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Hip Flexor Injury Treatment

Updated on May 7, 2009

Recovering From Hip Flexor Injury

Rest, Ice, Heat, and Arnica
Rest, Ice, Heat, and Arnica

Hip Flexor Injury

Your Hip Flexor muscles are the muscles in your hip that allow you to walk, run, jump, and sit. These muscles are usually very strong however they can be injured just like any other muscle in the body.

When you injure your hip flexor muscles, this is called hip flexor injury (also known as hip pain strain). You can get a hip flexor injury by “over doing it”. For example, by over exercising, house cleaning, or any other activity you’re not use to.

But get this; you can even get a hip flexor injury by doing simple activities also like picking up your shoes, reaching to get your coffee cup or even stretching across the table. Why? It may be that you have not stretched your muscles enough or by hyper extending your hip muscles.

Symptoms include hip muscle pain, back pain, or hip and leg pain. If you suspect having hip flexor injury, stop what you’re doing, and see a health professional. Your health professional can either be your sports trainer, doctor, physical therapist, or even your chiropractor.

If your health professional diagnosis your hip flexor injury as minor, there are few steps you can take to help heal and alleviate the pain. Follow the instructions of your health professional. Your doctor may request you to rest the area and do not over strain your hip muscles. Apply ice for the 1st day or 2 to the affected area for 20 minutes and then no ice for 20 minutes. Sleep on the uninjured hip with a pillow in between your knees to prevent strain. Then after 2-3 days apply heat to the muscle.

The best treatment for hip muscle pain or hip and leg pain is to apply the over the counter cream called Arnica. Arnica is an odorless and non-sticky pain reliever that decreases hip flexor injury inflammation.



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    • profile image

      Morgan 2 years ago

      Hi, I'm not sure if I have this but I need help! I play soccer and have been doing it since I was 6 or 7. I am 12 now and am on 2 teams. Having 4 practices a week and 2-3 games on the weekends. I am barely substituted and am a right striker. I feel fine when I'm playing but after when I life my leg or knee to a 90• angle I feel lots of pain. When I put my knee down I can barely walk. This has been going on for 1 1/2 years. I went to a doctor but they said I strained my muscle. I was out of soccer and gym for a whole week.

      About a few months ago I had two tournaments for travel and rec soccer. We won both! :D. I lifted my knee up to hold my water bottle against my stomach and I felt terrible pain! I lifted my leg up again and couldn't get in the car. My parents had to physically help me. It is winter and my mom isn't letting me do indoor and to just rest my hip. I need help soccer starts in the spring and I need to figure out some stretches to do often. By the way we do lots of stretches before games and practices.

    • profile image

      Anne02 3 years ago

      My niece since she started walking walks like a model e.g. every step from one movement to the hip to the other. Is this not a problem for her hips eventually?

    • profile image

      Futamarka 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      Amber 4 years ago

      I'm not for sure if I have this but I was doing 100 meter hurdles for 3 hours straight today which I don't think is very good and now I am in A LOT of pain!!! If you have any suggestions on what I can do because I am in track season right now but I have a week to get better b4 we start again because I am on Spring Break right now!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

    • profile image

      enverepricA 4 years ago

      My partner and i helpful to find on top of living but as of late We've developed any resistance.

    • profile image

      Selyn 5 years ago

      After 22 days and 4 different dr and a boat load of percocets, I finally demanded muscle relaxers. all 4 Dr's before said it wouldn't help...they were wrong. About an hr after my first dose I already began to feel less pain. within 3 days I was almost pain free. Amazing the one thing they didn't want me to have "muscle relaxer"and instead I went through 65 perks in just over 3 wks. I would think dr's would try a muscle relaxer first to avoid the addition properties of percocets. Interesting....

    • profile image

      Uenvjdkdndn 5 years ago

      I have a pain in my left hip because of pitching and it is not going away. My chiropractor said it is a hip flexor does that stuff actually work

    • profile image

      JoNah 5 years ago

      I was running hard during PE and then suddenly I heard something pop in my hip! D: And now I'm still on pain... I couldn't walk at all. I can't even come to school anymore HELP!!

