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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Updated on December 26, 2013

The Wonders of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Do you know how good the salty air of the ocean is for your body? I bet you don't. Did you know that if you spend a day at the beach, you are more likely to sleep more soundly that night? Hmmm, that's why I slept great last Sunday night. Because I took my daughter to collect shells, tiny rocks and a bit of seaweed for her 'art work'. She's only three, but she does love to make stuff, out of anything we collect.

Even in winter, we had a lovely few hours at the beach, wrapped up nice and warm. It felt great. But not as nice as waking up on Monday morning after a sound sleep. This is because of the sea air. It is charged with negative ions, which help us to soak in more oxygen. The salty sea air also balances out our serotonin levels, which give us our moods.

What is so Special About a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The crystals from Himalayan rock salt (or the amount in one of those stunning orange lamps) is equivalent to the same volume of crystalline sea salt in one thousand liters of sea water. So, as you would expect, having a salt lamp in your home is very, very good for you.

The salt crystal mined in Tibet and the foot hills of the Himalayan mountains is well know for it's health benefits, and in fact makes a very attractive feature light in any home. When the salt lamp is heated, it releases negative ions into the air which improve the quality of the air which surrounds us.

This is my own salt light which is situated in my living room

Beautiful isn't it? That orange glow sets a lovely tranquil evening mood. We turn all the other lights off in the evening and just use the salt lamps light to watch television. It is so very relaxing. Sorry, I strayed slightly off topic then, so back to the 'wonders of the lamp'!

Crystalline sea salt started forming 250 million years ago. And we (humans) have so much in common with Sea water, or rather our chemistry make up does. Our saline chemistry is almost a perfect match in mineral and trace elements to crystalline sea salt. I thought we were made up of mostly water, but you can't rebut what the scientists tell you, can you?

Our oceans began life four billion years ago after rains fell, which dissolved the rocks and minerals, forming rivers, lakes and the oceans. Suggestions have been made that the ocean is the root of life, as practically all life on the planet earth has a similar saline chemistry. Food for thought, perhaps!

Health and Wellness Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt

Our bodies lack certain minerals, which are drawn out of our bodies through daily life. But when we immerse ourselves in sea water, a beautiful thing happens. Our body wants to recharge with these mineral deficiencies, like iodine and calcium, and balance the PH level in our skin. This is why, after we spend a day at the beach, we feel on top of the world. Not only have we got a great tan, but we have replenished those minerals back into our body.

How Does a Rock Salt Lamp Work?

The lamp works in pretty much the same way as the sea salt from the ocean. You see, in this modern lifestyle of our very often stressful world, we are generally surrounded by positive ions in the air. These positive ions or electrically charged particles, have a detrimental effect on our surroundings, and more importantly - our wellbeing. They can make us feel quite unwell. All this bad stuff in air around us, and we don't even realize it.

A crystal light will reverse this effect. Have you ever wondered why after a day by the sea, breathing the fresh air and a possible dip in the ocean, you always seem to feel brighter and really refreshed than you did before you got to the beach? Like we've already discussed, it is the negative ions in the sea water and in the sea air that have this wonderful effect on you.

A Crystal Salt Lamp Duplicate the Effect of Sea Water on our Bodies

The sea water is hygroscopic, a very scientific term indeed, but it basically means that the salt pulls out water molecules (moisture) from the surrounding environment (including our bodies). This may sound a little strange as many of us know that we must top up our bodies water supply (2 or more liters of water a day) for our bodies to function normally.

But this effect reacts with any unnatural element in our body, such as a virus or bacteria, breaks them down and oxidizing them. This has no negative effect on your body, apart from maybe the need to top up with more water.

When the salt light is heated, it naturally attracts moisture from its surroundings and draws toward it, any pathogens (viruses) and the oxidizing effect destroys them, thus making the remaining air very clean.

How Long Does a Salt Lamp Last?

The only real maintenance required is the replacement of a small bulb (15 watts). The deep mined crystals of salt lamps are extremely durable and will last a lifetime when used indoors. Some lights even come with a lifetime guarantee!

If however, the lamp is not used and left near a source of moisture like the condensation from a window, it will collect the moisture on the outside. This demonstrates and proves that its hygroscopic properties are working correctly. When this happens, you will notice a kind of melted salt effect on the light. This effect can easily be remedied by switching it on, which will prolong the lamps life.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Effects on Joints and Muscles

Your lamp also has some sports injury treatment effects, which is great if you have sore muscles or joints.

You can also use a salt lamp, holding it close to your body so it (your body) absorbs mineral salts, which is a great help for joint and muscle pain, sports injuries and even arthritis. The crystal relaxes the muscles and allows the body to absorb the minerals it needs, while drawing out the bad stuff, like toxins.

Salt Lamp Tips and How to Care for Your Lamp

When using a crystal light for long periods, it is important to keep your body hydrated. Other than this water effect, there are no detrimental effects to the body.

Never wash the lamp, because it's natural effect is one of a self cleansing, with its antibiotic properties, so it does not need washing. If it gets dusty, just use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean it. And when you don't use it for long periods of time, do not leave your lamp in a humid room or outside of the home where it is exposed to the elements. And you should not keep your lamp on a windowsill, or in a bathroom (as there is lots of moisture there).

Please, if you have had any experiences with Salt Lamps, please share them in the comments section below. And if you would like to catch up with Andy, you can find him on his Google+ profile.

Do you posses a salt lamp? Please leave feedback which could help future readers.

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  • fitnesscentral profile image

    Andy 4 years ago from London

    Thanks for reading, Teresa...that is one of my own lamps in the photo (sitting on top of the corner unit). It's not only helping my families health, but it looks wonderful too, especially when all other lights are out!

  • fitnesscentral profile image

    Andy 4 years ago from London

    Thank you for the message, vespawoolf. Ever since I was a child, there has always been 'something' about the sea air. Salt lamps have been a wonderful discovery for me and my family.

  • Teresa Coppens profile image

    Teresa Coppens 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    Interesting article. Where I live we are so far from the ocean. This lamp would be a nice way of bringing the ocean home everyday!

  • vespawoolf profile image

    vespawoolf 4 years ago from Peru, South America

    This is very interesting. I definitely believe in the health benefits of ocean air, so the salt lamp makes sense. I will check out your amazon links. Thanks so much!

  • Peter Geekie profile image

    Peter Geekie 4 years ago from Sittingbourne

    A well written and researched article on a powerful therapy.

    The body is constantly losing minerals and often toxins take their place. Tibetan salt lamps contain a wide spectrum of minerals, many of which we do not get in our daily life or diet. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Voted up, useful and interesting.

    Kind regards Peter


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