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Highlights on some ways by which we can encounter the difficulties of life .

Updated on March 29, 2016

Have you ever wished before that all the days of your life pass without suffering?

Ask yourself some important questions

Have you ever wished before that all the days of your life pass without suffering?

Maybe you wished that, but rather to say: Maybe you dreamed of that ! Yes, it is a dream, not a reality. We must experience some of the suffering, and must meet many hardships on some days of life, perhaps even in the most.

Life is full of troubles and difficulties, and every one of us must face, not some of them, perhaps even a lot of adversity in his life.

But the important questions are :

Will you give up to that suffering ?

will you be broken when considering the waves of adversity and tribulations that may be wind at sometimes ?

Or you must realy face and confront ?

If you decide to confrontation: What are the mechanisms for such a confrontation in order to be successful ?

Do not escape & make right descrition .

There should be realistic answers, and to be realistic we have to mention some examples of some of the characters that are exposed to the troubles of life patterns, or perhaps some of the tragedies, and through it we are trying to identify the ways and mechanisms of successful confrontation:

- There are people who tend to escape from the hardships and retreating backwards, and they believe that they have ride out the confrontation! But the fact that the obstacles and difficulties do not go away by leaving her behind , but they will go away by confronting and working to full readiness and preparedness for early confrontation in case of recurrence, the person will build up what it's like early alarm when he alludes just near any of these trouble again, so routine troubles do not turn into almost insurmountable obstacles that disrupt the march of life.

- There are people who tend to downplay adversity, which may be a negative understatement, not understatement as a positive adjective in those people, so much as a disregard and lack of appreciation of the nature of the problem that they actually face.

The problem may be at work, and the employee may flout it , leading to the punishing or even expel him from his job. And it may be a family problem, disregard it leads to aggravation because of the resulting increase misunderstanding between the sides of that problem.

The best in all is that the person faces every problem with good maturity and right discretion , and studies it actually and deeply , then evaluates a real assessment of it , and then puts the right solutions , so that he can overcome them successfully, and preventing poor appreciation to lead to exacerbation of those problems or making them out of control.

Facing difficulties with courage .

Face with measured courage .

- Some others fear constrict them when they experience a dilemma , so fear overcome their ability to confront this dilemma , turnning the person to the position of the defeated against the adversary victor with euphoric victory, tempting bad guys to mass against this psychologically defeated one so as to harm it with ease.

What should be on every one , is to be brave in front of the difficulties, we are all fully aware that we will inevitably face problems and difficulties in our life, and self is prepared for this confrontation, so why sombody fears then? Why defeatism in front of a deduction who may be really weak? Why being confined within an artificially psychological crisis, made up by fear, which is substantive and unrealistic, this artificial crisis we are suffering we are aware that there will be a lot of them in our lives ?

Here we should mention an important fact, namely, the need for education and training of young persons and children from an early age the courage against adversity and not to be afraid of them. Education at a young age is like engraving on the stone.

- And contrary to what I mentioned earlier, there is who breaks into difficulties and dilemmas, but more like a way to be an attack of the raging wave against some children who do not know how to swim and are only sitting on a quiet beach suddenly attacked by such a cyclone wave.

This is also classified as a poor estimate of the size of the dilemma, but a miscalculation in terms of the power of the confrontation itself, and not in terms of recklessness or reducing its size. A person here tends to break into and taking whatever the consequences, though, that in certain cases should wait, maybe rally around the dilemma facing by a different route which maybe the best, rather than direct confrontation that may happen with bigger losses, like skater on the waves, who adapts the wave skill and rides it and bringing to be funny ski out, and like guerrilla style confronting a regular army.They need to think well before any confrontation, and try to trap due to differences in the balance of power, and slowing down in assessing the position is not because of fearfulness in all cases, but may be Enclosing all aspects before taking over inevitable confrontation, that should have got a good measure of selecting the time or the place or method of confrontation, so that there will be a great opportunity to finish the fight or struggle with bigger positives than negatives expected.

Look at the bright side .

Look at the bright side .

- Some others believe that the result of the battle between him and the difficulties of life must be decisive, like as if he hits his opponent by knockout !

The fact is that he should understand the nature of the problems and dilemmas of life, and there often talked pros and cons, and the person comes out victorious from the dilemma , but he might be exposed to inflict with some scratches or wounds, and each problem has its measure and size . The truth that should be understood here and preparedness to accept is that the injury can be recovered from, and the wounds can be treated , and as measure as each battle , there will be gains and losses, and it is not a must that there be a knockout, but perhaps the battles resolve with points. Here we should be careful of that who faces the problem should earn as much as possible of the positive points in his favor, even victory becomes his ally, even though he exposed to or suffered from some bruising or punches.

- Some people may actually face or confront a time of several times, but he gets strong scar, and come out of the confrontation with Psychological pain growing with time, like as every time he looks at that scar he remembered the suffering, and increased internal pain, so he might weaken slowly for the next confrontation, and then defeated at the end , and perhaps depressed or leaves bout with adversity, and becomes Restricted within his psychological pain.

But which should be done Here is to look at the bright side of that scar, Does It not mean positivity ? Does It not mean that the strike, which did not break the back strengthen it ? does It not mean that I had actually won and beautify part of me with a victory mark in that inevitable confrontation? Does it not mean that some did not bear and came out of the battle with fatal injuries and did not complete the confrontation and fall in the middle of the road, but I completed an won a memorial medal from such a confrontation?

looking at the positive and bright side and to the models that emerged victorious from their miseries and hardships is one of the best factors that removes the psychological effects of the confrontation with adversity, and prevents its accumulation within oneself.

These were some highlights on some patterns of dealing with the dilemmas of life, which we need to know about , and finally I hope that I had been able to demonstrate well , so that there will be a real benefit for each one when facing a trouble in his life, and that he can inspire something of which I wrote , stressing on the fact that : making benefits to people should be one of our pros and ethics in life.


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