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Hiking in Connecticut with DOGS!

Updated on April 10, 2018
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Kerrie is an avid hiker and adventure lover of all things outdoors, plus a part time dog walker and hikes with her two Goldendoodles daily!

Gay City State Park, Hebron CT

Gay City State Park, Hebron CT
Gay City State Park, Hebron CT

Who doesn't enjoy a good hike?

Growing up in Connecticut and living here my entire life, I've stumbled on some wonderful hiking areas. I am the proud owner of two Goldendoodles that enjoy it as much as I. We love finding new areas to explore and being a photography lover, taking pictures of the beauty that always seems to surround us!

Gay City State Park, Hebron CT

One of our favorite spots which is only 5 minutes from our home (BONUS) is Gay City State Park. It's a wonderful park with over 1,500 acres of woodland teeming with hiking trails to explore filled with wooden bridges, waterfalls, streams and several small ponds. The story goes that it was a once-thriving 18th-century village. Remnants from the former town, including the remains of abandoned mills, stone foundations and other structures, can still be found here. You can easily spend an entire day exploring or just get a half an hour fix. Trails are clearly marked with maps along the way to guide you as you go. There is also a swimming area and picnicking in the summer months. Gay City can be accessed from Birch Mountain Road in Glastonbury as well as the main entrance in Hebron CT on West Road.

Remnants of the old mill at Gay City
Remnants of the old mill at Gay City

Buckingham Reservoir

Buckingham Reservoir supplies Manchester with some of it's water supply. Manchester actually has five reservoirs that allow passive hiking but this is our favorite spot. It's open to the public as a passive hiking and biking area and offers some beautiful views of the reservoir and surrounding streams. This is another one that is very close to our home and we are lucky to be able to visit several times a week. Not many people know about this secret spot so it stays quite quiet with only a few visitors, most with dogs. From this reservoir you can also access Birch Mountain Trails, Coop Road and Mountain road as well as all the interlacing hiking and mountain biking trails. It's a beautiful spot to spend some time outdoors for sure! Buckingham Reservoir can be accessed off Coop Road and Old Herbron Rd, both of which are off Hebron Avenue.

Devils Hopyard

Another wonderfully scenic spot to explore is Devils Hopyard in East Haddam. Here you'll find a few glorious waterfalls and streams as well as some great hiking trails. In the summer months it can be quite busy, best to hit this spot in the off season if you want to have your dog off leash. They also offer a small campground as well as grills and picnic tables. It's a beautiful spot to spend the day.

Longo Farms Open Space

This is a relatively new spot here in Glastonbury but it is just stunning! You pull into a little road which leads you to a small paved parking lot at the bottom of an open field. The field is just gorgeous with rolling hills, flowers and ponds. Follow the field around the edges and up the hill for a beautiful view from above. Off the top of the field you will find multiple marked trails through the woods. Easy to get lost here as this as quite a large area. Play close attention to the markers as you go! There are many streams and ponds around for photos and a quick dip or drink for the pups!


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