    • profile image

      Yolo 5 years ago

      Well I play baseball and I play every day on it and

      put biofreeze or some type of creame. Also stretch really good. I also take 4 Advil everyday a nd that help keep the inflation down.

    • profile image

      andy findlay 5 years ago

      i have had this injury for approx 3 months now and i have recently started county football training for an event called the milk cup, on the first training session i pulled up with a hip flex injury that has progressed into serious pain. i have had two appointments with a physio or chiropractor followed by three weeks rest, they consist of first week complete rest allowing the tisue to re fuse and form scar tissue the next week is 3 sets of 5 stretches a day and the last week is 6x100m runs on a flat surface once a day also some muscle building exercises three times a day. tonight i continue training VERY lightly and gently with no sprinting or ball kicking so hopefully i will not experience this injury again, i still feel a slight tightness in the area but a good thourough warm up should relieve any tenderness followed by a good warm down. i am a goalkeeper and the constant goal kicks is the suspected cause of this injury, i also have been told that the injury is very common in footballers (soccer players). if you experience this injury or you feel a niggle rest it and seek treatment as it is a serious injury that can cause you to be out for a long time.

    • profile image

      Olivia 5 years ago

      I play Womens rugby and I've just noticed it hurting and I've been getting back pain in my ribs and my spine but you can blame rugby for that.

    • profile image

      Dabo 5 years ago

      I have gat dis hip flexor injury for around 7months now through soccer,its really never fully healed i continued playin without shooting or crossing,jst running and doin active stuff with d uninjured leg.The injury re occurrs and wish someone could help me out with d fasted solution.

    • profile image

      megan 5 years ago

      im 14 and i think i hurt this in long jump or hurtels i really hope it gopes away

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      As a track coach, I'd like to add my two cents to try to help those that are obviously frustrated. Once you get beyond the initial recovery period of rest and ice, you need to focus on correcting the underlying problem that led to the pull to begin with. Your first approach should be to self-massage the muscles of your lower body and core with a foam roller and then static strech them in hopes of eliminating the need for the muscle that originally pulled to over-stretch again. If you don't know how to use a foam roller, do an internet search as there are many resources out there. Yoga is also very good when done properly because it forces you to go slow while stretching in order to allow the muscles to actually relax during stretching instead of just resisting your stretch the whole time.

      If that doesn't help, the next level of treatment should be an active release therapist (a.r.t.) or sports massage therapist who can analyze you and work on eliminating the knots in your muscles that are pulling your bones out of their optimal structural alignment. At the same time you should consider a sports chiropractor who can realign the bones of your body into the proper alignment. Physical therapists are good at correcting strength imbalances between two opposing muscles (for example hamstrings/quadriceps) but very few can determine whether the muscles have adapted to the wrong positions and whether making them stronger really is helping to correct your structural misalignment that led to the pull to begin with.

      The last step if that doesn't work of course is to consult an orthopedic surgeon. In my experience this only leads to a recommendation to go to a physical therapist because surgery is only indicated for patients who have torn the muscle at the tendon (e.g. Achilles tendon tear). I do not have any experience with PRP (platlet rich plasma) therapy so I can't comment on its effectiveness.

      I realize many insurance plans do not cover a.r.t./sports massage therapists and chiropractors but I have found them to be very valuable in helping my athletes recover without allowing the injuries to become chronic as described in the comments. They usually require multiple visits but I personally believe they have a very high success rate.

    • profile image

      dakota 5 years ago

      I'm 14 and have been playing soccer my whole life. The pain started almost a year ago and still continues. I did hurdles at track last year which seems to be a partial cause to my pain. My physical therapists believes both have impacted the pain a lot. The inflammation can be decreased by an ultrasound though, ultrasounds stunt growth. The pain is unbearable and I have become very frustrated. Please help!!!

    • profile image

      eastman 5 years ago

      Take the prescribed drug and most importantly give your that part a constant light training.

