketones and the process is known as the ketosis. Because of the ketosis people have experienced fatigue, nausea, low appetite.

Rabbit starvation is a malnutrition in which glut of protein foods like meat imposes adverse effects due to the low availability of the fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins etc need is also caused by taking only meat.

Hence safety issues regarding major risks associated with biogenic amines must be taken into account while focusing on a protein rich diet.

Our body exhibits mechanisms for the detoxification of the biogenic amines in an equilibrium state through amine oxidases (which carry out oxidation of these amines). A person’s intake of proteinous foods when coupled with smoking or alcoholism has been observed to increase the toxic effect of biogenic amines while decreasing the activity of AOs.

The most important step which should be taken is to take a balanced diet in order to attain excellent health and keep away from diseases. As we know there are five major groups of food which includes carbohydrates, proteins, sugary or fatty foods, dairy and vegetables and fruits. To make the accurate set of scales in these major food groups is the balance diet which contains all the essential carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals providing all these in recommended percentage the body can function properly and more effectively with good benefits for health.

The problem here lies within the lack of a balanced diet. People in Pakistan consume too much protein in the form of meat because that is one of the most favorite foods and consuming large amounts of meat makes them prone to many health problems.

Girls are especially over conscious. I have experienced with my own friends they assume that cutting off the sugar and fats from the diet is good for a healthy life but this is totally wrong approach. These should be added to the diet in small quantity so that each nutrient will carry out its normal function.

In good diet one can maintain by consuming 50% of fruits and vegetables, 25% of meat and other proteinous food items for proteins and 25% of the grains.


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