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Highest Calorie Alcoholic Beverages

Updated on October 4, 2009
frozen drinks are often super high calorie choices
frozen drinks are often super high calorie choices

Alcohol can be a sneaky source of weight gain, and some common alcoholic beverages have absolutely shocking calorie counts.

Long Island Iced Teas can be up to 780 calories per drink. They're boozy, they're sugary, and have a shocking amount of calories. And ladies, asking for a splash of Diet Coke rather than regular is pretty silly, because sour mix is ultimately what jacks the calories up sky high. I say ladies, because this was a common request from the gals at the bar where I used to work.

Margaritas are very tasty but they can pack a serious caloric whallop. Blame the sour mix again, or store bought mixes, (which are oh so super sugary) for the nearly 600 calories that a large Margarita can contain. Margaritas are nice on a hot day, but they'll cost ya big time. If I'm jonesin' for a Margarita, I'm a big fan of making a lighter version with Light Limeade rather than store bought mixes, this little, and sometimes cheaper trade, saves a ton of calories and still tastes very nice.

Anything frozen is going to be a calorie bonanza thanks to the prepacked mixes and fruit juice concentrates. Pina Coladas are intense and can cost you nearly 650 calories. Daiquiris are not much better at 56 calories per oz. Think about those gi-mongous glasses at your local chain restaurant for a sec, and the math can get to be pretty scary.

The Dude loves his Caucasians in The Big Lebowski, but a White Russian will set you back some serious calories. Thank the half and half, or cream, for the sky high calories (and saturated fat) in this beverage. At 77 calories per oz a White Russian has more than 450 calories in a 6 oz drink.

If some of this information has freaked you out there are definitely some more figure-friendly options out there which can save you hours of guilt-induced (and slightly hungover) time at the gym. There is room for moderate alcohol consumption in a healthy lifestyle, but it's important to make the best decisions possible to help you reach your goals.


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