    • profile image

      Haley 5 years ago

      I'm a senior in high school, and have been playing on the girl's soccer team for the past for years, and haven't had a problem with my hip until a month and a half ago. This year was a little different, because I play on a traveling team last fall, and an indoor team after that. High school practices started about 3 weeks ago, and sadly I've had to sit for most of them. One day i was fine, and the next I was in a serious amount of pain, it was close to unbearable. After two weeks of not healing I went to my doctor, and he thought it was bursitis. Well it wasn't, and he gave me some type of medication to reduce any inflammation, but nothing has helped. I saw a physical therapist two weeks ago, and I felt better after that, like I was actually mobile. But my therapist told me it was my hip flexor I was having issues with. Well here I am 6 weeks into the "injury" and still tearing up in pain. Tomorrow's our first game of the season, and frankly, I'm starting to think I won't get to play my last season. Best advice I can give, elevate it and lots of stretches! They sometimes help me,but others not at all. Good luck to all of you with the hip flexor issues!

    • profile image

      Suzanne 5 years ago

      Coming across this site tonight was a surprise. Firstly, I had no idea how common this injury is, I have danced since the age of 4, have been working professionally within the contemporary dance milieu and am almost 50. Two weeks ago in rehearsal I pulled my left hip flexor, I have noticed a change in this area since I gave birth to my son 7 years ago especially why cycling which I have done all my life since I do not drive a car. I read early of someone else who used to sense a kind of "clicking back into position" when the hip flexor is stressed. I know I am lucky, I have danced a full career with minor injury, and now this. Two weeks ago I could not walk. I spent about 72 hours (with painful sleep) in deep body work, releasing as much tension from my body as possible. I saw an osteopath on the third day of near immobility. I have a tour coming up and am anxious and lucky to receive miracle help from my osteopath.The following week, I took it easy, I ate whole foods rich in nourishment and spent hours submerged in water, the bath, a pool and the ocean. If any of you out there have access to a pool, it is a perfect place to find space in tightened joints benefit from working with the support - the buoyancy of the water. Stretching is key, including all the muscles around the injury at the same time strengthening glutes and hamstrings, maintaining a very vital and clear core, stretching the backs of the calves in order to keep the knee joint strong. When hips are injured the rest of the leg has to work harder in order to compensate for lack of strength in the hip. Careful to be nice to your knees. My condition has improved radically over a relatively short period of time and realize that this injury must be integrated into a long term practice. That, I will learn from this injury and it will help to inform me to become more conscious, Courage fellow hipsters we are all on a path to discovery.

    • profile image

      Dale 5 years ago

      I'm 17 years old I play football i have had this pain since the last game of my sophmore year im getting ready to start my pre sesson practices going into my senior year, I have extream pain when i try to run full speed or when im doing squats in the weight room what should I do?

    • profile image

      Tess 5 years ago

      I am 15, and I have injured my right hip flexor. I am a cheerleader, and not being able to perform is KILLING ME. I can barely walk around at school, and jumps are impossible. I don't know what to do to help it. I've tried heating, icing, stretching... You name it, I've attempted it. Nothing seems to be working! Any advice?

    • profile image

      Ruby 5 years ago

      I have been experiencing pain in my right hip for approximately 4 years now. I used to be an avid walker, but this has been severely restricted because of this. At first I believed it to be due to arthritis, but now believe it to be a classic hip flexor strain.

      My right hip still gives me trouble on and off and now the left one has started to give me grief. I find I have trouble when getting up from a sitting position (chair or toilet)or leaning forward. Has anyone else had this experience? I take anti-inflammatories when the pain is severe, as well as using heat rubs and a warm wheat bag, which does help a little. As I am now in my 50s, I am afraid that this condition may be with me for life.

    • profile image

      Aaron 5 years ago

      I am 14, I play tennis and strained my hip flexor during a tournament, I don't know how it just started randomly hurting... Ever since I have been off of it for 3 months. It still isn't better I have been to physical therapy twice a weak, they do electrical stimulation!on it, and some sort of steroid cream. They also give me stretches to do at home. But it just stays the same, or gets worse, then gets a little better, but I can't completely heal it. It's heartbreaking the hs season starts in 2 weeks and it's not looking like I will be able to play.

    • profile image

      someone? 6 years ago

      im 10 and i think i pulled a hip flexer when i walk i kinda walk weird and my left upper thigh hurts when i put weight on it if i keep walking i start to get used to it and i start to walk normally again though. I dance and its competition season, can i still dance? (by the way it started as be getting out of bed and walking weirdly than i went to ballet, i still kinda hurt but it wasn't too pain full)

    • profile image

      stephano 6 years ago

      i have been having hip flexor pain for the last 5 years i believe its a conic condition and i will live with it for the rest of my life .

      i love my sports so i strech and apply heat creams and warm up to reduce the pain when i exersise. but in the end it comes back worse than ever.

      bein to the phisio for years have had an mri and many other scans.

      but i might consider getting a micro fracture scan on my hip flexor only problem its expensive

    • profile image

      sportfightlover 6 years ago

      guys gain flexibility......... i am trying the same... mine doesn't pain but i can feel the blood flow...and there is vein coming out.. only i can feel flexibility i am feeling better..but warm up before flexing ...

    • profile image

      chelsea 6 years ago

      i injured mine during a hiking trip for an award like, over 2 years ago. i remember, i couldn't dance for a bit cause it hurt a lot. but i never really remembered to stretch it cause i would forget about it when it didn't hurt anymore, which is causing my hip to become very nasty more recently :(

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I was running really hard today and felt a pop just as I finished. At first it was not bad but then it really started hurting when I tried to stretch it. What could it be?

    • profile image

      adam 6 years ago

      im a skater and i get the pain in my inner right thigh wenever i try 2 do a trick every time it feels like its gone i think play it safe don't go on the board for a few days but it always comes back it makes me so angry all i want to do is skate it just comes back! I don't think im asking for advice im just venting

    • profile image

      Stephen 6 years ago

      I play HighSchool football and I had not noticed any unusual pain until we were doing some blocking drills all of the sudden it felt like my hip gave out and I dropped in a serious amount of pain. I couldn't walk on it for the first day and I iced it and loaded up on pain killers. I am staying off of it right now, but first game is tomorrow night...thoughts?

    • profile image

      Sim 6 years ago

      My injury occurred when i made a transition from Soccer style kicking (im a soccer player) and now becoming kicker for school football team. ever siince i started practicing with the coach my hips started hurting but they never hurt when im kicking thay usually occur 3 hours after the activity

    • profile image

      Hannah 6 years ago

      I'm a dancer and a cheerleader and i have this injury and it makes me so angry. i just want it to stop hurting so i can preform but its been hurting for a while. i dont know what to doooooo ):

    • profile image

      DePuy Pinnacle recall 6 years ago

      Hi Fred! Knowing about hip flexor injury is so important, especially for those suffering from defective Pinnacle hip replacements that are in pain and want to improve their overall health. Thanks for the info!

    • profile image

      nicole 6 years ago

      ok im 13 years old and i run school track right now and this is my last week and we have district on Friday and Saturday ..... i run the 4*1 ( 4th leg) and the 4*2.... i have a hip flexor injury .since the end of summer track.... i don't want to let my team down... is there any way possible i can eliminate this problem within a few days??? help me please

    • profile image

      Evan 6 years ago

      I think the key to my recovery has been altering the way I stretch my hip flexor so that the stretch is more complete. What follows is some historical info and then a description of how I've stretched and begun training again.

      I am a 42 year old male, have been running my whole life, competing mostly in 10k and 5k races, averaging about 20-25 miles a week in training, doing mid-6 minute miles. In Nov. 2010, I decided to increase my per-week miles, but increased much too fast, going from 20 to 35 in a matter of 2-3 weeks. I began having sharp, sudden pain in both of my hip flexors, not while running. It often immediately followed after sitting for a while and starting to walk. The pain worsened until I realized there was a real problem.

      I tried using ibuprofren, taking off a week, decreasing my miles, but to no effect. I then took off 6 weeks and began stretching in this new way after seeing a video (can't find it any more, sorry.) Note that the injury was never bad enough that I could reproduce pain, though for a few days, it interfered with my walking.

      Here's the key:

      Basically, I do the traditional hip flexor stretch with one leg bent at 90 in front of me, the other extended behind me. The only difference is that instead of leaning into the non-stretching leg so that your stretching-side leg is extended far behind you, keep your back straight above you--not arched--and rotate your hips forward such that you're pushing forward the hip flexor you're stretching. Once you engage the stretch, raise your arm on the stretching side (if you're stretching your left hip, raise left arm) straight above you, reaching upwards and holding 30 seconds. Also gently rotate your back during the stretch to look to the left and right sides, holding each for 30 seconds. This gives you a full stretch in all directions. DON'T OVERDO THE STRETCH. WORK INTO IT OVER A MATTER OF DAYS. STOP IF YOU FEEL PAIN.

      During the 6 weeks of rest, I stretched in this way at least 2-3 times a day. I began running at a slow pace (8:30s or slower) for 15 minutes, 3x a week. I increased my miles by 10% each week, though I increased probably by 20% the first few weeks until 25 minutes of running, at which point, I only increased by 10% per week. 20 minutes prior to each run, I took 400 mg of ibuprofren, stretched (of course) and iced my hip flexors. After the run, I stretched again and iced. I also stretched my hip flexors on off-days.

      One other thing: I did a lot of self-massage using a croquet ball (yes, of all things) on my lower back and especially on the muscles towards the top and side of my glutes. I also used a 6" foam roller to massage my IT bands. I also used the foam roller to massage the hip flexor, but this seemed to have limited effect. The main point here: treat not just the injured area but all areas related as you will tend to overcompensate and over-use those areas to protect the injured area of your body.

      Two months after returning to running, I've returned to my previous mileage. I no longer ice or use Ibuprofren. I still stretch a lot, but I'm pain free and without restrictions.

      Key points:

      Don't increase intensity or mileage or type of work out too dramatically, especially if you're getting on the older side of things, like me.

      In all my years of various bodily injuries (disc surgery, etc) be very wary of invasive interventions, like surgery.

      For what it's worth: PT has been helpful, but isn't the end-all. Massage feels nice, and helps, but is temporary. Ice is the miracle drug (and is cheapest and without side-effects). Ice after any concern that you might have injured yourself. Rolfing has been the most helpful of all interventions, but is quite expensive, but it lasts.

      Lastly, don't ignore niggling pains, especially if you're over 35. Deal with them, especially with ice and self-massage ASAP. Little issues can become long-term problems. And if you're under 30, start taking care of little, niggling problems if you want your body to hold up over the years.

      Hope this helps. Sorry if it's a bit long-winded or overly detailed. Hope you all can get back to where you want to be.


    • profile image

      SALF 6 years ago

      Can childbirth cause this? Also it seems a lot of young teenagers have this injury. I think I may have had it in youth and since giving birth it has become excruciatingly painful. Yet I'm flexible.

    • profile image

      valerie 6 years ago

      i suffered from a hip flexor injury a year ago now. I was running 5 days a week and rowing 3 or 4 days a week. It took 6 months for me to be able to start running again. The best advice for me to give is to rehab it as much as possible and try not to walk around on it as best you can. If you are anything like me a feel the need to be active all the time then i suggest LOTS of swimming, single leg raise exercises while laying flat on your back on the ground and bridge exercises. Also, i continued my usual upper body strength training routine while suffering from this injury and didn't find it caused any issues. If anything it helped keep some of my conditioning in check.

    • profile image

      William 6 years ago

      ya me aswell I have a hip flexor injury and i play soccer and i cant shoot because there is just too much pain

    • profile image

      Emilie 6 years ago

      i'm 15 and i got diagnosed with a hip flexor injury about 2 weeks ago by a physiotherapist.

      i cant lift my left leg because of the pain.

      but at the moment im supposed to be in training for nijmegen in july. 40km a day for 4 days.

      the pain gets better after 3 or 4 days, but when i get back to walking for more than 10 mins, it comes right back with 3-4 days of pain.

      i don't know whether or not it will heal.

      or do i have something else?

    • profile image

      Kyle 6 years ago

      I just started having pain in my hip and i play basketball but i haven't played in a while but it was hurting before I tried to play then it got worse and I wish it wuld just go away how long does it take to heal or will it ever heal?

    • profile image

      Caroline 7 years ago

      I'm a dancer and while kicking my left leg, I felt something funny near my hip and it was an injury to my hip flexor. I can do everything else fine without pain except kicking my left leg.

    • profile image

      Alysha 7 years ago

      I was running when my injury happened. i was doing sprints and it snapped. it took me out of my volleyball season. I went to physical therapy for about two months and it helped a lot. Im now able to play basketball. i have to heat before practice and ice after but atleast im able to play. it is defiantely a serious injury so if your feeling anything that's not normal about your hips go to the doctor before its to late. i wish i had.

    • profile image

      Irrelevant 7 years ago

      Tore both (left/right) flexors 12 and 14 years ago playing soccer.


      -walking for more than 10 minutes causes pain.

      -walking at an incline causes pain.

      -running is generally ok, but causes pain afterward.

      Take care of your body. You only get one.

    • profile image

      Krista 7 years ago

      is it possible to just injure your hipflexor by like walking to much? My sister had problems with hers and eventually saw a physical therapist now I am thinking i may have injured mine in some way. I cant walk properly and sometimes it just hurts to do simple things. I have an avid life and I dont want this to slow me down. What now?

    • profile image

      Maureen 7 years ago

      relating to Jodi, same thing, groin/hip, for years now.

      I've just read some yoga related info on pelvic floor strength and wondering if that might be the solution ?

      worth a try, I pracitce yoga and walk, almost feels like the walking is the culprit, also feel that the side that hurts - the leg is longer by a fraction - possibly impact ? just want to stretch it out to make it feel better, it keeps me awake at night.

    • profile image

      julie 7 years ago

      I can't offer any advice but I am also experiencing more pain in my hip. It started a long time ago while bike riding, all of a sudden it felt like my hip flexor was in the wrong place and I was able to pop it back into the normal spot by pulling my knee all the way up to my chest but now that doesn't work anymore. Ever since then it has gotten worse and I am having trouble cross country skiing now. My chiropractor said it was probably not strong enough but I think it's really too tight and needs to be streched out. It is frustrating!!!

    • profile image

      Gina Taylor 7 years ago

      I am also in the same situation as many of you guys! Run every single evening on the treadmil at the gym, and had done for a couple of years! had a slight discomfort and thought it would go so just carried on training the next day but had to stop it was so painful. Next day i could hardly walk and was limping very bad! It eased slightly but i twisted in a funny way coming down the stairs and that was it, couldn't move through pain and had to get ambulance to hospital! they said just muscle damage, I have been on crutches now for 2 weeks altogether its been almost 4 weeks! I just want to get back to my normal activities and its so frustrating!! I just hope it will heal soon!

    • profile image

      Jodi 7 years ago

      I'm thinking I may have a combined hip flexor/groin pull. I have "symptoms" that are similar to both. My dilemma is that I seem to have a general weakness in this area, but I may not have actual pain for a few weeks and then all of a sudden it hits me like bricks. Can anyone else relate to this?? I don't play sports, but I am active with kettlebells, weight training, etc., and I do a lot of body movements. i.e. squats, lunges, etc. I've been fighting this for years, although the debilitating pain has only been the last 2 or maybe 3 year. I don't have medical insurance, plus I have four kiddos, so an mri or something along those lines is definitely out for me. I'd really like to be able to conquer this with stretches or maybe some massage therapy. Just wondering if anyone else out there can relate to this. Today is actually the first time I've bothered to even research what my problem may be.

    • profile image

      Jenna 7 years ago

      I think I may have a hip flexor injury but not too sure what's going on with it. When I was running a few weeks ago, it felt like I needed to kick my leg out to pop my hip or something. Well a couple days later I began having really bad pain in my hip to the point where I was limping for 3 weeks. When I get up from sitting down for any amount of time, I have to stretch out that leg before I start to walk. After 4 months of absolutely no running or cardio, I finally got to the point of not having to limp and the pain pretty much subsided. I tried to run again though and within 30 sec my hip was practically giving out and the pain was back. I had an orthopedic surgeon look at my hip...he moved it all around and said there's no concern for an MRI or anything like that and that I probably just pulled a muscle but now I'm scared since the pain came right back right away from running after 4 weeks of total rest! I have ran 5 times a week for the past 2 years and never had a problem like this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • profile image

      david 7 years ago

      Get flexible, build a strong core and leg muscles, get really flexible, do hip flexor exercises.

    • profile image

      Dominik 7 years ago

      I have had a hip flexor for 4 weeks now and the pain has been going on and off this whole time. I play football and it has been constantly annoying. I go to the chiropractor, but it hasn't fixed completely, I really don't know what to do.

    • profile image

      Aly C 7 years ago

      I play competitive soccer and through all of the competitivness, I over do things. A month ago, I was scrimmaging a team, and without any contact with another player, I fell to the ground in the worst pain i've ever felt. I've iced it, heated it, took pain medication, and I still feel it every time I kick or run for a short amount of time

    • profile image

      valentino 7 years ago

      i belive i have a hip flexor injury and i play football how can i treat this injury fast so i can get back to runing????!!!

    • profile image

      jocelyn 7 years ago

      I have been suffering from this for about a year and a half now. I tore the right one and now I'm afraid that the left one is torn as well. I can't keep from limping around, what do I do to fix this?!

    • profile image

      sarah 7 years ago

      i am 10 and just suffered a hipflexor injury and don't know what to do please help it hurts really bad

    • profile image

      maddie 7 years ago

      I'm 13 years old and I've had this hip flexer for a little over a month now, it won't go away I tried cream, joint pills and ice/heat. I'm on a comp. Soccer team and I haven't played in just seems to get worse and worse everyday...what do I do????

    • profile image

      Brian 7 years ago

      Im 17, in this passed January i strained my hip in the finials of the 55 meter dash in a track meet. After that race i could not walk the rest of the night and for the next few weeks i was barely walking on my own. i waited until i could run again doing all sorts of physical therapy and felt fine the first two weeks of my spring track season. But the pain came back and up to now I haven't been able to keep my hips healthy before the first strain 8 months ago. It is..was my ticket to college...

    • profile image

      Ron 7 years ago

      I suffered one about 4 months ago, taking a goal kick in a soccer game, right as my leg was leveraging down I heard a pop. Injury is still hanging around and is annoying. Physical therapy didn't do much, although they will show you some good stretching exercises for it which will allow you to play if you take the proper warmups and stretching time. I can run and pass but shooting or crosses are a huge no-no, I have reinjured a few times by forgetting I cannot shoot and it feels like you're back to square one.

    • profile image

      mya 7 years ago

      i am 31 years old and my hip flexer went out on me 2 months ago. i went to a physical therapist had ultra sound done on it and ims needles and also ifc. it helped out a lot i also had torn my hamstring all due to running every other day 15km. i was not listening to my body. the physical therapist helped a lot but it just stopped working. i was about 80% healed and i felt like the physio was not helping anymore that was all i could get out of it. i started doing a lot of hot yoga and went to go see a chropractor and had active release treatments..people say it is painful but it really is not that bad i feel about 90% healed i have had 5 treatments so far.

    • profile image

      Marc 7 years ago

      My surgeon now suspects I have this issue, at first they thought it was due to a laberal tear in the hip joint, I had surgery on this 6 weeks ago, but problem persists!!. So now I am going through a period of physio and accupuncture, If this doesn't work they are considering quartazone (wrong spelling i'm sure) injections. This all happened from one twisting motion at work!!. Hope other people out there have good news for me with regard the physio.

    • profile image

      Me 7 years ago

      I'm 13 and have this also. I beleive I did it from over doing it. But after over a Monty it comes back every other day. I'm reduced to tears. I even stayed home from school one day because I couldn't walk. I don't sleep when I have this. What can I do to help!!??

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      Im 15 years old I did a grade 2 tear to my hip flexor 3 and a half weeks ago. The mri scan showed lots of inflammation. I was extremely disspaointed because i am a state soccer player and missed out several matches. But you have to get over it, I did so much stretching, exercise bike fast for 40 minutes, weights, pushups, planks, side planks physiotheraphy 3 times a week, had 1 tablet of mobic every day and put voltaren on 3-4 times a day, I also used a resistance band to stretch out and strenghten my hip flexor. I am now ready to play in the state titles which is tomorrow.

    • profile image

      BuddyMason 7 years ago

      I have suffer from this problem too and one of the major factors is the strength of your pelvic girdle and the alignment of your back. Osteopaths are best equipped to help. Once your back has been clicked back into neutral alignment, non load bearing exercises will strengthen the tendons and ligaments around the hips and lower back and hopefully help to avoid future problems. I'm in the recorrective phase now and it's going really well.

    • profile image

      blake 7 years ago

      i hurt this doing the 110 hurdles and now it sucks bcause football has started and i cant claim my spot.

    • profile image

      KarH 7 years ago

      I have had this pain on and off for over a year now and is about time to pay attention to it. Unfortunately, they say anything over 6 weeks is considered a chronic condition. My livelihood is based on being able to dance so I don't have a choice. I have to rehabilitate. I started taking yoga and I find it is helping to stretch out that tight muscle and gives me some relief; but I have to stick with it. It makes a big difference to have a yoga teacher's support versus trying to do it on your own. It's your body. Take care of it!!

    • profile image

      katelyn  7 years ago

      Hi. Im 14 and the 3rd or 4th day of track practice I was running all out. I felt a muscle in my hip pull but didn't stop. Ever since then my hip has really been hurting me. When I walk, run and even sit.. Its right on the bone where the pain is the worst. Even to the touch it hurts badly. Is there anything I can do to relieve the pain or should I just go to the doctors? If you have anything you know that could help please post. Thanks!!

    • profile image

      sarah 7 years ago

      elevation helps..elevating ur leg/hip for bout an hour or so a day then ice and heat it.

    • profile image

      Lauren 7 years ago

      Im 14. I just got done with club soccer and didn't play for a total of 1 week. I went to hs soccer camp the next weekend and strained my muscle causing a hip flexor. It hurt for 2 weeks and I thought it would go away, so I just kept pushing myself and working on it. I went to my physical therapist 2 days ago and she works with me before I go to hs soccer... it's now hurting worse and seems to keep getting worse and isn't feeling any better. I can't rest on it cause the end of try-outs are almost over and I'm a freshman and I'm most likely going to make Varsity. Any help on what I can do when I get home from practice? I'm already icing it right away. Anyone know how long its going to take to get it better? HELP!

    • profile image

      Kirsten 7 years ago

      I am only 14 and I have this injury. I was out of my HS season for quite a while. I stretched and iced and heated but it's still there.

    • profile image

      coral 8 years ago

      I have recently been experiencing hip flexor injury - also believed to be due to soccer. I am a runner and had years of IT Band injury and found that accupuncture helped tremendously with that. I am going to try accumpuncture for this hip pain too.

    • profile image

      Beth 8 years ago

      I have found that seeing a chiropractor really helps with hip flexor injuries and a lot of other things as well.

    • profile image

      Alex 8 years ago

      I do gymnastics and i have pain in the hip flexer area, i causes me to have to not pratice a lot of days, it bvery painful.... physical therpy did not help much after even 6 months of doing strengthening exercises and such. I has been a little over a year now and i really hate it. I cant fix it

    • profile image

      Matt 8 years ago

      ha, try having this problem for four years and see how you feel. I am a professional performer and I can't dance anymore because of this stupid injury.... it is heartbreaking. I can't do what i have been trained to do any more...

    • profile image

      devin 8 years ago

      dude im going through the same thing i play soccer and if i do and quick moves or extend and kick the ball theres a terrible pain and my leg gives out and it hurts like crazy i need to know what i can do so far its been 3 weeks...i go to the therapist on monday so i hope that helps..that's the best advice i could give you is got get a mri or go to a physical therapist and you can find out what's wrong so you can get it treated.

    • profile image

      Jon H 8 years ago

      I believe I have a hip flexor injury from many years of competitive soccer. The problem has become more serious. Often, my hip just gives out and I have to go to the ground in serious pain. I have now also developed pain down the muscle of my leg tht stops right at the inner side musle above my hip. Could this be nerve damage too? If anyone has any info please post. Thanks